Molly Kimball: Intermittent Fasting

so if you haven’t heard of intermittent
fasting chances are you will soon and it sounds crazy I know and I’ve always been
a big advocate and continue to be of small frequent meals throughout the day
including that source of protein and fat every time we eat but there’s a lot of
science that’s coming out more and more showing us that there’s actually some
true health benefits to this whole fasting thing for starters intermittent
fasting influence on our brains science is showing us that intermittent fasting
at an extended fast that’s maybe 12 hours or a little bit more including
that three-hour window before we go to sleep actually helps to reduce our risk
of Alzheimer’s and it looks like it’s because that fasting window is helping
to reduce the formation of plaque that forms in our brains that’s actually
linked to that increased risk of Alzheimer’s there’s also the influence
of intermittent fasting on our minds intermittent fasting does require an
extraordinary amount of willpower and self-discipline and while that might not
be necessary for everybody for people who do feel like they’re really lacking
in it it’s something that they’re struggling with a period of intermittent
fasting can give us that much-needed reset button to help feel like we’re
back on top of things again that we’re in control of food and fueling our
bodies and there’s not just one single way to do intermittent fasting there are
tons of different approaches so some people do five days on two days off I
prefer more of a moderate daily approach though so something like a 12 hour fast
for example would mean you might not eat after 8:00 p.m. and then your next meal
is at 8 a.m. so it’s not super extreme but it is enough to help give us those
health benefits as brain benefits in that reduction in risk of Alzheimer’s
there’s a lot of science out there a lot of information out there so be sure to
do your research to find out if intermittent fasting is right for you

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