Nickole Atkins

Okay, so I am just coming in the doors of
Walters State in the main building, CCEN, and we are going to turn left as though we
are going to the gym if you’ve been here for any of the ballgames, but instead of going
to the gym…across from the gym is our Division of Distance Education. This is an important
office for all faculty; adjunct and full time faculty and students. So let’s go see what’s
happening in the Division of Distance Education. Hello! Hi! My name is Nickole Atkins. I am
the secretary for Distance Education. Welcome! Today, I’m going to talk to you about the
employment forms that are required from our adjunct faculty members to complete each semester
that they teach. Those forms include: Retirement Information, Dual Service Information, Drug
free Workplace Certification, Affordable Care Act, Deferred Compensation, Academic Continuity
Questionnaire, Walters State Talent Release, Apple Model Release. In addition to those,
our new hires will have to add to that our form for I9 and a beneficiary form, a direct
deposit form, and a form a W4 form. Also, if anything changes while you are an adjunct
faculty member, we asked you to update that with us. This includes your name, your telephone
number, direct deposit information, degree status, and beneficiary information. These
forms will be offered at the adjunct faculty dinner for you to be able to complete there.
If you are unable to attend that adjunct faculty dinner, you may email me or contact me or
just drop by the office, and we have them here for you. If you are on another campus
teaching, the secretary’s there will be able to assist you with those, and these forms
will be due two weeks after the first day of the semester starting. So if there are
any questions that you have for me, feel free to contact me here at the Distance of Education
and hope you have a wonderful semester. Can you give us your phone number? Yes, my number
is 585-6996. Area code please….423. One more time on the number…423-585-6996. Thank
you so much! Thank you!

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