Mediterranean Diet

result of the millennium history of acquisitions exchanges and adaptations across a transnational territory the Mediterranean diet rooted in a Greek word di eater lifestyle is the set of skills knowledge practices and traditions that concern obtaining food from the landscape to the table in a Mediterranean basement they’re processing their preservation preparation and consumption in this transnational territory with extraordinary synchronism and similarities despite the distances crops harvests gathering fishing conservation processing preparation cooking and especially consumption as well as the celebrations they’re associated with become gestures of mutual recognition hospitality dialogue and solidarity in context of experience and transmission of this set of knowledge member through wisdom markets social events health the kitchen or the table words play a major role in telling transmitting appreciating presenting all sharing the involvement of institutions universities associations schools and the family nurture the present and ensures the transmission and future of this heritage you you you these experiences with their roots as much in simple and daily gestures as in solemnity and festive exuberance bring together in the communities of a gross Chef Sean salento Quran hvar and brac Surya and Tavira and among all the Mediterranean peoples a sense of identity belonging and continuity to recognize this as an essential part of their shared and common cultural heritage you

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