Low Carb This! Atkins Frozen Roast Turkey Tenders with Herb Pan Gravy

So I am excited to be trying out these new
Atkins frozen meals, they have only six net carbs per serving, 23 grams of protein and
actually it’s looking pretty good here in the box. I’m eager to see all the inside tastes.
But overall seems rather easy convenient and I like the whole idea of having a frozen meal
that is low carb high protein, and potentially enjoyable, looking forward to trying this
out right now. Enjoying, indulging mouth watering foods,
so satisfying the 10-year cravings and help you lose weight, made with finest ingredients
like bread, vegetables, rich real creams and sauces and premium turkey without any fillers,
entreas, so laciously tasteful, you look forward to eating them as a convenient breakfast lunch
or dinner. Well, for me it’s going to be dinner, let’s give it a try. So what do we have on the side here? So opening
up the package. We have a nice covenient microwaveable package here and it already looks pretty good,
thankfully rather impressed so far. So what are the intructions here? well, being on microwave is the suggested
cooking… I am going to go with it. Cooking only one product at a time. So at the enter,
microwave for 3 minutes. Here it goes… microwave on high… 2 minutes. So six minutes six carbs.
I have to deal with that and give it a try. Cut this film in the third… top it over
in the microwave… stir that up there… still looking pretty good. And smells pretty
good too. Vegetables, protein, I like this… the taste is good… all right, so I guess
I got 2 more minutes… waiting… let’s take a look at it… microwave cook goodness. And
4 minutes later after finishing the cooking, let’s take a look… looking pretty good.
Well, there is a roast turkey tenders with carb and gravy. How does it taste? Pretty good. All right, well taste here. Roast
tenders with burg and gravy, slices of oven roasted turky top with a delicate rosemerry
and burger and gravy and aside of large cut green beans sprinkled with dough peppers. So
this is so good frozen meal that you can enjoy
quickly at home in just six minutes and it’s not just necessary for Atkins but for those
doing it, you can have all the different foods, because it is only six parts of the carbs.
Overall here’s what I think about the nutritional facts, so overall the sodium here is actually
not as high as many frozen meals but taking a look here, so we get some fat, and we have
some carbohydrates. But there’s some fiber in there mostly from the green beans, and
that proteins are rather high. So yes, for those… carbs… this is the Atkins.

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