Low Carb Granola Bars | Keto, Paleo & Gluten Free

hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ
so when I was a little girl which I’m not gonna tell you how many years ago
that was the quintessential lunch bag tree it was the Quaker chewy chocolate
chip granola bars I loved them I still love them today but I don’t eat them all
that often because they’re loaded with sugar and questionable ingredients today
we’re gonna make a better for you remake that is sugar free paleo friendly keto
friendly and low carbs these grain free granola bars are great for kids lunches
or great for the big kids desk lunches so let’s dive right into this recipe so
to make the base of our grain free granola bars we have almonds and coconut
so you want to spread one cup of whole almonds on a baking pan one cup of
slivered almonds on a separate baking pan and one cup of coconut on another baking
pan fun fact about almonds they are nature’s highest source of vitamin E and
vitamin E has been linked to reduction in heart disease cancer and Alzheimer’s
they’re good for your brain and heart so once everything is spread out
we’re gonna head back to the oven to make them nice and toasty so everything
needs to go into a 350 degree oven they are gonna bake at separate
times so you do need to keep an eye on them
almonds in there we look eight to nine minutes coconut flakes only two or three
in the slivered almonds probably about four or five that’s why they’re all in different pans all right everything’s nice and toasty
just want to take it out of the oven so now we are just gonna set these aside
to cool for later – while our nuts and coconut are chilling out we’re gonna get
our granola bar on so our sweetener and just like those
keto blueberry muffins is monk fruit which is a natural fruit from China or
Thailand and then they press the juices out and crystallize them to make sugar
okay add one egg so once you whisk it whisk it real good you want to add it to
the tablespoons of almond butter and one tablespoon of coconut butter into a
small bowl now I’m gonna head on back to the
microwave to melt it all together so you’re gonna melt it for about 30
seconds if you don’t want to use the microwave you can put on the
stovetop it’ll just take a little longer so you can see it’s nice and creamy smooth let’s go get our granola bar on now we’re gonna pour that melty goodness
right into our bowl slide that out of your way and we are
ready to karate chop or use a knife like a normal person our nuts so we
have cooled slivered almonds and our full toasted almonds
Set aside the coconuts we’re not gonna chop the coconut so you just want
to chop the almonds and dice and slivered almonds once you have your almonds
nice and chopped just going to add them right into that bowl with almond butter
egg and monkfruit now I’ve got a slice and dice those
sliced almonds you don’t need to be too intense about
slicing them since you know they’re already sliced and then add them right into
your bowl and then finally add in that coconut stir everything together with a pinch
of salt and a quarter cup of sugar free chocolate chips – mine are stevia sweetened everything is nice and coated and mixed
together it’s kind of sticky by the magic of television we have a parchment
paper aligned 8 by 8 inch pan so you want to spread everything into your pan
and then you want to press it in very firmly I like to take a little piece of
parchment papers and just not stick it and it just helps press it it make sure
you put some muscle into it because you really want these packed in nice and
firm once you’re ready to go or and go Spend some time in the oven so they’ve been baking for 15 minutes
the top is nice and golden brown and their top are just feeling set but not going to
feel crunchy until it’s cooled completely you just want to set them aside so
they can do so so well those granola bars are baking we’re gonna do some
kettlebell swings it’s really important to keep your abs tight and keep them
tucked like you’re doing a squat and really drive them the glute instead of
your lower back so you protect your back when you’re doing this so i’m going to show you how to
do it now we’ve had our fitness break let’s go
grab a snack everything is nice and chill I don’t know why that’s chill but
that’s we’re going with today so you want to use your parchment paper
overhang pull them on out now we can slice them
this makes 12 bars so one down the middle and just like that we have our low-carb
keto friendly paleo friendly everything friendly sugar-free chocolate
chip granola bars a little crunchy a little chewy super easy to make and kids
or grown-ups you’re gonna love them if you try this recipe please leave a comment below
and let me know what you think the full recipe is in the video description I
also really appreciate a like and a thumbs up of this video and make sure
you hit that subscribe because I’m delivering healthy and delicious recipes
do every single week next week we have a comfort food whole 30 low carb remake that
you do not want to miss so go enjoy those granola bars and we’ll see you
next time bye for now

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  1. Rob Babcock

    Sponge Bob would totally karate chop 'em! But that still looks awesome! Do you have a blog or anywhere your recipes are written out? I might try it with some craisans instead of chocolate chips and a few more kinds of nuts.

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