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There we go, focus, focus. It’s focused now. We are going to be making a smoothie. It’s going to be a very, very good smoothie. Exceptional actually. Top quality, top notch. And very healthy. Start off with the first banana. Just like this. And now we peel the second banana. And put it in very gently. Just like this. Then we will put the mango inside. Just one ripe mango, nice and sweet. Just the way we like it. Now we are going to be putting in, avocado,
one whole avocado. So healthy. It’s not coming off, is it. Mmmmm, yum yum. Lets not forget the ice, because it is, very,
very warm outside. Wow, lost two ice cubes. There we go. That’s good. Five cubes of ice, good enough. We are not done yet. Head lettuce or Iceberg lettuce, as much as
we can possibly fit in. It think that’s a good amount. Lets start, see how it goes. I think it’s ready, oh yes it’s ready. Very, very ready. It’s good news, isn’t it? It’s ready. Yay, yay. Glass number one. Glass number two. And there are two more glasses in there. Lets see how it is. Oooh, refreshingly cooling, amazing, beautiful.

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