Low Carb SHRIMP and GRITS – EASY Weeknight Keto Recipe!

low carb shrimp and grits I’ll be the
judge of that welcome to highfalutin low-carb the
almost weekly web series where we find test and sometimes create the best low
carb recipes this crazy Internet has to offer today we’re going to tackle a
coastal southern favorite a dish that is near and dear to my heart
shrimp and grits stay tuned folks I love shrimp and grits it’s a dish that’s
equally at home at a fancy dinner party as it is on the weeknight dinner table
so today I’m going to show you how we can convert a delicious coastal southern
favorite like shrimp and grits into something that we can enjoy on a low
carb meal especially on a weeknight one of my tricks here is frozen cauliflower
and yes fresh cauliflower is great but for the
price for what we’re going to do when you’re usually ricing it you know ricing
your cauliflower or mashing your cauliflower or what we’re going to do
something in between to create the texture of grits why spend the money for
fresh cauliflower when for about a dollar seventy nine you can get a frozen
pound from there from the freezer section and I say fresh because well I’m
in the south so it’s August there’s not cauliflower growing within about 1,500
or 2,000 miles of where I am so any fresh cauliflower that is standing in my
grocery store has traveled cross-country to get here and they pick it weeks
before it’s ready to go and then ship it to our grocery store shelves where we
say Oh fresh cauliflower it’s summer no actually no that’s a cold weathers cold
season vegetable so oftentimes the fresher option is frozen because this is
usually taken within a couple of days of harvesting when it’s ripe and ready to
pick and take into a processing facility and flash frozen and packaged and stored
and been shipped so you know in the grand scheme of things sometimes if you
don’t have to worry about texture like we’re going to do we’re going to mash it
anyway then sometimes frozen is best what I put a colorful out like what I
put a vegetable tray out with dips and stuff frozen Colville hell no but this
is a pretty good option to specially for a weeknight so that’s we’re going to
start here all right medium heat pan over medium
heat what we’re going to do is i’m i’ve got some pancetta here and this is a
pretty easy recipe and I’ve kind of fancied it up I guess you could say
because I want to have pancetta and and shallots and some other things that you
may not think about but guess what that’s just bacon and onions all that is
just uncured version of bacon and a little bit slightly different onion so
just modify this as you see fit this is just a template a guideline so all right
pound of frozen cauliflower and we’re just going to throw that in a
microwave-safe bowl I love a little casserole dish for this get out of the
way and don’t even add water to it this goes in the microwave for four minutes
be sure to put a lid on it if you don’t have a lid put a plate on top okay so
now while that’s happening and that’s in the microwave we are going to sautee our
pancetta or our bacon whichever you prefer this is about four ounces this
package of Boar’s Head I think it was pancetta but if you don’t have pancetta
then about six slices of bacon just diced up and we’re going to put that in
a medium-high skillet we don’t need this screaming hot there’s no need you know
that all this is going to be really sort of low heat okay so we’re just going to
render this down just a bit now this looks kind of lean to me so in the case
of at least this pancetta I might add a tablespoon of bacon fat to this as we
can go along here so what we’re going to do is try to get everything ready at the
same time this is so going to happen so quickly it’s all about 15-20 minutes
total but the shrimp needs to be eaten preferably to me I like it best when
it’s fresh when it’s just come off of off the heat and meanwhile the grits are
cauliflower that can sort of wait for just a minute so if you have to do one
thing and then the other get the Brits made first and then attend to the shrimp
so that’s pretty easy all right so I was at the fish market
earlier today wondering what I was going to film knowing I needed to film and we
have a wonderful fish market here in the town that I’m in and I found some
beautiful gulf shrimp now a lot of people don’t
have access to fresh shrimp and that’s fine you can use frozen
I would prefer frozen uncooked get raw not frozen cooked shrimp for this get
the frozen raw shrimp they come in a one-pound package and this was a one
pound of gulf shrimp that I have here these are 16 20s that means there’s 16
to 20 shrimp per pound ok that’s what those numbers mean you often see 24 25
shrimp I mean there’s 24 to 25 shrimp in a pound this is 16 20 there are nice
size I think they’re pretty they look pretty good for them for what we need
them for here and I prefer kalon that’s sort of I guess you could say the locals
way to do it you kind of want to get your fingertips a little bit greasy and
a little bit buttery because there’s a lot of butter and cream in this from
picking up your shrimp tails to eat your shrimp by hand it’s generally not a
knife and fork kind of kind of food but that’s up to you alright so we’re going
to get this bacon or pancetta in my case get this sauteed it might be a little
bit hot I’m going to turn it down just a skosh and we’re going to leave this in
the panel until it gets crispy and then we’re going to take it out and leave the
bacon fat or pancetta fat pork fat behind for us to add a little bit of fat
to and cook our shrimp in so and then at the end we’ll add this crispy bacon
crispy pancetta to the top for final garnish so just let this render and
while that’s working let’s check on our cauliflower it’s in the microwave this
our cauliflower spinning for 4 minutes probably just need to stir yeah it’s
nowhere near done all right we’re good it’s going to take about 10 minutes
mostly in the microwave for this back in microwave mother five minutes okay so
we’re almost here with this pancetta we need to pull this up now yeah that looks
pretty good you don’t want to go too far with this
you want too crispy but you certainly don’t want to burn it
and all that beautiful pork fat stays behind and does its job here in a minute
so let’s begin to pull this up here check it out
with a slotted spoon leave the fat behind okay from here we’re going to
take one shallot and brown this in the pork fat just one shallot or about two
tablespoons of onion if you have an onion this doesn’t take long at all this
happens pretty quickly so don’t let this get ahead of you keep your eye on the
ball okay so once it gets a little bit of color on it we’re going to toss in
this is a 1 tablespoon of garlic minced garlic
I use a jarred product sometimes I really do on a weeknight meal like this
heck yeah so this only needs literally this only
needs about 30 seconds because if you burn this you’ve ruined it you got to
start over truthfully burnt garlic will ruin a dish
instantaneously and that is not what we want today so to that 3 tablespoons of
salted butter okay and then again you don’t want this pan screaming hot this
is not you’re not searing meat here but we’re going to put this some put the
shrimp in once this buttermilk oh yeah it’s ready to go so here’s a pound of
peeled deveined tail on shrimp I like tail on you choose what your family
likes and in it goes and just leave it alone for a minute
put it in and I’ll leave it alone let it sit I’m gonna move this up to a little
bit more a little more heat okay so this has been sitting here for 10 or 15
seconds after a few minutes seconds just move it around you don’t want the garlic
to burn and you don’t necessarily want to sear the shrimp you’re basically
making what you would probably know is a scampi sauce right shrimp scampi and
that’s another thing this is this beautiful shrimp once you’ve done this
you know we’re going to put it on our grits
you could definitely put this on some shirataki noodles so if you like those zoodles zucchini noodles anything like
that heck you could just eat it along them if you wanted to but with the rice
cauliflower taken down to grit territory and seasoned appropriately you really
get a pretty decent approximation of shrimp and grits truthfully okay at this
point this has been in for about eight minutes now whoo all that steam and I
use a potato masher all right that’s how I can kind of Judge the texture of
what’s happening so let’s see nope still needs three four more minutes and you’ll
just you’ll you’ll know how this works if you’re making mashed potatoes you’re
going to cook it a little longer than if you’re making grits if you’re making
rice you’re going to cook it a little less and if you’re making grits so you
sort of learned get out of there all right this guy’s going back in for about
four more minutes okay let’s see our shrimp is doing you don’t want to
overcook these shrimp does not take a long time to cook so that’s why you
really just kind of want to get your cauliflower in the microwave first if
you want to do your cauliflower on the stovetop that’s fine too just put it in
the stock pot but you’ll need to add about a quarter cup of water to that
because the heat from the direct heat will obviously make that a little harder
to cook but I do it all the time if you’re using fresh cauliflower just do
the exact same thing into the microwave or you can do it in on the stove in a
pot just be mindful of the way you’re cooking it in the method all you got to
do easy-peasy okay our cauliflower is almost done
we’re going to this is ready we’re going to turn this off shut it down take it
off the heat or I can just leave it here this is an induction burner so it’ll
stay off the heat but from here we’re going to add a few things this is about
a 1/2 cup of scallion you can use more than this this gets now this is where we
get into like you add in some heavy carbs so you got to be careful with how
much of this you add and then we’re also going to add our bacon
in this case it was pancetta which is just Italian uncured bacon the same
thing one’s just usually smoked and cured and ones not ones fresh so that’s
all there is to that so we just leave this and it’s going to wait on us for us
to finish the cauliflower and then we’re going to plate and devour this AHA
probably needs a little bit of salt as well a little bit of salt little kosher
salt black pepper give that one last stir three looks beautiful girl now this
makes about four this size makes about three servings it depends on if you’re
going to have other things if you’re going to have another side like
generally shrimp and grits is is a meal into itself so it’s not served with
another side but if you do that you could probably get four servings out of
this it just depends on how hungry you are in our household this is probably
for two people but just know that your carb count is going to be adjusted from
there okay so our cauliflower is now out of
the microwave whoo and all that steam and it’s probably going to be just right
at perfect and the way I can tell is by my trusty potato masher that’s just the
way oh yeah so from here what I forgot to put out earlier was a tablespoon of
butter for that grit that grit flavor here you know we don’t have the corn
I’ma be honest with you here’s the truth about these grits now and I’ma be
straight up with you god I love grits I really do
I don’t want to mash this too much while I’m talking I love grits and the one of
the things I love about them is the corn flavor I mean it’s made out of hominy or
corn and that’s one of the things that people who love grits love and that’s
what I love but I also love the texture and the soft luscious velvety texture of
grits so the good thing about this is you can get pretty close to that texture
with this with the cauliflower you can get pretty close but you’re never going
to match I hate to say it to all of us grit lovers out there in the south
we’re never truly going to duplicate the corn grit taste right but the benefit of
that is also for those who inexplicably I do not understand do not like grits
those of you many of you are this is a nice in-between because you get some
that texture but you don’t get the grit flavor that might be what’s turning you
off so you know it’s sort of the best of both worlds and the worst of both worlds
we have something pretty close but not all the way so all right to this we’re
going to add he’s going to steal my spoon here we’ve got to add some three
tablespoons of heavy cream to our grits this is going to help us work this and
generally there’s a cheese added a lot of times and a lot of times it’s smoked
gouda you know it smoked guta so this is smoked gouda about four ounces of
shredded smoked gouda all right so let’s just work on this for a minute to get it
to the texture we like I’m going to also add some salt not much and some black
pepper because truth it okay if you’re from the south and you do enjoy grits
unit if you’re like me you love them with a lot of black pepper that’s part
of the fact that’s just part of it you know so we’re going to try to get close
to that see what we can do here for you so just give this a whirl
it’s our spoon and try to do some back spoon mashing here you know we don’t
want mashed potatoes right so this is the same recipe that we all use for
mashed potatoes and rice but it’s about how you work with it texturally so some
of this needs to be mushed but there still needs to be a little bit of a bite
in it think oatmeal if you’ve never had grits
think some texture of maybe oatmeal so that’s annoying right alright so that’s
it let’s plate watch this nice little bowl of grits that might be a tad thick
if I were to I might put a little cream in that to thin that out if I felt to
like that was just too much oh yeah now I need another spoon now
let’s come in here and you just want some of this
scampi type buttery goodness get you about six crimp on there oh oh my god
y’all have if you could smell it in here what is wrong crazy and you know what I
forgot at the store with a lemon this needs a lemon squeeze on top like
nobody’s business so I might oh it makes me so mad that I forgot a lemon likes
just girl but you just have to imagine it with lemon it should have a beautiful
squeeze a lemon on it so oh my god y’all – yah ah ah that looks amazing
so low-carb shrimp and grits let me show you what the numbers run on this I ran
the numbers on this earlier it’s about 28 grams of fat about 8 net carbs
there’s eleven and a half total and there’s three and a half carbs in fiber
so eight net carbs and about 32 and a half grams of protein so it’s really
quite doable in a low-carb diet so let’s see what it tastes like
that is gorgeous I mean I’ll be honest with you I am in love right now let’s
see oh yes ma’am mmm-hmm yeah the bacon in the pancetta
and the butter and the onions the shallot the garlic all of that really is
just fantastically flavored and the cauliflower is such a really worthy
alternative to grits it really kind of is in this instance especially with
smoked gouda cheese right shrimp is cooked perfectly it’s just gorgeous
I have some friends down here who think the same way give them a shrimp tail all
right guys so to me this is a delicious worthy alternative to low carb shrimp
and grits it has all of the flavor and all of the texture of shrimp and grits
so as far as I’m concerned this is a winner this took all of 20 minutes total
start to finish but it’s something you can do for a weeknight meal at home
that’s fast and easy but it also holds up well to a nice dinner party just
increase the portion sizes if you’ve got six or eight people to feed and it looks
pretty fancy and it’s easy to do when we know the secret so Cheers
thank you for watching if you’re new to my channel check out the other stuff we
do a lot of recipe battles and pit a lot of low carb recipes against one another
and taste them here to find out which we love and which is the best so I
appreciate you watching you know as well as I do I’ve said it a thousand times
these videos are a way for me to stay on a low-carb eating plan and looking at
the end of this camera every week is a way to keep me honest and I appreciate
it so thank you for all you’re doing if you’re new here please like this video
and subscribe if you’re not a subscriber if you are a subscriber hit the little
bell icon down below and that’ll let you know when I release new videos I’m
trying to do it almost every week sometimes it’s a couple of times a week
but anyway love you guys stay tuned more to come you

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