Mjölkfri ost på 1 minut (Raw Vegan Paleo)

Dairy free cheese how to make it in less than 1 minute raw vegan paleo cheese Today How to make raw vegan paleo cheese Raw vegan paleo dairy free Super healthy flavor with what you like Super healthy & yummy You use 3 cups of nuts here cashew nutfree? use sunflower seeds instead squeeze in half a lemon a little of himalaya salt 3 tbs nutritional yeast Mix mix & mix You will now get a lovely cream cheese Now its time to flavor your dairy free cream cheese choose what you like 🙂 to flavor with I’m gonna flavor with sundried tomatoes, basil and redish After flavoring put the cream cheese in fridge for some hours The result is amazing I did some raw cheese balls perfect for buffet table But I also made some bigger cheese that you can garnish with what you like Recipes at www.mindfullyraw.com And til we meet again – mindfullyraw namaste

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