Low-Carb Soy Pizza

I’m Michel Nashawn and today we’re going to talk about everybody’s favorite dish pizza now if you’re living with diabetes pizzas kind of a no-no because the combination of high carbohydrates and high fats often means a delayed and very unpredictable spike in blood sugar so today I’m going to show you some great alternatives to the traditional high carb white flour pizza here we have some really great soy flour soy flour is great because it has high quality proteins and rich in B vitamins and it also makes that kind of smooth texture that all-purpose white flour is known for and we also have whole-wheat flour which is great because it has more natural vitamins and minerals than regular white flour dough’s so let’s get started by taking a little bit of granulated yeast and putting it in some warm water and we’re gonna allow the yeast to bloom this means that the yeast gets fed with some water it kind of wakes up and starts to become active we let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes until it blooms and then it kind of looks like foamy milk just like this so that’s yeast that’s ready and the way to tell is you just kind of smell it normal smells like beer like flat beer you’re looking for that smell now what we’re gonna do is blend our dry ingredients first we take the whole wheat flour this is a high-quality carbohydrate to bran and the germ are attached here we have our soy flour and you can feel this it’s nice and smooth just like all-purpose flour now we’re going to take a little bit of sea salt and we’re gonna just kind of blend these ingredients together then we’re gonna add our yeast water just kind of slowly add it stirring with a fork we’re just gonna combine this dough until it starts to pull away from the side of the bowl I’ll just take our hands really quickly just turn it a few times pick up any excess flour and just set it right there in the center of the bolt just like that now we wrap it tightly with plastic until it doubles in size this is what it looks like when it’s done this one’s been resting and when you open you can see that the dough is nice and light and spongy it’s perfectly perfectly risen dough now to roll the dough out all you need is your hands we like rustic done where they just kind of push it out on the board they don’t roll it out it’s not perfectly round that’s the way I’m gonna do this particular dough here now we’re just gonna put our ingredients on top and I love this approach because it’s really fresh sauces can be a little bit high in sodium especially the store-bought ones so I just love to use ripe tomatoes in season kind of sprinkle em over the dough like this and then use a little bit of low-fat feta cheese and this is where the low fat comes in low fat cheese’s are great for pizza because you don’t have to cook them as long as high fat cheese is to get them to melt we have some low-fat mozzarella we’re gonna tuck some nice fresh basil leaves under some of this cheese I think that looks pretty good and now we’re gonna take a what they call a pizza peel okay there you have it there’s your pizza on the peel as you can see it’s not sticking and now we’re gonna put it on a pizza stone in a preheated 400 degree oven now look at this it’s beautiful and that is a rustic pizza now to my son’s have type 1 diabetes and it’s always been a challenge finding something that they love to eat and look at this beautiful rustic pizza it’s much lower in carbs higher in soluble fiber really low in fat just a great low-carb low-fat option for anybody living with diabetes or not

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