Korean Food Contest held in Seoul commemorating 2019 ASEAN-KOREA special summit

To celebrate the ASEAN-Korea summit, a Korean
Food cooking contest was held on Tuesday in Seoul. The winners of preliminaries from eight ASEAN
countries gathered in the South Korean capital to compete in the final round in their bid
for glory. Our Eum Ji-young went to check it out and
filed this report. Eight contestants representing 8 ASEAN countries
are finally ready to showcase their best cooking skills. These are the finalists of the 2019 ASEAN-ROK
Korean Food Contest under the theme of rice, a staple food that reflects the cultures of
both Korea and ASEAN countries. The contestant from Vietnam chose to make
bibimbap because it is healthy and she likes the various colors of vegetables mixed together
in a bowl with rice with beef, egg and a dollop of Korean red pepper paste, or gochujang. Meanwhile, the contestant from the Philippines
opted to showcase the royal version of Korea’s famous street food, tteokbokki. “I made Gungjung-tteokbokki and Injeolmi . I
made it because it is the favorite dish of my Korean friend. Also I like the story and history behind each
dish. For example, Gungjung tteokbokki was enjoyed
by the King before also Injeolmi symbolizes closeness together so that’s why I made it.” After 60 minutes of cooking, the contestants
displayed their creations on a table for the final judging. “A panel of experts evaluated the Korean cuisine
made by the contestants based on six criteria including taste and creativity. After careful consideration, the judges chose
the top three entries.” “Everybody is from abroad and they have their
own way to see Korean food. So we tried to get people who make it more
traditional and more similar to Korean taste but with some little touch.” More than 100 people including chefs and researchers
came to the event to enjoy Korean food. “When people enjoy the food of a country,
they also get to grasp the country’s culture. In that sense, this event will be a key milestone
in creating further Korea-ASEAN cooperation and prosperity in the future.” With 2019 marking the 30th year anniversary
of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and ASEAN, the deputy minister
added that he hopes this event will bring the two sides even closer together in the
next 30 years to come. Eum Ji-young Arirang news.

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