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=- I want y’all to look at this real quick. – Oh. My goodness. Don’t do that, chef, chef. – Don’t do it? All right. – No, no, no, I’m saying don’t do it but I really mean do it. Welcome to “Instachef,” where we profile chefs that are creating a new tradition in the food world by using Instagram to showcase
their culinary skills and get their food out to the world. I’m your host, Cliff Skighwalker. I’ll be joined along the way by some of my friends and celebrities. Some you know, and some you’re
gonna want to get to know. Let’s go! Welcome to Houston, Texas. H-Town, baby. We’ve arrived in the land of
chopped and screwed music, World Series championship baseball, slabs dripping with candy paint, the Rockets and the Texans. And the food in this city is a reflection of all those dope attractions. Full of soul, complex in depth,
and packed full of flavor. So it’s only right that you join me on the search for the
best food in this area. It’s gonna be a fun one. Let’s get it. My special guest on this episode has been a mainstay for the
Houston Texan’s defense. His alertness, intelligence,
competitive edge, and other intangibles have led him to be one of the most consistent
players in the league. But he’s more than just
a defensive threat. Off the field he’s a entrepreneur, low-key a fashion icon,
runs his own foundation, and just like me, he’s
into this food game. Ladies and gentlemen, Kareem Jackson. My dog. – What up, Cliff, how you doing man? – I’m doing well, you? – I’m great, I’m great. – So check this out, I have some chefs for us to
check out, and some food to eat. You down to roll with me? – Man if it’s about food,
man, I’m down for whatever. – Let’s get it. – How has everything been going? – Everything’s great, man. We got the last three wins. Definitely a big part. – I just so happened,
as I was doing research, came across your Instagram page. You are a fly guy. – I try, man. – You get some fits off, man. – I try, man. – I’m not going to hold you up. – I definitely want to be someone that everybody kind of looks and sees, “You know, he do his thing
with the clothing, man.” – You can never go wrong
with a well-tailored suit. Just like you can never go
wrong with a well-balanced meal. – Exactly! – So what are your likes
and dislikes food wise? – I’m a wing connoisseur and I love wings. – Wait a minute, let’s break this down. Favorite wing? – Where I grew up at,
I’m from Macon, Georgia. – Yes sir. – There’s a spot called American Deli. You familiar with that? – Listen, I order a 10-piece, all drums with the hot sauce and
the lemon pepper mixture. – Man, I was just about to say that. (laughing) – I was just about to say you gotta have that with the lemon pepper sprinkle. – Is there any food that you don’t eat? – You know what, I’m not
a crawfish guy, at all. – OK. – I don’t mess with crawfish at all. – Is it because of how
they’re served to you? – I just think it’s too much
work for that little piece of meat that you’re gonna to get. I don’t want to do all that. (shell cracking) It’s all messy. You can’t wear nice clothes
and go eat crawfish. – You cannot get a fit
off, and eat crawfish. – You can’t. – So the show is called “Instachef,” and we’re covering chefs
who gained notoriety and sell their food via Instagram. – All right. – What do you know about
this underground food world? – I don’t know anything. – OK so, These chefs
basically they get on Instagram, they’ve put the food that they’re making. They take a picture of it and say, “Hey, this is what I’m selling. If you would like some of this food, here’s where I’m selling it.” Some of these chefs are at the point now where they put up that post and they sell out in 30 minutes. – That’s dope, you know I mean, I think that’s a great way to use you know your social media to the point to where you’re selling out in minutes. That’s tough. – Speaking of social media though, you’re pretty great on social media. Like you handle yourself well. I’ve seen the thing where
you did the interviews with your players. – Yeah – That was a great move. – It’s actually man a
thing we do every week man, it’s called KJack TV. It’s cool you know, ’cause
everybody kinda get to see you know the other side of guys,
the other side of players. It’s a lot of fun. – Definitely. So, Kareem, so if you don’t mind let me introduce you to J. Frank. And he goes by The Party Chef. – Party Chef. – Not only is he a active
member of the military, he’s also serving the
community with, you know, seafood classics and more. And you’ve seen his food, he’s clearly keeping the party going. – Yeah he is. The wings. – Man, all this food talk I’m
not even gonna lie to you. I’m getting hungry. – I know. Are we there yet? (laughing) – I think we’re coming up on him now. (laughing) ♪ Dance party, have a party ♪ – Salt bae huh? Oh, yeah. ♪ They just wanna have a party. ♪ Oh ♪ We just wanna have a party. ♪ It’s never too much butter. (spring bouncing) Paula taught me that. (upbeat percussion music) – This is the place. – Let’s check it out. (knocking) – What’s going on sir? How you doin’? – Yes, sir. – Well you. – What’s going on man? – It’s my man Kareem man. Nice to meet you man, nice to meet you. Smells good in here. – Ready to eat? – Always ready to eat,
always ready to eat. – All right. – Chef what’s goin’ on with ya? – Nothing much, chillin’ man. Good vibes. – Look, first off I
appreciate you taking time. What’s on the menu? – We got some hot wings. We got some different flavors for you all. We got the baked potato,
seafood baked potato, and then also crawfish
macaroni & cheese. Yeah – It’s too much work for
that little piece of, you know, meat that you’re gonna get. I can’t do it at all. I won’t do it. I don’t know how to do the work so I — (laughing) – Yeah, yeah. – With the crawfish so — – Nah, we just got done in
the car talkin’ about wings. And you’re bringing wings to us. – Oh, yeah, yes sir, most definitely. – This is very exciting. – I’m a wing guy. (magical music) I could eat wings eat wings
every day of the week. So, I’m in heaven right now. (laughing) – What’s this first one right here. – The first one we got
buffalo, just buffalo. You know what I’m sayin’? It’s my name on it. (chewing) – You got some of these
right here Party Chef. – Yeah – Wait a minute. Chef. – Yes sir? – I feel like you’re lying
to us cause it’s so good, I feel like it’s more than
just some buffalo in here. – Well look, I can’t tell you my secret — – Exactly, I don’t want you to, but. Oh. – Yeah my grandma always tell me,
“Don’t tell,” you know what I’m sayin’? – Um hum. – You tell your plays? – I don’t. – Yeah, exactly exactly. (laughing) Exactly. – All right. OK so, buffalo, banger. – Let me know how that Snazzberry go? – Snazzberry? – What do you call it? – Snazzberry. – Snazzberry. Yeah, it’s from the snap. – What? (chewing) That’s fresher right there. – Chef How — Hold on. Hey, I want ya’ll to be real with me. Let me know. You know what I’m sayin’? I see you all trying to
clean the bones and stuff. – I was about to say, when
the bones be clean like that. – Yeah. – That’s all you need to know. – Oh you cleaned it, cleaned it. (laughing) (bell chime) – We hit the buffalo. We hit the Snazzberry, chef. Can you tell us a little
about this third one. (guitar music) – It’s a Spanish thing right
there I want you all to try. We call that Lime-a-Rita. – Lime-a-Rita? – Um hum. I’m naming as I go, so you know — – Wait so you didn’t name these before. – Hey, I’m new to the game. So, I’m naming my menu as we go. Lime-a-Rita. (dramatic bass) – Yeah? – Chef you’re going crazy dog. This is wild! – The sauces are good. And I like that the wings have got that crisp. – Yeah. – Fried ’em just right. – Um hum. – Then added the sauce. That’s how I like my wings. – That fourth one, that you
just garnished beautifully. – That’s my mama’s barbecue. Let me know how that go. (chewing) (dramatic bass) – Chef. That is delicious. – The way that you combine
the sweet with the heat? That’s masterful. – Yeah, I like how that goes. Sweet with the heat. – Another four-piece wing please. – Yeah we need to talk later, cuz. – Don’t worry, I’m gonna get all your
contact info before we leave. (laughing) I’m be getting wings every week. – I’m gonna go ahead and
make these baked potatoes. – Now what kind of sauce is that? – This is crawfish etouffee. – You probably don’t even
know nothing about that. – I know a little bit. – You don’t know nothing about that. – I show you though. – I know no, please put me on that. – I’m gonna show you real quick. – Oh my goodness. (plate sliding) – First, just look at this. Like this is art. – I shoulda took a picture of this. (laughing) To look at it later. Can I put this on my Instagram? – Yeah, most definitely. – Party Chef. (camera click) – At The Party Chef. – ♪ You got a friend in me. ♪ (laughing) – Yeah, let me know man. – ♪ You got a friend in me. ♪ – OK. – And the crawfish, that’s your fav. – You know chef, as he
was making this he said, “You don’t know nothing about etouffee.” He was right. Whatever thoughts I had
about etouffee, they’re done. This is a new standard. Not only is this you creating
food, and it’s delicious. You make it art at the same time man. – I appreciate it. – This is different. – I appreciate it. – I’m gonna do some
extra running tomorrow. (laughing) – You’re probably not even
supposed to be eating that huh? (laughing) – When does this air? After the season? Man, I’m gonna get in trouble. (laughing) – You got one more thing for us don’t you? – What’s that? – It’s enough for you all? – No we good. So chef, tell us when
did you start developing this recipe for your
own macaroni & cheese? – Actually, I started
developing this recipe, I actually made this recipe for my party. I always threw parties since high school, so I was like, I like to cook too. So I’m gonna, you know I’m sayin’? I’m gonna start cooking for my parties. That’s when I developed this,
you know what I’m sayin’? I gotta do something crazy. You know what I’m sayin’? (two chimes) And they messed with
it, they love it, like– – You ever have anybody come to the party and just not wanna leave
because of the food? – Oh yeah, most definitely. They be tryin’ to take the trays. – That’d be me. – Yeah. They’d be tryin’
to take the trays. – I’d be that friend that
don’t want to leave. Like, “You got no mac & cheese left?” (laughing) – So, is it cool if we taste it? – Yeah, go ahead. – Mac & cheese man. – With this macaroni & cheese, it’s cooked extremely well, but you still got the
texture of the noodle. – You know what’s crazy,
this is actually the third mac & cheese that I
ever made in my life. (record screeching) I swear. – Dude he’s lying to us. – I swear to God. But I promise you. I don’t even eat mac & cheese like that. – You tell me you cook
that and not even eat it? – The thing about cooking
man, once you’re done cooking, you don’t really wanna eat it. I taste it, of course
I gotta taste my work. – You see, that’s why I don’t cook. – Yeah. – ‘Cause I don’t want to
slave in the kitchen, and sit there and cook all that food, and then get to the point that’s like, you know I don’t even want none. – Yeah, right. (laughing) – You killed it. – Hey, I appreciate it. – Chef, I want to thank you so much for being able to let us in your kitchen. And allowing us to try this food. We do have one more chef though left. – OK. – Wanna roll with us? – Yeah, yeah. Most definitely, let’s do it. – Let’s get it poppin’. – Let’s get it poppin’. – I’m gonna stay here and um… (laughing) I’m gonna finish this, and then
I’ll meet y’all there later. (laughing) – So first off, chef. So when did you start cooking? – I always see my grandmother
cook, she’s from Louisiana, so I always seen her
cook when I was younger. And I loved her food,
and I knew that I wanted those recipes forever,
you know what I’m saying? I didn’t want her to leave. So I started learning and
getting in there with her, and she started showing me stuff. – At the current time, what’s your inspiration to do this? – Football for one, I mean
I always had a passion for sports, you know, as a kid. You know, growing up it was
always being around sports. And then once I kinda got
to you know high school, it struck me, and I could
turn this into something. – Chef, what’s inspiring you to cook now? – I like to eat, so you
know what I’m saying? – I’m sayin’. – Yeah it is, I like to eat. And then I love when people taste my food, and then they tell me, you
know, that they love it. – When was the moment that you decided to make your passion
for cooking a business? – After my mother passed away. Because it was something that
I knew, I knew how to cook. I always knew I knew how to cook. So I was like, maybe this is
God’s, you know, plan for me. This past February is when I started. My Instagram page is really what– I created a page to show
people what I was doing. And people started wanting the food. Honestly. And I’m still active duty,
so I do it on the side. – With the business so far, any goals that you have right now? – To me it’s never good enough,
you know what I’m sayin’? I feel like it can be better. – I’m tryin’ to get to the next level. – Right, right. You’re a perfectionist. Your trying to perfect your craft, right. – It’s all about getting better. It’s all about you know, being consistent for one, and you know, trying to find holes in
your game where you can, you know, make it better and perfect it. – Have you ever been to the point to where you like, you didn’t want
to like, get out of the bed? Even though you got all of this success– – Man, it’s some days you
get up man and you be like, man I’m tired, but you
gotta find something whether it’s in you. You gotta find some type of motivation, you gotta find something
that will get you going man. And my wife, my two little girls, man, is all of my motivation, man. – Sometimes I have to look at my son, that’s my motivation right there. You know what I’m sayin’? ‘Cause I want him to have
stuff that I didn’t have. – You know it’s my mother for me. That’s why I’m here with you all now. Because of people like
that, who were in my corner, who knew I could be better. Who pushed me to, you
know, get to that point. So now, we’re on our
way to chef Dave Netter, and Kracl Kitchen. Which stands for Cooking
Real Authentic Cajun Cuisine. – OK – Let’s model for Chef Dave, and you know, he’s taking southern dishes
and making them his own. And from the name of his kitchen, you might mess around and get addicted. – All right, you whippin’ it up. (laughing) – Are you all down to check this out? – Most definitely, let’s do it. (knocking) – How you doing man? – What’s going on with you Cliff? – What’s up man, Kareem, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you bro. – Chef Dave. – How you doin’ man? – Thank you so much for having us. First off, lets get into,
you know, your background. You know where you from,
what lead you to cook? – I’m from New Orleans, I come
from a cooking background. My grandmother was a cook, my uncle, he was a chef in New Orleans. So it’s in my blood just to do this. This is the only thing I
ever did and had passion for. So, that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. – For sure, that brings us here today. Can you tell us a little bit about what you have on the menu for us? – So on the first thing I
have is shrimp and grits. But I did it a differently,
I fried it as a fritter. I’m gonna put a Cajun
cream sauce on there, some crispy smoke sausage,
and some lemon garnish. This is a cheap dish. But the way I’m about to present
it, make it more elegant. – Yeah with a cream sauce. – With a Cajun cream sauce on top. And you just give it some
more texture that you don’t normally get from a
regular shrimp and grits. – Yeah, that looks beautiful. – Fellas, lets dig in. – I want more shrimp with mine. – I feel you. – Hey bro, that texture’s crazy. – Appreciate it, cause normally– – What you think, chef? – Hey, for real, for real. Like I’m not even gonna play with you. That’s good. – Oh my goodness. – Is that something that you
like, decided on yourself? To fry the grits before– – Yeah cause, every time
you get shrimp and grits the sauce is creamy, the grits are creamy. The shrimp don’t have too much texture. So it’s just like, what
can I do to make some texture to this dish? – It’s definitely a different texture. It’s not your ordinary shrimp and grits. And I’m a shrimp and grits fan too. So if this was on the menu,
I’d definitely order it. – And that crunch plays off of, you know, that seafood flavor of the shrimp. That’s crazy good. – Pullin’ it out of my teeth, it’s good. – Yeah that’s what I’m sayin’! – I’m a come and do brunch at your house. (laughing) – So, I heard you got
one more thing for us. – Yeah, one more thing,
it’s another twist. (screeching tires) I got a jambalaya pizza. (whistle blowing) – Hold on. Hold on, hold on, hold on. We gotta take a 20-second
time-out real quick. – Chef, did you say jambalaya pizza? – Jambalaya pizza. – OK, can you break that
down a little bit for us. – The ingredients to
jambalaya is tomatoes. So, we already have tomatoes. We have shrimp, we have sausage. So why not make it a pizza? So it just, it marry well together. – All right, I’ma be honest. I need this. That looks amazing. – Yeah, I’m gonna have to
have a good practice tomorrow. (laughing) Run around a little extra after too. – You know there’s one thing about food. Migration allows, you
know, certain cultures to kinda mix and be together. And when that happens,
the foods also mix around, you come up with, you
know, different things. – Yes sir. – And the question for all of you is: How do you feel that
that influenced your food? And how do you feel that
that influenced your football? – I mean, football is
football everywhere you go. Everybody’s gonna love football, man. But as far as eating, man, coming here and seeing
some of the different, you know, cultures and– But that’s, you know,
definitely been something to take in, you know, for me as well. So, but I’ve enjoyed it though. – There’s a lot of Cajun and Louisiana-style restaurants in Houston. And when I go there, I don’t taste it. – Mmm. – So it’s like, I have to do
it myself and give people the real experience and not
this commercial experience. So that’s the real, one of the reasons why I do stuff like this. ‘Cause I want to be a
true representation of, you know, my city. – So with that being said,
let’s try this jambalaya pizza. – Oh you already know. (dramatic music) – It’s good bro. – Chef. This is crazy. – Thank you man. That the reaction I want,
something different and you still like it. – That’s a good like, late night, I done had a couple, come
home, and get me a slice of that jambalaya pizza and
just put me right to sleep. – Here’s the thing though, like, that sauce, like I’m a pizza fan. I’m making Detroit-style
pizza at the crib. That sauce is robust, it’s flavorful, a little spice on the back. – All right, he’s hidden bro. – Appreciate it, man. – You know, I ain’t gonna lie. You know what I’m saying? I got the same passion, I’m
gonna tell you what it is, it’s the pizza. – Got some personal pan pizzas to go? (laughing) – Yeah, let me make another. (laughing) – Wow. – Don’t worry, I know
where you live at now, so. – Yeah. – I’ll be back. – What advice do you have
for the youth that are trying to follow paths like this. – Mine would be to focus on your craft. This wasn’t no over night thing. Like I worked in restaurants,
corporate background, before I did this. So I paid my dues with learning and, it’s not one of the things
you want to just hop in just because you think you got a, you know how to cook a little. But you’ve got to have passion, and really work towards,
you know, being a good chef. – I think you just gotta have those goals. And, you know, set those
goals for yourself. My goal was to play football
in the ultimate level. So, as a kid I had to prepare myself to try to be better than everybody else. – I say just follow your dreams, man. Stay consistent and just be yourself, continue to be authentic, and you’re gonna get
whatever you need to get. For real. – That’s real. Listen. I appreciate all of you
all around this counter, being able to share this meal with me, Chef Dave, thank you. Kareem, thank you. Chef J, thank you. Before we leave, is it OK if I get a
selfie with everybody? – Yeah. – [All] Sure. – All right, you all ready? One, two. (camera click) There it is. (upbeat music) – Favorite wing? Drum, flat, boneless? – I like the drum. I like the drum, man. I like the drum. – We are really on the
same page right now, dog. – I like the drums. – ‘Cause a lot of people like
the flats and it’s like, man. Give me a drum. – I like the drum. You gotta wrestle with the flats. I don’t want to wrestle. – Or you have to have
that special technique that you have to learn for years. No, give me a drum. (upbeat music) Thank you all for watching. Be sure to like and share this video, and follow us. This was
“Instachef” on Thrillist. See you all next time.

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