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hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat these
videos are about articles that Patrick finds online the reason we go over them
is because we want to make sure that you have the best quality information and so
sometimes we see these articles works it’s a he sees these articles and
because of his reaction he feels like okay this isn’t it we should be talking
about because it’s really good for you to know about although most of the time
it’s because it’s really something that he just wants to make sure that you’re
not gonna be led in the wrong direction I’m not sure what we have today so I’m
gonna turn it over to Patrick this week we talked about snacks so it’s an
article that like I truly like piqued my interest about snacking here the title
was like the title is I lost fifty fifteen pounds and these are the low
carb snacks I reach for when I’m hungry so the person is actually doing low carb
probably low carb like if she’s not I say she because I think she’s a she’s an
author there’s not mention she’s doing keto there’s some interesting ideas like
the first one I probably feel that she if she had another lifestyle she
probably would have lost thirty pounds instead of fifteen but like but but
that’s why I’m gonna comment on maybe what she’s doing be what’s right what’s
wrong and after they go through the list of snacks that she so I guess I
understand this article well because the person’s not talking about their diet
they’re just talking about the snack snack a yeah that allowed them to lose
15 pounds so I guess the positive here is kind of pointing out that probably
it’s are snacking that keeps us heavy that’s a very interesting way that we
can turn that information right I have a few paragraphs to cover before we get to
our list of snacks that she she recommends that are a low carb well she
she starts saying that she always had the show his eyes snacks on her okay the
first was my saying yeah snacks why me yeah like she walks around what’s next
like I didn’t like a soccer mom I always have snacks on me that’s the first thing
there’s a right away like who’s around what’s next okay I don’t know dude
do you arouse it okay so I think great without that even that sentence yeah
yeah that’s the first thing okay I didn’t think that would be my first
intense two but like the first one that caught my attention is like for sure
like a lot of people do that but and and as much as I like sticking to three
solid meals a day okay so so how do i D like we kinda have a hint she’s not
Quito but like she does like he car I still sometimes get hunger pangs during
those awkward times during a long day so already we can see some emotional eating
happening there I don’t know if it’s emotional eating or if it’s just the car
the pushing or eat but I think that I find interesting she has long days so
that tells me also that her me her meals are not necessarily scheduled well maybe
so we do know that can cause extra hunger because like you know eating at
certain times is health yeah I’ve lost 15 pounds in January and keeping my body
fuel without without depriving myself has been a major secret to my success the other thing that you want to clarify
and it gave me I don’t know I I’ve heard the term before like she should go she
goes on with since I have PCOS what’s PCOS can we say condition polycystic
ovarian syndrome syndrome okay and so basically so okay well right away and
then we know that she’s not doing a looker
because PCOS is caused by excessive herbs okay but maybe change their site
it’s a it’s like polycystic ovarian so like your ovaries have cysts okay and
it’s a lot of women who have this condition are unable to have children
okay I guess that’s it’s that serious of a condition so yeah so right away so she
goes since I have PCOS and should stick to a pretty low carb diet to keep my
blood sugar stable so I am and I have a feeling she’s not keto really because
like we’ll see what the snacks she she she she does like using but like she
keeps like her carbs I think she is doing more low carb all these selection
have 30 grams of net carbs or less or fewer like yeah or less so already like
I’m gonna point out 13 grams is like more than a half of what you should eat
if you were on a keto ol lifestyle here is it it seems to me the thing that okay
so listening to the bits and pieces that you’re reading out loud the thing that
stands out to me is that her doctor has already told her to keep her
carbohydrate or sugar she said sugar sugar sugar stable okay
so she’s already aware that she should keep her sugar carbs low to keep her
blood sugar stable so now I’m waiting to hear what her definition of low is I
wanted like a little open discussion about snacking like is it something you
do I do what you do what do you consider snacking on the keto lifestyle and so
she did like or any lifestyle snacking is eating between your major meals or
anything you eat between meals is not hmm it doesn’t matter what kind of
regimen you’re doing snacking is not advice why every time you eat so it
unless you’re having water anything else that you put in your mouth is going to
raise your insolence so that’s carbs fats or proteins doesn’t matter which
one bats will only raise it by like a to 110 compared to like carbs being a 10 on
10 but it still raises it so any snack that you’re gonna eat causes your
insulin to go up which we know especially if you have PCOS you wouldn’t
want to be doing so that’s not just think it’s another scare if I’m eating
between meals the thing that we need to keep in mind so every time I eat my
insulin goes up and if I eat three meals a day even though it’s only three meals
a day the chance that my resting my lowest point like I say first thing in
the morning I’ve been fasting all night where my insulin is my spike that’s
gonna happen will I get back down to that point before the
Smeal chances are no but what happens is kind of additive so like let’s say I go
just for number sake from zero to seven and then I’m starting my way back down
but then I eat again and maybe I was at four so now I’m at 13 and then I’m I go
back down and then I eat again and then I’m at nine and then right so like every
time we eat if there’s a lot adequate time to get back down to zero I mean you
know again and pretend numbers then you’re you’re you’re having extra
insulin in your body longer than it needs to be so no snack so even though
like some nutrition is like we know that they recommend like a bunch of smaller
meals like six seven meals per day that’s not a good idea at all you
probably would rather have like bigger meals but if you if you need to stick to
three meals then like make sure you have three appropriate meals and no snacking
in between I think we’re gonna make nutritionist like a curse word it’s
going forward like there’s no let’s say that weight anyone oh no it’s not gonna
it’s not a good idea but yeah you don’t wanna you don’t want to eat multiple
times a day because first of all it’s unnecessary but second of all it’s
unhealthy so the fewer meals you have the healthier you are and that’s just
going now we’re talking about you know there’s so many doctors and researchers
right now who are showing that when they induce a little bit of lack of food so
when we take animals and we let them have longer periods between their meals
they live longer some of the 20% so like you know there’s
a like they were saying that we ideally would aim at 20% fasting if you would
fast one 24-hour period a week every single week of the year I think you come
to like something like 16 17 percent of your time fasting so and you’re aiming
at 20 percent so if you did like once a week for every day of the year every
week of the year and then you had like a few longer fasts in that period of time
let me be the – one week period let’s say or maybe three you would have your
20 and that adds longevity longevity to
your life okay and this is this is what they’re thinking right just going from
the studies they’ve done and what they’ve seen in animal studies an
excedrin is there a little parent is this on intermittent fat on intermittent
fasting then what like we know the absolute best is one meal per day you
eat your meal when you fast for twenty three and a half but what would be like
you you you still can get benefits if you have a little bit of a longer
feeding period let’s over penny baby four hours a for 20 which would that be
good or a because I know people like some people do eight sixteen and and
cram two meals in that but like the thing is that we have to keep in mind is
that so the moment I stopped eating is not when my fast starts because the food
is still traveling through alright so there’s that process that takes I think
I remember how many minutes long too much everything is four hours and then
yeah so there’s that period of time that takes for the food to pass through you
and in that period of time you’re not actually fasting because your body is
processing food so this is where I like doing that one meal a day comes in
really handy because it gives you the for the four hours and then you have a
nice like what is it end up being like to 19 hours of fasting or something like
this or eighteen hours of fasting whatever it ends up to be so now some
fasting is better than that mmm right so if you’re doing a 24 or if you’re doing
6 18 or like whatever you’re doing like it’s some is better than none so do what
you’re doing but we can supplement with doing a 24-hour fast every once once a
week or or or every other week or whatever you can manage like again the
more you do the better for you and you can also supplement with doing some
people do like a week or two weeks but that were larger intervals may be either
play within suit you’re comfortable doing right like myself I do I was doing
very religiously once a week lately it’s been like once every other week but I
want to get back to my once a week actually so once a week and then what I
was also doing is like I about every six months I do
that’s not you you while you were doing every six-month thanks it still is
happening it’s more the it’s the once every week that I had stopped for a
little while I was doing like every other week but now I’m going back to
doing that just because I think about that coffee in the morning like breaking
the fast when I breaking the fast let’s hear yours also if you’re having it if
you’re having a coffee with any kind of energy in it then this strictly speaking
not a fast fast so the dependent while you’re fasting so if you’re fasting for
allowing your body to repair then a little bit of this is again what’s being
said is that a little bit of energy in your coffee at the end of the day so
it’s not gonna change anything but if you’re fasting strictly speaking though
you are breaking your settlement but you still don’t raise your insulin as much
with like yeah because you still are raising your insulin because you got
that shot in the coffee you’ve got that too right so it’s gonna happen you will
still have the benefits of the some of the fasting so some of the autophagy and
some of the I can’t read the other app apoptosis and all those other processes
that happen because the length of time it takes your body to metabolize oil
it’s not as long as food well since we should not snack should we go through
the rest okay let’s see let’s see let’s see what she would what does she use for
a snack because some of the snacks she recommends are better than five or five
the first one I think is good look I’m in bold Abhinay Roby BBQ almonds so
these are flavored the spice to me they seem coated a little bit so be careful
with that like why not just go for regular elements like salted almonds
instead of like the the process like stuff they’re gonna put on it so I again
but just the name that you said gave me the impression yeah cuz barbecue sauce
usually so barbecue usually has some kind of sugar in it so unfortunately
that would mean that they probably there’s probably extra sugars on there
but you can attrition informant you can usually check the nutrition information
and so you can have regular salted almonds and
and check any flavored stuff and see what you see so what do you see there I
see like five total carbs three fiber so two net carbs okay so maybe what they’re
putting on is just a spice and it’s not I mean five so I mean I’m trying to
think for a right for a regular type of arm and how much would it have been okay
oh the next one I do like beef jerky sticks so beef Jerky’s those you do have
to still check that there’s not extra carbs added so some companies add curves
to make it taste good oh yeah total carbs one gram so there’s
no and that was the actual brand she said the country Archer a Latino beef
jerky state so everything is every that icon in an article in her article is
available okay so it’s the same one so yeah country Archer we’ve got two
that were really good jerky that I am I usually like check at Costco and always
keep putting it back on the Shelf is uh like the regular beef and pork turkeys
and they have like seven eight grams of sugar because of the seasoning and stuff
oh the one I don’t like one protein bar like in birthday cake flavor so one
protein yeah like the brand is one so like it’s a prude like every protein
bars like even though they they they they seem like it seems like they put
like emphasis on proteins like just check the the sugar content because even
like a Costco I’m always checking and put them back because they all they have
six seven eight grams of actually have this one yeah okay so here’s my comment
yes I’m gonna guess that the sugar content is gonna be high on that but the
problem that I have is is more the protein okay okay so 22 total carbs but
nine fibers so that’s like my mat is good 12 13 to 18 net carbs and a half
but you know what my problem is with that on top of that 13 we have processed
protein what do we know about anything that you process it’s easier to absorb
by the body so that we will end up over how much protein does it say is in that Dean’s okay seven five and twenty grams
a protein so think about that that this one little teeny tiny bar is giving her
20 grams of protein hmm so the problem there is that first of
all it’s a lot of protein in the small package that’s a very processed it’s
gonna be absorbed very quickly protein gives us about a rise in insulin zipper
that’s about a five a five to seven depending on where it’s coming from so
I’m gonna have also guessed that so it’s very likely away from me but I don’t
know you didn’t tell me what trying to protein it was but it’s probably a whey
protein so like it’s not the best protein so again you’re eating bland way
away protein isolate honestly if you can anything like the ingredients like
there’s a bunch of stuff I can even like so this is the problem that I have with
snacking on bars is that the protein this process is gonna be very quickly
absorbed it’s gonna be is 20 grams that’s happening at a period of time in
the day that you probably very like again maybe every every time every
doctor that you talk to says that when something is so super processed is gonna
be absorbed quickly it’s gonna be transformed into so which one be careful
with that you know and also the fact that there were so many ingredients that
Patrick can’t pronounce which just basically tells you that it’s not
healthy another one that’s I feel like it’s a repetition of the previous one
it’s another blue diamond bold salt and vinegar almond so another like flavored
and then we see on the package are chewy favored so I already like I’m a little
bit of that back to my question its salt and vinegar why did they mean to
artificially flavored salt and vinegar yeah let’s go see the ingredients just
for fun the front of it mmm okay so so so okay first that the the macros
okay now five five total minus three fibers so the and what do we have
almonds vegetable oil canola safflower and or sunflower already you can buy we
can I’m not sure about that salt sodium the
acetate dextrose lactose and Malagasy extra sugar yeah okay so I’m kind of
surprised with the macros because the keys are the macros you would get on on
regular on favourite almonds like 5-3 so yeah we have lactose and malic acid yeah
sorry yeah yeah there’s like some chemicals in
there that why not just go with the raw means or the salt they’re salted almonds
it’s like you know what it’s not the worst thing that I so like in the
birthday cake protein bar to me is worse than that so you know if you have to
pick your poisons but I’m just wondering why did they need to artificially
flavored salt and vinegar those are two easiest so a question mark yeah okay
they have we talked about that before the pork rinds
so like she has in her hands or good like there’s zero carbs basically it’s
poor fat like it can be oh yeah barbecue seasoning let’s go let’s go see because
I do like the regular like unflavored pork rinds especially like with you can
use as a tip like in your your block Amole for yokatta that’s like candy but
oh I don’t have the so be careful watch the the nutrition information the
ingredients check if there’s something you can see this is the thing is that I
got if you’re gonna buy pork rinds which is a healthier snack mmm-hmm
but then if its flavored you just have to be careful to check the ingredients
let’s see what they’re using as flavorings and again like we were
looking at the the nuts and it had dextrose that is so like sometimes they
will use these other words that are sugar to kind of trick you into thinking
that there’s no sugar added I’m always surprised when I see in the ingredients
multiple different sugars but yet in the nutritional information they’re still
giving a really good number it makes me pause we know that food companies
why on their labels so I’m just saying that out loud yeah
next one is okay again like well it’s a it’s a almond butter pack so just tense
but Justin’s cinnamon almond butter pack why does cinnamon in an almond butter
and it’s just in a minute shouldn’t have much but I doubt it’s just cinnamon you
want to see the ingredients so we have nut butters are oh if you’re gonna buy
nut butters buying them in the little packs is the best way to do it because
the are you scaring me let me finish say what I’m saying before you say what
you’re gonna say the reason I say if you’re gonna bind that butters by them
in the little packs is because it’s already proportioned for you the chance
that you’re gonna oh if you just have the one at least you get a serving I
know for myself because my daughter loves peanut butter and when she goes
for the spoon when I go back to make us make her a sandwich later half the
container is gone so you know I prefer when she actually makes a sandwich hmm
because it’s really hard to put 22 in fact okay so a little pouch 32 grams to
take it out yeah okay so we have total carbs 8 grams 8 okay yeah but we’re yeah
we’re talking about an almond butter so it’s how much you said there so we have
two terms we have 8 grams of carbs 2 grams of fibers total sugars for grams
including three grams of added sugars at least they mention it on the package
including three grams of ingredients dry roasted almonds organic that that’s why
I kind of like organic powdered sugar so made of organic cane sugar organic
tapioca starch so why not to make it make it taste good puis organic
cinnamon now here’s the cinnamon so it’s just the sugar they added that to me
they could have skipped it and probably just and although almond butter is a
little bit bitter not really yeah I used to eat almond butter before
so yeah the the tree grams of added sugars it’s organic cane sugar and
organic that pupae starch so and we do again in the in the nut butter any kind
of nut butter situation you’re in that situation where process so we take in
what would have been 30 40 50 nuts and put them into 32 grams yeah right how
long would it have taken you to do this right and eat that versus how long did
it take you to do that so I would I wouldn’t really encourage you to eat the
nuts in that case we’d be it would be take you longer and be more satisfying
but if you’re gonna do that at least they’re in packages mm-hmm
you know you’ve just had X amount and that’s it that’s all like what was it
for for a net carb you know what you have it’s done and if that satisfies you
great is the snacks hard like I may add like cheese like having if you really
really feel the need to snack you can have you know what this person is not
doing yeah so considering that she’s not doing keto and yes it is a she cuz she
has me cos so considering that she’s not doing keto um
she’s keeping her carvers in a low carb story and that’s good I think probably
she would do even better if she could help herself to do no snacks but that
would mean really paying attention to the car she eating during her meal this
is the thing that I’m gonna throw out there the way that she’s doing those
snacks my guess is that she might still be eating carbs in her meals just from
looking at what she chose that I have a colleague I know there may be another
example of a relatively low carb snack IRA colleague that he doesn’t really
have breakfast but I can see him eat like a little cup of something like
around 10 in the morning a cup of something like just berries so
oh so usually it has blackberries raspberries and – Myka what I feel it’s
like two squares of dark chocolate like eighty percent or said even like you
know he does like the higher percentage so that’s like I do consider it a snack
because it’s a really like small serving so it’s different definitely definitely
not a meal per se so I’m not sure if you had breakfast before any is it’s like
he’s in between breakfast and lunch snack but I think the thing that I would
say there so whether if I skip breakfast but that’s the first thing I have or if
I would have had a little cereal I don’t see the difference because I’m starting
my day with sugar no matter what you look at there you sir
they I really would encourage people as much as you can start your day with
protein in fact rather than starting a day with sugar at least that first Rison
and your insulin is not going to be the highest possible rise that it could be
right so anything you can do to keep your insulin at a lower level throughout
the course of your day right animation and I think I also feel like if people
understood that carbs eating carbs pushes eating carbs then you would
understand why you snack because as Patrick and I have both said on
different occasions we no longer feel the need to eat between meals because we
don’t feel it so even when we’re talking about like went to Patrick’s talking
about eating yogurt or when I’m talking about eating that’s his at the end of a
meal it’s like we’re we’re not finished eating yet like it’s not that we have
finished eating and then we turn around and hours later you know I mean like so
this is also my yogurt I’m gonna have it like maybe two hours after the end of my
meal so I could probably consider it a snack closer to the meal there so it’s
usually right on the heels of the meal but again the thing is is that that’s
what you should be aiming at so no that’s what you should be aiming is like
having and having having it at the end of the meal because when you have it at
the end of the meal you don’t you’re already spiking your insulin you’re
ready eating alright so in terms of longevity thinking about how where your
insolence at you know I recently saw a video by dr. embark Kirsten and she was
doing a really lovely video on adapt your life the the channel adapt your
life actually you guys should all watch it it’s a two part video series it’s
really good maybe I’ll try to link that I remember to but the reason I’m
bringing it up is she said something that’s so smart and yet so obvious
and it’s just like the she said the medical profession has been based on
putting a bandaid on your problems and she said all the medications that they
give you for heart disease and all the medications even you’re talking about
gout the other day and how you could take these and all of these these things
and she said what we really should be doing is starting with what’s the
initial problem we know it’s carbohydrates rather than push people to
take these pills take the carbohydrate out of the diet
people want to have their carbohydrates but the question is do you want to have
heart disease do you want to have diabetes you know what and I’ve said
this a million times it’s not about doing what’s convenient it’s about doing
what’s better for you rather than eating the wrong thing and then putting a
bandaid on it learn to eat the right thing so you know I I applaud this lady
because at least she’s looking at her food she’s at least looking and saying
how does his eating like this affect me I feel like if she keeps doing this
she’ll Paul even go further right because the more you learn about
yourself the more and you more you see yourself succeed the more you want to
succeed that’s another cool thing is as humans when we start winning we want to
win more and more and more and I know I mean I lived it myself
right how healed my hip healed my knees healed my elbow healed my back right and
I’m still going why because it feels good it feels good to win and feel
better at the same time right and the final plus is what I don’t hardly ever
talk about I lost weight hmm it’s hardly know think about it I harder to talk
about that one the weight loss wasn’t the thing it was how good do I feel
mm-hmm so like like I said I applaud her because I feel like she probably will
end up eventually doing even better for herself but I really reminding everyone
don’t put a bandaid don’t worry about it you we know what’s causing this right a
treat should be a treat once in a while right
when you’re fueling your body you should be eating good quality foods and you
know some of those snacks mm-hmm if you’ve made it this far
into the video then it tells me that you really appreciate the information that
Patrick and I put out so I would like to let you know that I created a patreon so
that those of you who would like to contribute to the making of some of
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  1. Omad Outlaw

    Yes, I eat mostly O.M.A.D., but I also drink a Keto coffee almost every day and I have lost 80 lbs since January 9th, 2016. Snacking is just unnatural and just not historical.

  2. Mary T

    That processed protein bar is something I would always count total carbs… so I wouldn’t eat it if you paid me. If something comes in a package, I count total ALWAYS…food manufacturers will lie lol. If I’m eating broccoli…net carbs. Broccoli won’t lie.

  3. Joyce Elmer

    I use to snack all the time. So glad I don’t even think of doing that anymore. Love my different teas ( mostly green tea) during the day. Camomile before bed.

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