My Diet That Got Me Shredded REVEALED – FULL DAY OF EATING -Cutting Meal Plan

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  1. Jorge Godinho

    Bro you are small, if you want to be big and shredded, u can't eat 1200 kcal in a fucking day. You will get shredded but lose muscle

  2. elijah27b

    Diet Soda is very bad you! The word "diet'' doesn't mean "healthy'' because artificial sweeteners are VERY bad for you, they cause cancer. Stay away from them, use Stevia. I used to be addicted to soda, I know it's hard but you have to come off the stuff. Please!

  3. nick ty

    I need some help. How do I get the motivation to regulate my diet? It's sooo hard. When the afternoon comes, there is this powerful – and I mean POWERFUL – force drawing me to buttery waffles, pizza, macaroni and cheese, etc! I try to resist it but I can't. I really try. I sit down going crazy trying to avoid eating all that shit. I succumb to it almost every time. Fuck!


    This fool had me dying 😆 bringing the groceries w/no shirt on!! Lol 😆 unless your a athlete boxer or MMA fighter there is no need for these muscles!! Why? Cuz you'll still get your ass beat muscles or not!!! #FACTS!

  5. Brandon Salazar

    dude you got a six and are ripped because you work out and your black thats it it's all genetics has nothing to do with your work or f
    dieting because this is all shit horrible bullshit your feeding to people I meal prep and actually eat right went from 290 to 220 doing this smart and the right way follow this guy and die early

  6. Brandon Salazar

    don't get me wrong your form is good you busy ass in the gym but the eating us no bueno try better veggies like avacodo try stuff fresh not frozen cut out soda all the un natural sugars cause cancer as well as bloating

  7. Brandon Salazar

    and dude your a liar I watch you eat over the amount you say you did the Oreos alone will put you above that did you know in average it takes five miles to burn off an oreo

  8. Chris Baker

    Hey dude, Don't drink Diet pepsi. It is contain aspartame. Read about artificial sweeteners pls. Diet shit pepsi and coke even cause cancer and obesity. migrain etc etc..

  9. Gamal Gonzalez

    I should unsubscribe just for the diet Pepsi alone!! Lol! kidding.
    On a more serious note as for snacks and let's say for each ones personal Devils, have you included any alcoholic beverages in your diet? how do you factor for those? Reason being even though the diet Pepsi has 0 calories, what about the sodium and all the extra additives?

  10. Sixpack/Bodybuilding/ Info

    Why Pepsi it will destroy your stomach particularly kidneys,, your food is good for not perfect you should take the sweets out of your meal to see the shredded change in 3 months,

  11. Aaron Basse

    Hey Mike. Big fan. I'm trying to eat healthier. You're spot on, but for long term health please STAY AWAY from diet sodas. The acidity in it will create a really inflammatory environment that will create chronic health issues. Wish you all the best.

  12. starscoach1

    Hi Mike! I just subscribed. All the way from San Antonio, Texas! Very inspirational video. I just recently started going to the gym again and one of my goals is to lose my belly fat and get more shredded. I would like to see what I look like in 6 months. Wish me luck!! Rodney D.

  13. Charlie Mai

    good video, wash your chicken before cooking. don't need to wash the ground beef. Also, let the food cool down to room temperature before putting in the fridge, you shouldn't put hot food in the fridge

  14. HLC

    Darling you are a BEAST! <3 You definitely work for that body! I was a little shocked with the oreos….I could help you with those. And if you need help carrying your groceries, you can call me any day! LOL

  15. David

    Bro, you're suffering from adrenal fatigue. Cut back on the caffeine and give your adrenal glands time to recover. Raise your calorie intake. Long term you will lose that lower abdomen fat and feel better as well. What you're doing now is not healthy for you.

  16. Zoe Life

    Those Pepsi will give u cancer in the long run doesn't matter if it's zero calories the aspartame and acidic count is screaming carcinogens

  17. Golf Pro

    1250 KCALS?? That is borderline starvation, all you have to do is consume slightly less calories than you require, but this1250 kcal is very silly…you need at least 3000 a day considering your age, weight, and energy output. Silly fool!

  18. JD21

    I've head that diet sodas are linked to increase body fat; this is despite their zero calorie claim. Did you see any repercussions from drinking it?

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