LSee Challenge – 1st Episode – Intermittent Fasting + LCHF – PART 2

I don’t think fasting is the most difficult ! I think the glass of red wine affected my results. First measurement, 4th day of the first week… 0.2 mmol/l. Second measurement of the day,
Thursday, November 10… My ketones level exploded, 1.2 mmol/l. Mine was 1.9mmol/l… No… I am lying! It was 0.9mmol/l. I would like to have a higher level… But 0.9 so… Nothing in particular. I just miss a consistent meal. So I ask myself: does a keto diet bring results just because of a lack of calories? Ok, 1.1! It decreased a bit… And I am still hungry… I just drunk a beer… Did it affect my result? I don’t know… Anyway… a bit less than before! 1.2 after a beer and a half. So nearly a pint… Excellent! Theoretically it’s the last day of our diet,
but I started a normal diet. I tried to check if I could get into the famous keto-zone, But I didn’t… I was still between 0 and 0.1mmol/l all day. Second measurement of the day,
and the end of our keto diet. So there is still a meal this night,
and it will be also the last of the day. I am still eating just a meal per day,
the same than other days… And I have 0.4 mmol/l of ketones in my blood. Hey FatKiller, summary of the first LSee Challenge week following a keto diet. Everybody played the game
(Cyril, Julia, Philippe and me). We followed the challenge for 5 days, and Philippe for 7 days, as he is used to follow this diet. But everybody got different results. However all of us stayed in ketosis at some point. And now I will present our results ! Here it is our basal levels. So it corresponds to our measurements
on a normal diet. So all the curves have sinusoidal shapes. Only Julia’s basal level has a larger amplitude, in pink. These basal measurements will allow us to analyze our future results, and also the products impacts. So after our first week of LCHF and Intermittent Fasting, Julia and Philippe got high keto levels, and they could be into the optimal keto-zone, which is between 1.5 and 3.0 mmol/l of β-OHB. Cyril and I arrived close to this famous zone. But everybody did lose weight. So, should this famous zone be redefined by person? To check! I was starving all the time. So having just a meal per day is really hard. Much more than just cutting carbs.
I thought it would be much more complicated. But the most complicated was to have just a meal per day. I cheated on the diet on Friday, because I ate potatoes… But it didn’t affect my ketones level. I also went out a lot, but I got interesting results… However I stayed always under the optimal keto-zone. It was very hard ! The most difficult was not to eat carbs. And I missed the sensation of feeling satisfied. But having just a meal per day
wasn’t that hard to bear. And just an observation… I didn’t practice sports during this week. Next week we will try a ketone precursor,
as a supplement of a normal diet. This precursor here… it’s coconut oil based. Do you think it will affect
our ketones levels or our weight ? Comment here in this video! Tell us also if you liked this episode. And if you want to follow all episodes, please subscribe to our channel ! You just need to click here ! See you next week !

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