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♪♪ Hello, I’m
Chef Rob Stinson here with another
episode of Fit to Eat. Today we are going
to be making my Mediterranean
shrimp salad with a honey
balsamic dressing. We’ll also trade off the
carbs you’d normally get with croutons by
using grilled eggplant. And I tell you what,
I’ve got a great one here. It sounds incredible. I’m going to start
prepping the ingredients while we take
a quick break. When we get back,
we’ll get started. ♪♪ ♪♪ Mediterranean diets
have been around for a while now specializing
in the dietary patterns of Italy, Greece, Spain
and Morocco. The Mediterranean diet
is a great choice for heart healthy
eating. I’m going to show you
my take on a Mediterranean
shrimp salad. Now, the neat part about
this is using great local ingredients like our
wild-caught shrimp, artichoke hearts. And while we are talking
about artichoke hearts that are going
into this salad, let’s mention their
health benefits. Artichoke hearts
are naturally fat-free and
low in calories. How often are you
searching the market for some fat-free
processed food? Artichoke hearts also
contain about one/fourth the amount of
fiber an adult needs. They are great for
you and we are going to use them
in this recipe. Let’s get started
on this. We have a
sauté pan here. Typically when you sauté,
you use quite a bit of oil. We are only going to put
a half teaspoon of oil. And you notice
it drizzles out. That diffuser makes all
the difference in the world because that half
teaspoon we are putting all over the entire pan. It coats it that way. Onions, we are going
to place them first. Those are
julienne strips. This dish has a good
amount of garlic which, if you have been
watching the show, I love it. A nice tablespoon of
minced garlic all fresh. And I don’t buy the
garlic that comes in the water or in the
oil at the store. Use fresh garlic. Take your time. Mince it up ahead. You can do it in
a food processor. It’s not that hard. We are going to add
to that our shrimp. These are some beautiful
wild-caught shrimp. They’ve been peeled
and deveined so they are easy
to work with. What is nice about that, when
you’re eating the salad, you really don’t want
to have to worry about trying to pick off
all of the tails. It makes it a much
easier it dish to eat. We will put some cracked
black pepper all over. It looks like I am
putting a lot on there, but this doesn’t really
come out all that heavy and it’s a nice
seasoning. Now we put in our
artichoke hearts. As you can see, it’s
going to end up being a very visually appealing
dish with the shrimp, the artichoke,
the onion. We are going to put in
some sun-dried tomatoes. You know, sun-dried
tomatoes are also low in calories naturally
with virtually no fat. Sun-dried tomatoes
are a good source of vitamin C
and iron. Sun-dried tomatoes contain
the chemical lycopene which gives them
their red color. According to
the Mayo Clinic, higher intakes of
lycopene are associated with lower instances of
cancer and heart disease. I tell you what, we all need
to be concerned about that. While this is working through,
I’m going to go ahead and put our sun-dried
tomatoes in. This dish is really
close to my heart because of the chef
that I worked with when we made this
the first time. I was in Italy and it was
his daughter’s wedding. It was a celebration. And in Italy, to have all of
these different ingredients in one dish would make
it a celebration. Very different from our
country where everyone throws the kitchen sink
and everything else in. And I love the
blend of this. We’re taking a little water–
and it could be wine, I’m just using water today–
to deglaze that pan. And all that means is try to
get everything off the bottom of the pan so the flavors
stay with those shrimp. Looks so good already. Then we’re going to add
in some kalamata olives. They are pitted. So these are olives
that have no seeds. You definitely don’t want to put
a pitted olives in a salad. And then we are going to
add in some capers. Those are
little flowery buds. They are normally
kept in brine. You see the ones I
just added are dry. The reason being is
the brine is salty. We are not trying to add
a lot of salt into any of the dishes that we
do here on Fit to Eat. If you really take note,
you can dramatically drop the amount of
sodium that you consume if you follow our
recipes here on Fit to Eat. That’s a great thing. This is a dish that I have
made dozens of times at dinner parties
and people always love one thing about it,
and I think it stands out. It’s a warm salad, and it is
intentionally a warm salad. At the wedding in Italy
when I saw it made for the first time and
learned how to make it, they actually had a
line of people coming up. They had lettuce
on one side and they had pasta
on the other. It was the most unique
thing I had ever seen because they asked everyone
if they would like it as a warm salad or would you
like it as a pasta dish? So incredibly
versatile. You can take the same
Mediterranean topping and put it in a whole-grain wrap
and it would be incredible. Or use it as a
topping over a piece of grilled chicken
or fish. So lots of
different uses. We’ve got
shrimp in it today, but you could do
this with chicken. And you could find a
variety of other items to put in there. I even cooked it with duck
breast that I had taken the skin off of to keep
nice and low-fat, and it was wonderful. We are going to
finish sautéing this. The one neat thing
about that as well is look at that vivid color. We are going to make
to go with this a very light balsamic
honey dressing. Typically, most salads
are served with what? With a lot of
bread or croutons, something that’s ultimately
pretty fattening. Our twist today is
while it is cooking up, we are going to come
back and show you some eggplant crostini. These are some beautiful
grilled eggplant instead of fried bread
or some other bread along with our honey
balsamic dressing. So stick around and we are
going to have a great time with this beautiful
warm Mediterranean salad. (Rooster crowing) (Banjo playing) Ever since I was
a little girl, I’ve been
involved in farming. My dad and mom has
always had a farm, a vegetable farm. I’ve got about 15 acres
here then I got an acre, and acre and a half in two
or three different places. Two of the places
in Simpson County. Grayson: Brenda’s Produce
is one of the oldest Farmer’s Markets
in Mississippi just off West
Street in Jackson. That’s where you will find
Brenda seven days a week selling the
freshest produce in town. Brenda: We’re here
at the farmer’s market from April till the
first of November. During the
growing season, 90% of everything I
sell is my daddy’s. I have watermelons,
I have cucumbers, I have okra, I have squash,
I have bell peppers, I have hot peppers, just
about any kind of vegetable. The reason we have such a
good demand for what I grow is if it ain’t
fit for me to eat, it ain’t fit
for you to eat. And I don’t
carry it. Brenda: When I hear of a
37-year-old person dying of a heart attack or a 27-year-old having
a massive stroke, I contribute a lot of that
to their eating habits. I think it’s very important
for people to know where their produce comes from,
what has been used on it. I’ve had people to ask
me, “Has your daddy sprayed anything
on this corn? I pulled it back, and there
is a worm at the top of it.” I said, “No because he
said anything he sprays on this corn to kill that
little worm right there that it’s going
to hurt you too. We have to have money to
live like everybody else, but it’s really not so
much the money as it is the smiles on people’s
faces when I say yes, this is Daddy’s
tomatoes. It doesn’t cost a penny
to be nice to people and that’s how we
run our business. ♪♪ Welcome back. We got started talking
about using eggplant instead of bread in this
incredible Mediterranean salad. Eggplant is also a heart-healthy
vegetable full of fiber. Plus it is a bulky
vegetable which means it fills you up and
is slow to digest, which is great because it
is low in calories, too. Many great things
about eggplant. Most people, when
they cook eggplant, the very first thing
they do is they skin it and they take the beautiful
skin off the outside edge. Why? It typically is a little
bit bitter and people are apprehensive to use it
because they think that bitterness will overpower
the flavor of the eggplant. I will do a pan seared
eggplant that is lightly breaded with skin on,
will bake it to where it’s almost like you are eating
fried eggplant sticks with skin on, and this
dish as grilled crostini. We’re actually going
to keep the skin on. That’s where all
the nutrients are. Don’t be scared to
leave the skin on. I’m going to tell you in
the combination of what we are doing today, the
eggplant will have the honey balsamic
dressing right there and that adds a
natural sweetness. Don’t be scared to
leave that skin on. I’m going to show you. Eggplant is extremely
easy to work with. You’re always going to
find a small amount of color variation
inside an eggplant. Don’t let that
scare you either. Obviously, if it is
so soft to the touch that it is very mushy,
you know that is not an eggplant
you want to use. But the variation
of color inside actually means
it’s riper. We want about a half
inch slice so I would take my knife, cut straight
down that half inch. That is the perfect amount
of thickness where it still will have a little meatiness
and at the same time you will get flavor
seared on both side. It will add a
wonderful quality. In Italy, they
love eggplant. It’s cooked in so
many different recipes. But we are going
to move this over to the side
right now. I’ve got three slices that
we are going to use. The way we are
going to do these, I’ve got a pan that
is warm on the side and we are going to spray
that with our pan coating. Again, zero fat. The pan is hot. A lot of people would
say it’s not safe by the flames, and
they are right. Let’s move it
away from the flame. Get a nice
coating on the pan. Turn that heat down
just a little bit. And then we are
going to come back to the eggplant slices
and we are going to baste them on one
side with the honey. So obviously that bitterness
in the skin will be overshadowed by our
beautiful local honey. And in just a minute, we are
going to talk about honey and some of the surprising
benefits it does have. Let’s coat each
piece one side. It really keeps
our seasoning on the side
of the eggplant. That’s a good thing
because we’re using some beautiful
fresh herbs. Let’s pull that
pan off the heat. I can see it is
extremely hot which is good because
we want it to sear. And here we’ve got some
fresh chopped oregano. Fresh oregano is so
much milder in flavor than the dry
component. And fresh basil also
minced and chopped fine. Not dry. This is fresh basil
and fresh oregano that I got at our
local farmers market. And a little bit of
cracked black pepper. You might think that is a
lot of black pepper. It’s going to make
a wonderful crust and a lot of it will
cook off in the pan. So now we’ve got
this one side that looks
beautifully coated. Let’s take those
and just to be safe since that pan was a little
bit hotter than I expected, I’m going to spray just
a little bit more of our pan coating. And now put those eggplant
crostinis down in the pan. I can hear them. I know they are
sizzling perfectly. The one thing we
want to do is watch that the honey doesn’t
over caramelize. So I move it
off the heat. If I see that it is
browning that quickly, it is a wonderful trick
to use at home as well. So let’s move all of
this out of the way. Do a little bit of
housecleaning because we still need to finish
our salad dressing. I’m going to bring all
of the ingredients for that salad dressing
up top. A little whisk. We’ve got our
lemon, apple juice. You’re going to love
what we’re doing with that. Garlic, balsamic vinegar,
and again our honey. In the bowl, we are going
to cut our lemon in half. Let’s go ahead and get a
little sanitizer on my hands. Squeeze that
lemon into the bowl. Add our garlic. That’s about a
teaspoon of garlic. A little touch of
cracked black pepper again. Apple juice is actually
going to become the oil. So the salad
dressing has no oil. Balsamic vinegar. A lot of people misunderstand
balsamic vinegar. It’s made from
Treviano grapes. It’s a real art that they make
it the way they do in Italy. It has wonderful flavor. Then we are going to
thicken this with just a little bit of
our organic honey. Tell you what, I love all
of the healthy benefits of using fresh,
local honey. And their are a lot
of health benefits. Just a few of the
benefits of honey are it’s good for a cough. One study, scientists
found that giving honey to children with a
persistent cough works better
than cough syrup. It’s not recommended
for real young children, but honey can
also be used as a sugar substitute
in baking. People with diabetes still
need to use it with caution. Then there is a belief
that it can be used to help children in their
adolescents with allergies where a small spoon every
day of local honey gets in and builds
up immunity towards some of
the local pollen. These look perfect. We are going to go
ahead and turn these over. Our eggplant
crostini are doing great. Let’s go back
and finish. The honey will
become more pliable as it is mixed in with
the salad dressing. You can see it almost
looks like caramel. That dressing is
going to be so light and virtually fat-free
which is what is so nice without using any oil. As we go through the
recipes with Fit to Eat, most of the time our goal is
to bring down your fat level, your salt level, try and
be preservative free. It’s so easy to go into
stores and buy products. But if you spend a little
bit of time every week going to your local farmers
market and you buy the products they grow,
they are pesticide-free, preservative-free, they
are almost always less expensive and it makes
it such a great thing because you are supporting
your local economy. I cannot impress that
on people enough. Far too often, we end up
sending money overseas that we should be
keeping here. That’s a simple
no-brainer. Let’s look at
this right here. We are going to take those
crostinis off the heat and we are going to
put our shrimp, after we deglaze it
just a little bit more, back on the heat to bring
those back up to temperature. There is a trick when you
know that your eggplant has cooked long
enough and that is that the skin will start
to break away from the edge in addition
to the nice browning. But look how
beautiful those look. The idea of this is we
are using something instead of bread
as a filler. Just like we said earlier,
eggplant is exactly that. And what great
flavor it has. So now we are
back to our shrimp. We talked about
sun-dried tomatoes, but I would like to
add one other thing. A lot of people out
there are vegetarian today. This entire recipe,
if you notice, is a vegetarian
recipe. No chicken stock, no
other type of meat, no bacon or
pork in the salad. The one thing the sun-dried
tomatoes do give is a certain meatiness
by their texture. It’s almost a sweet
meaty quality the sun-dried
tomatoes add. And that, to me, gives it
a whole different flavor than using
a normal tomato. So sun-dried
tomatoes. Find them. Keep them
in your closet. They last indefinitely
if you put them in a resealable
freezer bag. You can keep them
in your freezer and pull them out
in small amounts and they will last you
for literally forever. Let’s look at our
crostini and turn them. That side is brown. Oh yes. That is what we’re
looking for right there. I want to come back to
the shrimp in the pan. One of the things when I
was in Italy and cooking, we were on an island called
Panza which is off the coast of Naples or Napoli as
they say in Italy. One of the
most magnificent, beautiful areas that
I’ve ever seen or been to. And the flavor of the food
was so simple because it was just the ingredients
of the food itself. You didn’t have a
lot of additives and they don’t use a lot
of cream in that area. So that Mediterranean diet
is naturally healthier just by design of what
grows in the area. I think it makes it really
fun and flavorful. And the idea of this is
just to let everything blend together
which it is doing. Our crostini look as if
they are just about ready. What we are going to do
when all of this is said and done, is start building
up what’s going to make a pretty presentation
because I think you eat with your eyes is much
as with your taste buds. So when you come
back, we’re going to put it all together. We will go through all of
the nutritional benefits and some of the nutritional
facts for this dish. And remember, check us out
on Facebook at MPBFittoEat. There you will find all
the links for our recipes and the nutritional analysis. Come on back. Welcome back. Let’s talk about the
nutritional facts: 416 calories. 55 grams of
carbohydrates. 23 grams of
protein. 12 grams
of fat. 5.5 grams
of fiber. Wow! So you can see
how healthy it is. All right, now what
we are going to do, our spring mix which
is a blend of about 12 different greens
along with some romaine because romaine is a
little bit firmer. We are going to take
half hour dressing, toss it real quickly, and then
plate that on the bottom. This is going to be the base
for the warm shrimp salad. Now we are going to
take our shrimp and that beautiful shrimp
Mediterranean topping goes right over
the lettuce and it will naturally
start to wilt it. Incredible. Then, if that weren’t
enough for a feast, let’s go with the
eggplant crostini. And let me tell you, it’s
important to realize that you need a
healthy lifestyle and that it is not
a temporary diet. But what you put into your
body has a larger impact on your health than
anything else you do. Minor changes to your diet
can pay huge dividends. And remember that
watching Fit to Eat is going to add to those
benefits every week. So enjoy! Come back and
see us again soon.

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