Low Carb Vs Low Fat Diet | What’s The Right Choice for Busy Women

High carb, low carb, only healthy carbs, don’t have starchy carbs, fat is good for you, no wait, fat is bad for you…. There is so much conflicting information out
there about Fats and Carbs, and I’m here to help you sort through the chaos. I’m Andrea Robertson, I have 4 university
degrees , including Nutrition, and I’m here to inspire amazing women, just like you,
towards healthier and happier lives. I’ve helped hundreds of my patients navigate the
complexity that is nutrition, to understand the best nutritional approaches for their body to help them lose weight, gain energy, and feel better in themselves again, so now it’s your turn. Today I’m going to show you the differences
between a low fat diet and a low carb diet, and how to do either option in a healthy way.
So by the end of this video you will know exactly the steps you need to take to hit
that weight loss goal and improved health that you’ve been desiring. If you watch all the way to the end, you will
learn the differences between bad fats, and good fats, healthy carbs and not such
healthy carbs, and how to make the right choices for your body. But before we get started, for the best online
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I post a new video every single week. Ok, lets talk about why we might we wanting
to look at a low carb or a low fat diet in the first place. I recently attended a course on weight loss
and current research shows there are 6 important to help you lose weight and keep
it off. Choosing either a Fat OR carbohydrate restricted
diet is one of these 6 principals – it doesn’t matter which, but you have to choose one or
the other. This can be done in a healthy way, or an unhealthy way as not all carbs and fats
are equal. Today I’m going to teach you the healthy way.
I touch on the other 5 principals of weight loss in my video called Diet Planning – How
to Use a Food Diary to Lose Weight, and I’ll soon be making other videos on the
other principals. Make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the notifications bell
so you don’t miss out on these videos when they come out. So let’s learn a little about CHO and why
a low CHO diet may help you lose weight. There are three type of carbs –complex carbs, simple carbs and fiber. Both complex and simple
carbs break down into glucose, or sugar, to provide the body with energy. This is why
even a ‘low carb’ diet needs to have carbs – but only the right ones, because the right ones are incredibly important for health and weight loss.
We also need fibre. Fibre can’t be broken down or digested, but rather it provides roughage and food
for the microbiome, so it ensures a healthy gut and digestive system.
Natural occurring plant based carbs with a lower Glycemic Index are important to still
have even when on low carb diet. Low GI carbs are foods that are digested, absorbed and
metabolised more slowly than higher GI carbs, and therefore don’t spike the blood sugar,
or insulin levels, as quickly. Avoiding these spikes is one of the key elements to long term health
and to maintaining weight loss. The type of Carbs that you want to avoid on a Low Carb diet, are those with a high GI index. And that’s things such as pasta, rice, bread and highly processed
foods. However, on a low carb diet, you still need to eat carbs, but in the form of vegetables. Our brain, red blood cells and nervous system can ONLY derive
energy from glucose, and that’s why your body need to you eat carbs, especially for these important body tissues. In the type of low carb diet I’m talking
about here, you want 50% of your diet to come from fats, 30% from protein, and 20% from
carbs. So, don’t cut out those vegetables. For example, fill your plate with baby spinach or lettuce, add a piece of fish or grilled chicken, or even a vegetarian
option such as beans or legumes, and then drizzle with some olive oil, add 1/2 an avocado and some steamed broccoli.
That is a great low carb meal. You might prefer a low carb diet if you have
a medical diagnosis of metabolic syndrome, diabetes or insulin resistance. It may also suit you
if you have weight gain around your tummy, or if you prefer dietary fat and if you have
had a poor response in the past to a low fat diet. It may also suit you if you experience
digestive symptoms such as bloating, pain or wind when you’re on a higher carbohydrate diet.
Ok, so let’s move onto fats, and why a low fat diet may be the best approach for you.
Fat also provide the body with energy, through the breakdown of Glycerol and fatty
acids and fat actually provides the body with more than half of its energy needs.
Fats are also the building blocks of many of our hormones, so a diet high in good fats is really important. Like on a low carb diet, where we avoid the bad carbs, but still want to have some of the good carbs, on a low fat diet, we definitely want to avoid the bad fats but we still want to have some of the good fats.
These are things such as avocado, fish, seeds, nuts and olive oil.
The fats you want to avoid altogether no matter what diet you are on, are man-made or processed
fats as these cause inflammation within the body. Inflammation can lead to weight gain, obesity and many chronic health conditions. So stay away from fast foods, margarine, chocolate bars, processed biscuits, crackers and chips. Check your food labels on things such as mayonnaise and salad dressing, and swap them out if they contain bad fats.
If you think a low fat diet is the right approach for your weight loss journey, you want about 50%
of your diet to come from carbs, 30% from protein, and 20% from fats. So, don’t cut
out the healthy fats. For example, Fill your plate with lettuce or baby salad, make a quinoa
salad with greens and add some pops of dried fruit like currants. Add steamed broccoli, a
piece of fish or some grass fed meat, or even a vegetarian protein such as beans or legumes, then drizzle over a homemade dressing made with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and a tiny bit of olive oil. That is a great low fat meal option. You might prefer a low fat diet approach if
you have fat stored around your hips or thighs, if you have an aversion to fatty meals or
higher fat diets, of if you have previously have poor compliance or poor results on a
low carb diet, such a keto diet. It may also suit you if you are vegan or vegetarian, because its a little easier, or if you do a lot of exercise. There is no right choice that I can tell you
to do between a low carb and a low fat diet. Everybody is different, and the choice really comes down to what will work for you.
Ok, now you understand the differences between choosing either a low carb or a low fat diet to help you lose weight. But diet and nutrition is not the only key. Exercise is also really important. If you need some extra help
on low fat and low carb clean eating recipes and exercise options, I’ve created a simple
and easy to follow program called Total Body Tone Up in Under 3 Weeks. You can download the PDF Guide and watch the
video for free by clicking the link below. If you found this interesting, let me know
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  1. Andrea Robertson - The Barre Clinic

    Thanks for watching my video on a Low Carb Diet vs a Low Fat Diet, and how to do either approach the healthy way. If you like my video, please leave me a comment below, so I know to make more videos that follow on from this one, Andrea x

  2. Anthony Safos

    Thank for your advice & passing your knowledge to us on requiring healthy nutrients for our cells. As for me i have been health freak in my younger days after reading a book on the poisons in the food chain by nutritional guru Nathan Pritikin. He explained the many dangers of the additives & preservatives, dyes,list goes on & on.As for me i have no weight issue to deal with, but nearing 65 i know my metabolism has slowed down & my dad says are stomach shrink as we age he is correct in saying so.I have been looking so long for a solution to healthy clean diet & have finally found it with your advice.All i need to do is find a right balance that works for me but is difficult to find as my body has a mind of its own.I am most grateful for what you do for us, truly you are blessing to us. Merry Christmas

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