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registered dietician pan full and wider with the clever kitchen joins us now with a beautiful spread welcome to the show thank you for having me okay so the Mediterranean diet is basically healthy fats lots of veggies right right so what we like to say it’s primarily plant-based but not exclusively because you can still have small amounts of meats in your diet and we’re gonna look at that tonight but so we but the core of your diet is fruits vegetables whole grains legumes beans so you’re thinking how can I fill my plate with half of our plate to be fruits and vegetables well plus we’d all like skin like yours it makes you feel good well it makes you feel good that’s what I love about it I feel good I’m light on your feet and today you’ve brought options for breakfast lunch dinner even a little bit of dessert and you’re saying that wine is okay absolutely so we know when we take a look at the Mediterranean components from raw wine or alcohol is one apart of those components and so for men it’s two drinks per day and for women it’s one during per day of wine of wine yes so but when we talk about the Mediterranean dine in its components you have to do all of its components to reap the benefits so why we like to follow the Mediterranean diet is that it reduces your risk of death by any by all disease by 30 percent incredible I mean yeah if you think about that for a second what you choose to eat and the amount you choose can reduce disease in your body so that’s what we like to call the power of food and so this is all backed by incredible sound science so that’s why it’s evidence-based that’s why we like the mention of this I do it’s called outsmarting disease in the Mediterranean diet it’s fantastic you can look on the clever kitchen and see my schedule wonderful okay let’s start with breakfast because I actually just made a few of these earlier this week I showed them with you but just I love that recipe these are so easy yes they’re wonderful I think everybody’s looking for something quick and easy you can add any vegetable you have on your in your refrigerator this has red peppers please try it red peppers spinach and cheddar cheese I sometimes you use a lean ground turkey sausage and spinach you know for your kids if they like it awesome put it in your refrigerator for a week freezer for a month just pop them out and you make them in a muffin great and all your eggs pies yes a lean protein my kids love them too and all you need is a piece of toast and a piece of fruit and you’re complete I’d have it as a snack beautiful maybe for a lunch or dinner with a salad it’s so here we go this looks so fantastic just the presentation but the greens in here this is a blueberry kale farro salad right and so what you’re looking again like what does my plate look like we’re trying to fill our plate have full of fruits and vegetables this is what I call a Mediterranean power bowl so you have whole grains with the farro you have fruit with the blueberries veggies with the kale snap peas pecans nuts all those things that make it a Mediterranean diet so we love that and then we’re using olive oil for our heart healthy Mediterranean I love tricking my brain I’m a crunch so yes that you add it in the snap peas in there mix well who doesn’t love crunchy salty sweet right I love that that’s what you get in this salad so we love this it’s just wonderful and so that’s what you want to think of when you’re having lunch or dinner how can i what do I bowls are great great topic I love all the colors here too yeah about gener because you’ve got some yeah turkey meatballs again going against this idea that you can’t have much on this diet right and so when we look at the Mediterranean diet again primarily plant-based but not exclusively small amounts of meat are allowed and when we say meat we mean turkey chicken fish has its own special place but we want it to be leaner and we want smaller amounts so we’re recommending about 3 to 4 ounces per day of lean meats that’s a significant difference this is where beans come into play legumes all those great things having meatless meals that’s what we’d like you to start thinking about about the size of our palm right right so 3 ounces is about the size of the palm of your hands a deck of cards something like that maybe the biggest thing on your plate exactly that’s what we’re doing so today I’m gonna have y’all help me make these yummy turkey meatballs I don’t know and then we’re gonna have we’re gonna serve it with zoodles today which we love there’s a thought truck could help me make zucchini noodles yes exactly the lean turkey you know sometimes gets a little dry so that’s why we’re adding a little bit of the sun-dried tomato ok fetes so you can pour all these and we have set uh shallots and garlic or yummy basil a little bit of salt a little bit salt and then we’re using a little bit all that pepper you can put there all yes so what you’re doing is you’re gonna mix that all together I love using a fork to fluff it up but you can go you can do either way with your hands or whatever I don’t have a lot of time let’s do it yeah and then we try and make turkey meatballs about this size of a golf ball now family only have about a minute left oh gosh let’s do I know TV time does what it is best so we’re gonna serve it today we made a cherry tomato sauce so instead it you could put it with a marinara but we’re using cherry tomatoes and all you’re doing is this sauteing it both together for a little bit and trying it so we have those for y’all to try right over there if you’d like and then also another little glass of wine so we have our alcohol with meals we always say if you do not drink do not start because of this diet and then [Laughter] that’s exactly and when you’re using you’re thinking about the components you have to incorporate all the components of the diet so you can’t just cherry pick once you’d like to follow so you can’t just have your glass of red wine but we’d like you to do everything with flavor we’ll try it thank you so much thank you for having me all right you’d like to connect with Pam or for the recipes we’ve shown you on the show today just visit the food section on Houston life talk to you

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