Low Calorie vs High Fat Diet (Low Carb Weight Loss)

– The diet mentality will have you believe that effective weight loss includes a low calorie diet with a balanced amount of vegetables, protein and carbs. Well, while you may find
yourself losing weight on any diet, it’s not sustainable and it’s one of the main
causes of yo yo dieting. Do you want a proven effective
way to lose the weight and keep it off without starving yourself? If you answered yes, I
have a program for you. Download my free resources, The Three Biggest Lies You’ve
Been Told About Weight Loss, and get started today. (serene music) Here’s the reality
about low calorie meals, that whole bull crap five
meals a day kind of a thing. The problem with low calories is a lot of times the
typical low calorie diet is not high fat, so you’re getting low calories, you’re not getting very many calories. You’re not getting that energy, right? And then you’re also not getting the nourishment you need. So you’re freaking starving. You’re starving, you have no energy, you’re crabby, you’re grumpy. You’re absolutely miserable. And this whole five meals a day plan, so what are we doing here. We’re having three meals and two snacks, and you’re eating five times a day which is what the typical
American diet looks like. And now you’ve got insulin
levels through the roof, all day long, and what
happens when you have a lot of insulin? You cannot lose weight in
the presence of insulin. So you’re not burning
any fat all day long. You have a very small amount of food, very low calories, you’re
miserable, you’re crabby, you’re grumpy and you’re not losing weight because you haven’t gotten
those insulin levels down. It is a recipe for disaster. But then on the flip
side we’ve got a high fat low carb diet so now we’ve
got a lot of fat in the diet and the reason the high fat is so good is because you’re getting
the most bang for your buck. You’ve got one gram of avocado
that has nine calories in it. Remember, calories aren’t bad. Calories are good, it’s
just a form of energy. Nine calories in one gram of avocado. But only four calories
in one gram of chicken. So you’re getting more bang, more energy for the same amount of food. So, and and all the fat. You have the nourishment,
you have the vitamins, the minerals, your hair
and nails grow longer on a high fat diet. You have more energy,
you’re able to sleep better, you’re regulating hormones. So many great benefits of a high fat diet. You feel so good, your skin glows. So many good things are
happening on a high fat diet. And then in the long run you can do this for the rest of your life. There are no detriments to a high fat diet as opposed to a high
protein diet when it’s hard on your kidneys, protein is insulinogenic. There’s a lot of detriments
to a high protein diet. But there are no detriments
to a high fat diet. Remember this, a high fat
diet is so good for you. I’m talking about avocados,
walnuts, coconut oil, all those really great high fat foods. See, your weight gain is not the problem. It’s the side effect of a bigger problem. Code Red is effective
because it digs deeper and digs out the shame
that came with the weight. If you’re not ready to give up the idea of eating low calorie
meals five times a day, you’ve already lost the battle. But if you’re ready for
the lifestyle change that has been successful for thousands of Code Red rebels, I have
the program for you. Click the free resource below and learn how to get connected. If you liked this video please give me a big thumbs up and better
yet subscribe to my channel, that way you’re notified when I release a new video. But I wanna hear from you. So comment below and tell me, what is the biggest benefit
that you’ve experienced from a high fat diet. Put it in the box below. I would love to hear from you. And I’ll see you on the next video. (serene music)

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Reader Comments

  1. Dana Marie Design Co.

    Eating Code Red style has made my hypoglycemia non-existent. I have not had ONE episode of low blood sugar since eating high fat and real foods. Not to mention dropping 22 pounds. 😊 It’s a game-changer!

  2. Dena Scales

    My experience from a high fat diet is I'm not HANGRY! There is nothing worse than being hungry and angry that your hungry. I feel satiated and don't spend my time thinking about when I can eat again, because I'm full, nutritionally satisfied, and happy.

  3. dwiedemann

    I keep trying Code Red, and eat Eggs cooked in Bacon grease with some veggies and Sour Cream, and then need a nap, and end up eating processed carbs to get energy.. So discouraged- what am I missing? Surely I don't HAVE to eat Avocados? Gross- I've never had them. I hate guacamole.

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