Modified Atkins Version of Keto for Seizure Control – More Accepted by Medical Professionals

we’re looking at different versions of the ketogenic diet today and right now we’re going to talk about the modified Atkins diet and this is something that’s kind of coming up in the medical literature as we are looking at the ketogenic diet for seizure control and stain and ketosis and where the classic 4:1 ratio diet that we had talked about in a previous video will keep people in ketosis there is a lot of evidence to support that the modified Atkins diet which is what they are calling under if you eat under 10 or 15 grams of carbohydrates a day with unrestricted protein and restrictive calories and restricted liquids and this is what sets the modified Atkins version of the ketogenic diet apart from the one to four ratio classical ketogenic diet and this is if you are looking for the ketogenic diet especially for seizure control you can look on PubMed and search modified Adkins version and you’ll see that it’s a lot less restrictive but it has been studied for seizure control and it is effective not only is it effective for seizure control it’s also effective for the other reasons people do the ketogenic diet which is anxiety depression pretty much any cognitive or neurological condition often responds but not always to the ketogenic diet and then weight loss is a big one and so modified Atkins version if you see side effects associated with the ketogenic diet and if your doctor talks about side effects associated with the ketogenic diet go ahead and instead of telling them you’re on the ketogenic diet tell them you’re on the modified Atkins version or the modified modified Atkins diet and this is something that a lot more of the medical perception profession is accepting of just because if you do a quick search for side effects of the keto diet you see kidney problems you see growth restriction in children and both of those we obviously don’t want to have but there is literature to suggest the modified Atkins version of the ketogenic diet is much more well accepted by people both physically it also keeps you in ketosis so you get all those awesome health benefits and it is gonna probably be more accepted by your doctor so thanks for joining me if you want to see kind of what to do for this modified Adkins version of the k2 my cue to family class definitely covers that and really all you have to do is keep your carb limit under 10 or 15 a day kind of whatever is your personal needs for stayin in ketosis and in our keto family class we have lots of keto family friendly foods that I would love to have you be able to make and you can see how it’s really not that restrictive but you’re able to get all of the health benefits so I’d love to see you there click down below and you can check out my other videos over here as well thanks for joining me again I’m Kara from health home and happiness oh and you can subscribe over there I’d love that deal

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