Tada Look at yep that right there that is a low carb paleo friendly protein packed fiber infused bagel I Know it sounds impossible, but I’m gonna show you how to make the impossible lean possible in this episode of lean livin Welcome back to the brand new episode of lean livin squadies as you can tell I am very very very excited because today we are making low-carb Bagels, I know it sounds too good to be true But I promise if you believe it you can often achieve it and we are going to put these to the test today This is a recipe I came across on healthy Nedi’s site and there’s been a lot of buzz about them So what better way to put them to the test and give them a big old lean checkmark then to make them ourselves? They’re also super easy to make and I guarantee you you can do it right in your kitchen, but first Please make sure you subscribe to this channel big red button and a big thumbs up Maybe even two if you like this recipe and a comment, let me know. I love hearing from you guys I want to know how you are liking the recipes and also you can tell me what more you want to see up now They’ve done those things. We’re getting down to business OOP I actually caught something first things first is you’re going to get yourself a mixing bowl. We’re gonna mix some ingredients the first of which is uno cup of almond flour And as you can see thats a nice little bowl, Well I’ve already measured up that one cup we are baking so we want to be on point here and then coconut flour here This is three tablespoons three tablespoons of coconut flour. Just pop that in three tablespoons of flaxseed mill, sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle sprinkle lots of fiber in this and then one tablespoon Baking soda here I like it’s about one on the dot There we go and a dash – sprinkle of salt Just like so then we’re gonna start a new mixing bowl and we are gonna add some apple cider vinegar Water, eggs, and mix it all about 1 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar smells really strong if you’ve never tried it before brace yourself, its very potent Also, very healthy has a ton ton of benefits to help your lean levels So that’s only one tablespoon and then one tablespoon of water There One eggy And five egg whites one egg white equals two tablespoons, so we’re going ten tablespoons if my math is correct A lot of tablespoons, but this is bringing the protein The one Two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine Ten, these are protein pack that is exciting news because we need that protein Replenish and rebuild our muscles after all the exercise We’re all doing is all right squadies. Now, we whisked away with a fork. Make sure you whisk it very well Put those arm muscles to the test The faster you go the more you’ll burn always remember that try and push everything as hard as you can Little wisdom makes you feel better more accomplished Whatever is hard for you is good for you. Always remember that too don’t compare yourself to anyone else That’s not what it’s about about pushing you and your body Little lean wisdom while cooking I Hope you enjoyed it. Then we get our dry mix right there we are going to add that in there and now we are Mixing again There we go. You can see that that’s what mine looks like. That’s what I consider Well mixed in case you’re wondering and then you’re gonna grab a ziplock bag We’re gonna put the mix in the ziplock bag. Just take one more peek at this one. This is a special frozen one These are for Hudsons little snacks. He actually loves the show frozen he’s watched it a lot of times. So we’re gonna put the mix. Oh, yeah. There we go into this ziplock bag and It doesn’t have to be frozen Can be any ziplock bag, but You’re looking to add a little more spazaz to your recipe. Maybe you go with the frozen bag You’re gonna close this bag And all the air out and then smush it about So i call this smooshy smooshy smooshy, smoosh it about And then what we’re gonna do is cut a corner open up a tiny little hole. We’re actually gonna squeeze the lean mix into well Our bagel or donut tray now. This is a donut tray so I have put a link in the description below to to the lean shop with one of these in there off Amazon Get it the next day and you will be able to make this recipe but you definitely need a donut tray whether you get it from the lean shop or a Store, whatever works for you again this is lean for me, but this is what you’re looking for right here now This is nonstick but I just got a lightly coat with olive oil. Oh Went all over the wall Oops and lightly coat with olive oil Cut that corner then you just squeeze it on in Whoop they haven’t squadies six low carb paleo tasty bagels and the last step is just to sprinkle some Sesame seeds on top We’re going in the oven For 20 minutes 20 minutes. How easy are these squadies? Alright, I’ll see you back here in 20 minutes Are you ready for this squadies it is time to bring out the bagels Tada look at those Wow Smell delicious. We’re gonna put them to the test right now before we try any bagel We need to top our bagels. You can use cream cheese Peanut butter whatever floats your boat butter. I’m gonna go with peanut butter Slicing this in half the official bagel test One bite Really good, I mean as far as low-carb goes these are pretty good. These are great Wow With that in mind squadies I’m gonna get to eating my bagel Let me know your favorite topping these get a big lean check mark squadies i cannot stop eating these but with that in mind Please please let me know what you think of these Comment below subscribe to the channel if you already haven’t done So I’d love to hear from you guys And if you want to learn more about how a custom 90-day lean plan Built with leancipes like this showing you exactly how easy and healthy eating Lean can be then go to www.lean-squad.com Check it out, or direct message me on instagram @leansquad, and I will fill you in personally with that in mind squadies. I Got some more bagels eat because these are so good so yummy. we’ve done it we’ve Leanified the bagel. I’ll see you back next episode

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