Low carb high protein diet for weight loss | Keto diet foods

hello, today in this video we will talk about high protein and low carb diet foods that means those foods which has good amount of protein and are low in carbohydrats they are preferable because they take longer time to digest and gives us long lasting energy and such foods also reduce cravings so, let’s begin with those food list. first is Eggs. you can eat eggs in breakfast and as well as in salads also during day . eggs are rich in protein Chicken is also one of the best protein rich foods you can grill it, bake it or roast it. but avoid frying it beef is also one of the poultry products. but it comes in the category of red meat. it is rich in protein it has zero carbohydrats greek yogurt or plain yogurt is also protein rich food do include it in your lunch and dinner peanut is also one of the snack which is rich in protein with low carbohydrats do purchase it fresh. avoid canned peanuts if you are looking a high protein and low carb veggie in vegetables than broccoli is best among all. it is rich in proteins but also has high carbs but don’t worry they are non starchy carbs. cheese is one of the dairy product. do include it in your daily intake. be it mozzarella or any other type they are rich in protein with low carbs tofu is also cheese type product but made with soya milk it has also high amount of protein and low in carbs in the list of protein rich foods, do include Hummus this tasty food is made with chick peas do try it friends, this list is too long l let’s keep it for another video till then do Remember our LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE rule. thankyou

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