May 4 – May 5, 2019 Intermittent Fasting OMAD

2019 (May 4) it is already afternoon uhm it is already 4PM so we have 2 cups 2 cups of rice. We don’t need to pack tightly but maybe this is what it looks like that’s it. One… like, don’t pack it so tightly and I think the diet, uhm for uhm yesterday which is ah devo..(devoid), without you may say the only very dish there is cream cheese but we don’t have dessert. No We don’t have ice cream. I think that would be an ideal meal(food) So if we would have Ice cream, expect that we would gain weight but are the so there olive oil of course cream cheese. I will add because the effect is good a while ago our weight is 196 pounds that’s uh very good thing noh so we will get this one – tasty laing (gabi leaves in coconut milk) we will get a lot. Let’s say two scoops See. Vegetables let’s add more so that’s vegetables you see So that’s great and of course our bangus(milk fish) 1/2 (bangus) two let’s say let’s make it four (of half slices) but let’s place it in let’s already place it in another container so that it will not be crowded one, two three four cream cheese would be we’ll add cream cheese definitely it is so because it is not so… I mean the effect of cream cheese is very minimal or. One I will just be generous(in getting per tablespoon) two three It may also be because we already checked late(weight). So… that’s our meal for the day. Any additional I’ll just record again So see you tomorrow for another weight check and another meal

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