Lose weight Fast with Intermittent Fasting! 42 lbs in 3 Months! Magpapayat nang libre!

Wuddup idols! This is your boy Naw-T-dog I just wanted to share to you how I lost weight from 96kg 96kg 96kg last November and now it is already less than 80kg today Maybe you’re one of them people spending a lot of money buying weight loss supplements and spending a lot of money in the gym but there’s no positive results I was once like that I can relate. I was taking a lot of food supplements. Teas, and a lot of capsules caplets etc just to lose weight but nothing happened. Until I discovered this one program that is safe, scientifically proven and has been used by our ancestors which is this thing called Intermittent Fasting I just learned that the most effective way of losing weight is FREE. FREE REALLY FREE! So, what is Intermittent Fasting? For your information, this is not a DIET PLAN. This is a Pattern of Eating. Instead of eating breakfast, you skip it. There are a lot of types of fasting. There is ONE MEAL A DAY PLAN. two or three meals per day, but it is within a short period of time or what you called an EATING WINDOW. What I do is the one called 16|8 it works for me. 16 hrs fasting with 8 hrs eating window but before I went to that stage I slowly change the pattern of my eating Normally, I eat breakfast at 8am, at work, because I work from 8 to 6 of course you’re in hurry not to be late for work. I eat at work at the canteen. I gradually change the timing of my breakfast an hour a day forward from 8am to 9am the following day then 10am to not eating breakfast anymore. My first meal is alreay at 12 noon. Then I only take water on my fasting hours. Just water. It was difficult at first, of course, but we will get use to it, that is why we need to do it slowly daily, adjust one hour a day forward from 8am to 9am to 10am 11 until you reach 12 your body will get use to it, without knowing that you’re already doing Intermittent Fasting. It is very powerful. According to them, THE BES THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE. So why not lose weight for FREE. You are just burning your wallet. I spend a year in the gym and got nothing. So, what they are telling me is correct but I’m just not sure that in losing weight workout or exercise only contributes 20% 80% is the food the food that we eat. Just happens that Intermittent Fasting works well for me and it will work for everybody as well. But if you have medical problems consult your doctor first before you do it. Your stomach will have longer time resting than digesting and you keep craving with something specially carbohydrates, sugar. So if you want to do 16|8 now Im already targetting ONE MEAL A DAY. I’m just doing twice a week HIIT WORKOUT, in the gym or just at home. And you can take a look at the picture. If it’s really effective. I can’t even wear this shirt last time. It is really difficult at first, just keep going. If you have already started to move your breakfast, then you can change your diet later. Just eat whatever you want to eat. Or whatever diet you’re on, stick with it. The most important thing is time or the pattern of eating, what time you’re gonna eat them. and my last meal is between 7 to 8pm already. Just drink water water on the fasting hours. Gradually… You can sometimes feel dizzy of course, we’re not used to it our body is asking for something, asking for sugar because with Intermittent Fasting your insulin levels are down you have no sugar whatsoever so your insulin is doing nothing i’ll tell you more about that on my next videos. I just shared my experience. What I did. That is easy, comfortable, and works with my schedule. It depends on your schedule, choose, you can try, you can start doing 12|12 12 hrs fasting slowly adjust your fasting window to become 14|10 until it reaches the 16|8 program For the ladies to be safe you can just do 16|8 maybe, not sure, In the US there are a lot of ladies fasting for longer hours. it depends on your goal. My goal is not just to lose weight, I know 6 pack is good, for beach bod according to them but my GOAL is to really be HEALTHY to have a HEALTHY BODY because that time I was super fat, I was obese 96kg for my height my height is around 5-2, 5-3 with 96kg so I was OBESE. Everything is HIGH, BLOOD SUGAR, I GOT HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, BLOOD CHOLESTEROL BAD CHOLESTEROL LEVELS are too high, but now, It all went down. Intermittent Fasting is really very POWERFUL… I’m gonna discuss more on my next videos, so I’ll just leave you here and SEE YOU on my next video if there are questions, just use the comments box below and I’m gonna try to answer them all. on my next video or there in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this to help others as well. HOPE THIS HELPS! THANK YOU!

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