Meet The Woman Who Learned That Her Mother Passed As White | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  1. Jene' Walker

    In 1944, after the war…. pause number 1. The war didn't end until 1945 in the Pacific. This is going to be a long video… she is so dumb.

  2. yrlk

    Further proof that we always fear what we don’t understand, and that those who came to this country by force have repeatedly faced trauma, alienation, and dehumanization.

    May she Rest In Peace as she truly is: a child of God.

  3. Tina Ellen

    Her and i , have the – EXACT same, blazer, coincidentally, of course. Our family stories and my military roommates, are similar, coincidentally, of course. Great storyline. 🐾

  4. Tasha V

    Wait what that lady does not look black nor does her mother. This is confusing and ridiculous. I'm mixed black and native I could never pass as a white person.



  6. Cassandra Bannerbie

    He hated black people so much he married one 😂 😂 and he spend the rest of his racist life happy with the one thing he hate

  7. Big Dad

    2:05 to 2:45 got to love how Megyn Kelly can twist words around. (But first she reached out to the state of Louisiana.) Reaching out to, and flat out lying about who they are, are two different things! And in the lady's own words, she pretended to be her mother. Not once but twice. Even getting a very official letter back from them. And she admits to being a liar, pretending to be someone she is not to obtain someone else's personal government records and no charges are brought up against her from the state of Louisiana for impersonation and, or forgery??? Nope, she wrote a book and was put on national tv for her and her mother's lies, she must be a democratic🤣

  8. Domie Belle

    I don't know what I'm missing here, she was white, even if I had an African American mother or father it does not change what I actually am which is white, and the same for anyone else.

  9. Nina La Bella

    I’m sure this information devastated her because being black is just too horrible to bare🙄 I totally understand why her mom did it. She shouldn’t have ever told her mothers secret.

  10. Mntry Mntry

    I know some girl who is half black and looks white. I met her dad and she was telling the truth. It’s weird but she does have slight wavy hair

  11. masonfssr

    This is America's Story and the reason a lot of whites don't take the DNA test because they are the children of blacks and blacks are their children too. Acknowledgement of this should make of us a closer people but it will not.

  12. trokoro

    In fact, as a consequence of affirmative action, millions of Americans who are White say that they are people of color

  13. desigvertsen

    Reminds me of the holocaust and stories i have read where jews had to pretend they were Christian faith for so many different reason not just to stay alive. After it ended even. The backlash didnt istantly disapear as we believe.

  14. Raekwon Kane

    Bro so y’all telling me this girl was so white she passed for white 😒so y’all don’t think her mom like 1/16 black I need actual pics of her mom cuz she two white to be any type of mixed

  15. Why o Why

    Really?? Does it matter?? Her mother probably thought she would have better opportunities back then. My family grew up thinking we were all Italian, genetic testing showed us different! Didn't matter to us at all!

  16. Jay Cato

    Oddly enough many blacks did this. No surprise at all. All through history, especially during the 1800 and 1900s. Times were extremely horrible for people with darker complexions so whenever they could pass for white they did. Shows how ugly the world really is, when you have to deny a part of yourself to survive.

  17. Uh duh

    Don't sweat it lady. Now you get to join the rest of whining Black America and demand your REPARATIONS!!! (NOW! NOW! NOW!)

  18. Disciple of The Way

    What a shameful old lady. My great great great (you get my drift) passed for European American too but he chose to go African American & he was highly respected by all as a strong stand up man in an era way before this here lady. Be happy for who you are, case closed, God made you!

  19. First Last

    Her mom is her mom. Race need not be an issue. Funny how Americans want to keep the past and racism alive. Race is not worthy of the attention it gets. Let's be done with it and move on.

  20. Cole Aufdenkamp

    The lady nodding in the back knows she has a camera on her so she probably doing her best to act as sad about the deal as possible 😂

  21. Barbara White

    WOW! I was taken aback for a moment, then I understood why she did what she did. People often say I look white, I don't think so. My Race is Black!

  22. aly be

    So she didnt have a grandmother, so her mothers mother never spoke about her daughters father, and so sad how her mom was against being half black

  23. Dariell b

    Her mother seems like she may have had a certain percentage of black in her but not a lot that is quite apparent but may her soul rest in peace.

  24. Yo

    I'm a Hindu indian.. i did genetic testing.. and turns out my ancestry goes back to 40% Persian 35% indian 18% European and African 7% Mongolian. I look Indian.. but it makes sense.. my Brother has hazel/green eyes.. my mom looks like she's caucasian.. No female on my mom's side is shorter than 5'6. No male on my mom's side is shorter than 6'0. Everyone on my my mom's side looks European. MY hair is SO straight. it never and i mean NEVER tangles. i have east asian hair. just SO dead straight.

    My dad's side.. everyone looks super indian short no one is taller than 5'5 including my Dad.. in fact.. my mom is taller than my Dad. they're tiny. super small bones. my mother, brother, and I are quite big boned. They also have a wheatish skin tone. ..

    But i noticed something else. Our caste is considered to be "the warrior caste" and we are considered to be part of the "aryan" community… we also eat meat.. and we've been eating meat for generations. Even though we are Hindu. So i'm sure some Indo-Persian ancestry is definite.

  25. Mindy S.

    I forget the guys name…..but he's a "bigwig" in the "white supremacists" group and he went on a talk show where they ran one of those ancestry DNA kits. They revealed that he had black heritage as well. Absolutely hilarious 😂. Let's try to remember not to judge this woman's mother. Having not lived in this era and the VAST differences in some areas…it's not really any of the current generations right or place to judge this woman for the choices that she made. I used to say that I thought "white privilege" was BS. After having an eye-opening conversation with a couple of co-workers I learned how ignorant I was. I wasn't a bad person, indifferent, or a racist. I just made a judgement based on something that I can't ever make a true and accurate judgement on bc I have never walked in those shoes. That simple yet deep conversation changed me to the core. I find myself now trying to look at all aspects of a situation and even then, trying not to judge. I'm not perfect, I still find myself naturally wanting to be defensive and judge based on an incorrect perception of how I see the world and how everything fits into it. But I know now that I have to stop seeing situations without fully considering all of the available facts. If we could all just learn how to talk to each other better, drop our defences, and proceed with a little bit of consideration and outright humanity, I can't even imagine how wonderful of a world we could have. I learned an incredible lesson from someone with amazing patience that took off my blinders. I only wish I could share that feeling with others. I guess this is my feeble attempt at passing on that wisdom that I was honored to receive. So, let's try and not judge her. We've never walked in her shoes during that time in history, and can never fully appreciate the adversity she would have faced.

  26. Adam Goulet

    This interviewer is literally just reading definitions off a page… it’s obvious that these people producing the today show are just taking these serious racial issues and trying to profit off of emotion. Sickening

  27. irmalair1

    I don't understand something though. If you're from the US please explain to me. Isn't the problem the skin color? Like in the first place black people were treated and used in a certain way because of their skin color. So how can someone be considered Black if like physically their skin is white not black.

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