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hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ
growing up my mom loved to make meatloaf but the sound of meatloaf instilled
fear in my heart because she always overcooked it it was grainy it was bland
it was tasteless so I just grew up and thought it was pretty much awful but
then I got married and my husband loved meatloaf so I was like well crap now I
have to learn how to make it good so I made a low carb paleo friendly and keto
meatloaf with a really yummy tomato sauce on top just like growing up but
it’s nice and moist it’s flavorful it’s tender and and made a meatloaf lover out of me and I hope it does for you to so let’s dive
right into this recipe so the classic meatloaf has that ketchupy sweet
sticky topping on top that’s delicious but it’s made with questionable
ingredients so we just like that paleo and whole 30 sweet and sour chicken
we’re gonna make our own tomato sauce ketchup kind of thing so you need half a
cup of canned tomato sauce quarter cup of tomato paste just like
that keto instant pot chili we have our heart-healthy antioxidant lycopene in
our Tomatoes for the sweetness we’re gonna use for deglet noor dates no
refined sugar healthy and full of fiber to keep you full and then we have some salt
garlic powder and onion powder little garlic fun fact not only does it keep
away the vampires but it helps you from getting sick too often so it’s great in the
colder months that’s why chili is so comforting stir
that together and then add a little bit of water to thin it out and some distilled white vinegar turn it on to high heat and we want to
bring it to a boil so once you bring it to a boil you want to boil for one
minute stirring constantly and then we’ll reduce the heat to simmer
just until the sauce thickens this about another four minutes or so so
now that it’s been cooking for about three minutes it’s a nice and thick and
we’re ready to go blend it up to make our sauce all right the recovering ketchup addict in
me is so excited to blend this up and make it nice and creamy so you’re gonna
put it into a small processor the small processor part is key don’t use a big
one because then you’ll be blending and blending and blending and getting nowhere and you’ll be sad so this is a three cup food processor i love my kitchenaid because it comes
in fun colors pop the lid on there blend it up so to
get it smooth you will have to stop a couple times and scrape down the sides
especially to get those dates blended in just be patient with it and just keep
stopping and scraping and if you want to make it even a lower
carb you can use monkfruit to sweeten it and then just sweeten it to taste
once it’s all blended and skip the dates so once it’s all blended up we are just
going to put it into a small bowl to use for later oh you’re there you just caught me doing
my little meatloaf dance so let’s just stop doing that and actually make some
meatloaf so first we have to dice up our vegeatbles we have a green pepper so we need
about 6 tablespoons of diced green pepper measure out six tablespoons which is a
quarter of a cup, that’s 4 tbsps, plus 2 tbsp we need a quarter of a cup of our little
green onions so a quarter of a cup of those little guys right in
the bowl slide that out of your way let’s get our
meatloaf on so we have 1 pounds of 85 percent fat grass-fed ground beef don’t
use anything lighter I’ve tried it and it’s awful you really need that fat
for the moisture we have 1 egg a little pinch of pepper now you can use a spoon
if you like it’s a lot easier just to get your hands in there get too messy
but you’re gonna have a better meatloaf so roll up those sleeves take off those rings
get your hands in there once everything’s kind of mixed and kind
of forming a little bit of a ball you want to add four teaspoons of coconut
flour this is gonna absorb all the excess moisture and bind it together so
once you meat looks kind of formed we want to pack it into a loaf pan now the
secret to meatloaf is not over packing it you want to have some space between
the meat you know that allows the juice to seep in and makes a juicier meatloaf
the same goes with hamburgers pack it in there not too tight all right sleeves can come down we’re
ready for our Ketchip so you want a spread that ketchup sauce all over the
top of the meatloaf now it’s time to get a little up close
and personal with the stove now I’m gonna stick this bad boy in a
350 degree oven for about 50 to 55 minutes or until the thermometer reads
160 degrees Fahrenheit so we have our meatloaf in the oven so if you’ve been
watching the last two weeks the first week we did some Burpees while we were
waiting for some stuff to cook now the last week we did some kettle bell
swings so today we’re gonna put them together into a ladder workout so a
ladder is when you go 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 all the way to 1 we’re gonna do 10
burpees followed by 10 kettlebell swings 9 burpees 9 kettle bell swings 8 all the way
to 1 you get it no rest in between if you can it’s a quick 5 minute workout
but it is tough! I’ll show you how to do it I don’t know about you but I am
breathing hard let’s go grab some lunch so after about 50 minutes we’re gonna check on that
meatloaf it’s totally normal if it shrinks in size
because it releases some of its fat so you want to let it cool for about five
minutes before we slice it up once it’s cooled a little bit we are ready to
slice and eat I like using an offset spatula slide it under that meatloaf and
pop it on to your cutting board this baby is ready for action I don’t know if you saw it when I was
slicing it but this meatloaf is juicy none of that dense and dry mom meatloaf
here so if you try this recipe please leave a comment below and let me know
what you think the full recipe is in the video description
I also really appreciate and like and a thumbs up of their video make sure you
hit that subscribe button because I’m delivering healthy and delicious gluten free
recipes to you twice a week so go enjoy that meatloaf and make sure you come
back next time because we have a low-carb crock-pot soup that you do not
want to miss we’ll see you next time bye for now

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