Mediterranean Pasta Recipe | Vegetables Broth | #DoStathi #20K3M

[Music] welcome back to my channel do stuff I hope everybody’s doing okay with your lives with your jobs and whatever actually you’re doing in the day’s recipe as you saw in the teaser of the video ISM interregnum pasta and I’m so happy making this pasta because first helps me with my weight loss challenge and second C’s from local producers and it’s everything so fresh so tasty anything I tell you to try this whole because all the gradients are so healthy tasty and to lose weight what’s best so welcome back hope you enjoy the whole process of the video and at the end of the video I just want to say some things about my channel some breakfast we broke in this channel just stay tuned enjoy the video and come back for more thank you so much take care Jordan video sit back relax take out your notes and let’s get started are you ready let’s go [Music] yo guys welcome back I hope you enjoyed this pasta it was amazing it was delicious and the best part of it you can need a big bowl of pasta with not even afraid the calories and just feel the turn of the food and you know why because clever cooking is the best way of cooking to lose weight so when word of that I just want to say a big thank you to all of you because my channel reached the 5000 years and 100 subscribers hundred and forty five days right now so YouTube gave me my first actually a sake and says you know what we start getting part of it and changed my tongues name so now you’re gonna find that slash douche topic you’re gonna go straight to my tongue thank you all guys and you know what you making this channel Greg and I hope you continue making this channel better and better for all of us take care I love y’all and I can’t describe my excitement having you in my channel it’s just a place and you’re like my family no you’re like you’re my family thank you so much take care see you next time I love you all and enjoy your time making this food bye guys [Music]

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