Mediterranean-Style Eating Pattern

What if I told you there’s an eating pattern
that can help lower the risk of diet-related chronic diseases such as heart disease, type
2 diabetes and high blood pressure? A diet that’s backed by years of scientific
research. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends
this diet. So what is it? The Mediterranean-Style Eating Pattern! This eating pattern is a lifestyle that includes
the preparation and enjoyment of foods, physical activity, and social engagement. Compared to a typical American eating pattern,
the Mediterranean-style eating pattern has more fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, low-fat
cheeses, nuts, beans, whole grains, and olive oil. Typically, it also has less processed foods,
refined grains, spreads, foods with saturated fat, added sodium, added sugar, and trans
fats. To find out more about the research, examples
of foods, and to see some steps to start following the Mediterranean-style eating pattern, take
one of our online courses: “The What, Why, and How of a Mediterranean-Style Eating Pattern”. You can also find out more by contacting your
local County Extension Agent. Find the links in the description below. On your way to the description, please like
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