Making a Stuffed Vegetables Recipe : Preparing Tomatoes for Stuffed Vegetables Recipe

Hi, this is Matt Senatore on behalf of Expert
Village and today we’re going to learn how to make our stuffed veggies, mid-eastern style.
So the first thing we’re going to do now is we’re going to cut and gut our tomato. We’re
going to take all the guts out and put it in this bowl, all the actual pulp out, and
we’re going to keep that and we’re also going to keep the top. We’re not going to throw
anything away. So let’s just cut the top off real quickly. Here’s our top, we’re going to keep that and
put that right there. It’s going to be like our lid. Then we’re going to take a teaspoon
and we’re going to spoon out the guts. We’re going to do this very carefully because we
want to keep this in tact. So let?s just very carefully, just a little at a time, take the
pulp out. And if we need to use a knife because it’s a little hard right here in the middle.
Oh there we go, and just kind of spoon all this out and try to definitely do it carefully
because we want to keep this in tact. So we pretty much got this gutted. If you look you’ll
see it?s nice and gutted in the middle. We have all of the pulp in this bowl right here.
So we’re going to take this and put it on the napkin and let it drain. Then we’re going
to take our next tomato and do the same. We’re going to cut the actual top off, which is
going to be our lid if you notice. Then we’re going to save that. We’re going to take our
teaspoon here and gut it. We pretty much got this one gutted too, the second one. We’re
going to save all that pulp right here, and see how it is gutted, we’re going to take
that and we’re going put that on the paper towel and we’re going to let it drain.

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