KETO vs VEGAN Diet Debate for Triathletes: The Answer

– Morning, trainiacs. Keto versus veganism. I’ll allow you some time to start sharpening your pitchforks now. However, I have potentially the answer of what will work best for you. (upbeat instrumental music) So over the last, I’d say year or so, a lot of to dos have been to done about Keto, which is very high fat, high protein, very low carb. It’s basically starving your body of carbs to get your body into
what’s called ketogenesis, and this results in fat loss, it results in apparently
basically flushing out a lot of cancer cells in your body. Apparently a lot of people report increased mental acuity,
increased strength, better ability to get through
things like chemotherapy or fasting, things like that. However, however there’s also
the other side of the camp which comes with an equal
amount of scientific evidence. Those are the vegans that are saying that plant based, whole food diets are what humans are meant to eat, and both camps are
basically equally as loud and have an equal amount of things to say about should you be eating
just tons and tons of butter or should you be eating
tons and tons of greenery, and it becomes very confusing with what people should be eating. Well I ended up getting confused by it, and I went searching for an answer, and I think I’ve got one. Let’s go sit down and talk about it. Come on, guys, come up here. Come on. Yeah, there we go. Let’s make the internet fight. So beyond just being outright confusing, it’s actually not safe to be
supporting just Keto dieting or just veganism without a backing to understand how it works
for you specifically, and the reason for that is
our genetic predisposition to one diet or another
makes a huge difference for how our body reacts. Bye Pete. How our body reacts to
one diet over another. For example, there’s actually
one genetic variation that will actually take a Keto diet and it will actually make your body more glucose sensitive,
sensitive to sugar, which is the exact opposite of what a Keto diet supports is able to do. And on the other hand, a vegan diet tends to be a little bit
more higher in carbs, more fruits, more vegetables, just eating more carbs as a percentage of how much you’re eating than you are with more of
a primal or a Keto diet. And some people don’t
do very well on that. They can’t handle any
starches, any sugars, anything at all that
sends their blood sugar through the roof. So in both camps they’re wrong, saying that their way is the right way. What is right is what is right for you, and what I found to do that was, and just so you know, this is not an ad in any way, shape, or form. They sent it out to me because
I was really interested in trying it. It’s not paid, they don’t
know that I’m doing this. I did not check with them
to fact check anything and get talking points. This is me just telling ya
what I think about Habit. So it’s a blood test that
you administer yourself. Package comes and it is
packaged really well, very straightforward, with all the steps that you need to do. Basically what you end up
doing is you fast overnight, and then when you wake up in the morning, you do one blood draw to set a baseline of what your fasted state is. Then you slam back this
massive Habit shake that mimics the typical American diet with caffeine, with carbs,
with fat, with protein. That is tasteful. I think it’s 950 calories and you feel it. They actually warn you
and they something like because you’ve taken this
on the empty stomach, it’s normal to feel a
little abnormal after, and I felt abnormal after. And then 30 minutes after
you take that shake, you do another blood draw, filling up this little
piece of paper with blood, and then 90 minutes after that, you take another blood draw. So what you’ve got is
you’ve got a baseline of what your body’s biochemistry
is just set as standard at a fasting state. Then you’ve got your quick reaction of what your body does immediately
after taking on calories, and then you have a
difference between those two of how your body processes those calories and those macro nutrients long term. So this is the website. I’ll say that the buying process, the process to actually do the test and like prick yourself with needles and all of that, it’s
really well laid out. And then about 25 days after
you send the blood test back, you get the results,
and mine look like this. Apparently I can handle fat like a pro. I handle carbs alright. I need a normal amount of protein. My health markers look good. My weight is in the ideal range. I don’t have the lactose
intolerance gene variance. That’s not saying I’m
not lactose intolerant. That’s saying that my genes don’t point towards being lactose intolerant and I have a normal amount
of caffeine sensitivity. But here’s where it gets really cool. You click on see your nutrition plan, and because I want to
get down to a race weight from my 157 to 159 right now, to 150, I’ve entered that into the back end, and it spits out how many
calories I need to average, 3,260, and my percentage
of daily macro nutrients. And this is how much carbs, how much fat, and how much protein I should have, ideally situated for me. So let’s say somebody that
is more glucose sensitive should have less carbs
and they would do better on a more ketogenic diet, and then what they do is they actually start
recommending foods for you. So in my case, watch
out for hidden sugars, and it gives you actual tangible things like here are the types of foods that you should be avoiding. It gives you your ideal food groups and how many servings of
things you should eat, and examples of them, beans,
nuts, seeds, oils for fats, fruits, what the good foods are. It gives you what your hero foods are. These are the foods that
are ideally suited for me. I did put in that I prefer to eat vegan, so it will actually
tailor it towards that, how much fibers, how much
folate, how much magnesium. You also get all of your bio markers here, and it’s all very visual,
and if you’re in green zones, you’re in a good spot. So all of this is given to you, and I want to say it is $299. Pete got scared, he’s back. Gracie’s a strong independent female dog. She ain’t scared of anything. So none of this is to plug Habit. This is to get you in the habit. Oh, is that what they’re going for? Of understanding what you
should specifically be doing, not just for food, but for training. There are different methods
for different types of people. Some people do really
well with Keto or vegan. Some people do really well
with really high amounts of training volumes. Some people do really well with very low but intense amounts of training volume. You have to figure out what works for you. So I know that this isn’t an exact answer and it’s kind of like
an un-answer of a video, but it at least points you in a direction, and it opens your eyes to the thought that the people that are
out there with pitchforks saying Keto, Keto, Keto,
it’s the way to do it, and then the other
people that are out there with like spoons and hemp skirts
saying vegan, vegan, vegan. Neither one is 100% right. They both have aspects of being right and they probably agree
on actually 80 to 90% of their individual premises, but it’s that 10% that puts
them into one camp or another and develops a dogma that is probably too strict one way or another to be applicable to
all athletes out there. One thing that we did awhile ago. If you’re looking to go on
like a weight loss journey and be overall healthy and
not feel like you’re dieting, we did a four part video
series on triathlon training with weight loss that you
can check out right here, and if you aren’t yet subscribed, hit the subscribe button below and hit the notification bell to get all of our daily triathlon videos. They’re really good. And they’ve got a lot of dogs.

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Reader Comments

  1. Sean McLaughlin

    I have tried both and think there's a happy medium. As a triathlete there is enough to worry about getting all your training done I found these strict ways of eating add extra stress to your daily life.

  2. Steve Brown

    Your dogs think youโ€™re nuts talking into a camera. Iโ€™ve been vegan for 10 plus years with 2 Ironmans and 6 halves under my belt and it works for me. However, I really like the concept of Keto but donโ€™t trust myself staying in ketosis. Iโ€™ll keep doing research.

  3. Moonfruit Reilly

    I was vegan for 6 months and then began to add eggs to my diet three weeks ago. I then began to shed weight and tone up. I've run pb's on courses I use. I don't have hunger urges, and I recover faster. There is a happy medium. I won't have meat or dairy because I believe they are not good for human consumption. But if you keep suger and fat to a minimum and get sufficient carbs and protein to repair your body after a workout then you can't go wrong. Calories in vs calories out means a lot. Plant based is healthy but we need a compromise ( eggs). I can only speak from experience. I now run sub 16m 5k and cycle 44 avg for 16 k TT, age 43

  4. Travis McGarry

    Love your channel, although I find it extremely hard to believe that all the animals on this planet have a diet that is specific to thriving health, yet somehow humans miraculously are the exception and we all have to have a special diet… sounds like great advertising.

  5. Fat Fueled Triathlete

    Just finished my first Triathlon, Olympic length like two hours ago, Iโ€™m Keto adapted and I went great. I used Generation UCAN and MCT oil for my nutrition. It went amazing, hooked for sure, thinking IRONMAN 70.3 Waco later this year.

  6. tamcon72

    I'm a vegan[of the ethical idiom] not plant-based, and I "liked" this video for your cheeky but thorough approach to evaluating of this assessment tool. TFP!

  7. Liam B.

    The answer is you need glycogen to train and live. If you eat only high protein and fat, you won't have enough energy to train, or at least be able to hit good numbers. With a vegan diet you get that glycogen and you can get protein, fats, whatever as well all in a clean, whole foods package.

  8. Liz Baum

    I was vegan for about two years, but low on energy plus LDL increased. Worse than that, my lipoprotein-a got higher. (Google that one. It's a killer, but genetic. It responds much better to low carb, moderate protein and fat.) I've also tried keto but never quite fat adapted and kept bonking. Now I'm somewhere in the middle, eating a diet of moderation, focusing on whole foods with plenty of fresh veggies and fruits. We definitely need to do what works for each of us.

  9. glo indadak

    A big fan of your channel. Last year I raced Honu 70.3 at 194 lbs. with high blood pressure, a lot of pain in my joints fighting "brain fog" at work, and fighting fatigue. After doing a ton of research online as I don't have access to research journals directly anymore, I decided to do a combination of the two mentioned diets for micro-nutritional feeding of my cells and hormonal regulation via macronutrient control. I eat a majority of my food quantity from plants with an emphasis on leafy greens, multi-colored fruits and vegetables, and cruciferous vegetables. The majority of my calories come from fat from multiple sources, a moderate amount of proteins (0.6 grams/kg of lean body mass), and I keep my daily net carbohydrate intake to below 50 grams/day with strategic carb (cheat) days about 2-3 times a month based on training needs (or holidays). Qualitatively, I feel great physically and mentally with a very noticeable mental clarity and less pain in my joints. Quantitatively, I have lost 30 pounds where a majority of the weight came off as I did little exercise during the first two-month fat adaptation period. I am currently doing a 13-15 hour/week half ironman training plan and am excited to get my revenge on Honu this year. Thanks to the other open minded and honest comments.

  10. K.mersch

    Hey Taren, just wondering what rocovery supplment post workout you would reccomend? Something with 3:1 carbs to protein ratio. Cheers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. MrFarr007

    I am on a new eating plan and I lost 2.5kg in the last three weeks. Before I started I visited a nutritionist and I had my body chemistry analysed. What they found was I process fats and proteins better than carbs. So, I am on a high fat and protein and low carb plan. The reason for that is because my body doesnt know what to do with the carbs. The lesson here in is to do a chemistry analysis of your own body before jumping on either the keto vs vegan bandwagons. Spend a little extra and you will reap the rewards.

  12. Joshua Pautz

    Not to be all contrary, but shouldn't vegans be the one's with the pitchforks, and the keto people be out with butcher knives or something along those lines?

  13. Renaud Grandgeorge

    Hi from France
    I don't see those Habit guys coming in my country; they'd end up covered in tar and feather!๐Ÿ˜†
    Seriously, I went paleo from mid-january, however with slight variation to be TRI-compliant. As of today the results: minus 8kg (16 pds) and an incredible level of energy (the wife's getting tired of my dashing around). This year A-race being a 70.3, a PB might be on its way๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Russel Chiodo

    Brett mentioned this topic on a recent Zen Tri podcast. Somebody asked how to become a pro, and his diet advice was "don't mess with fad diets. Pros eat normal, healthy food. I think that's great advice.

  15. Eric Glenn

    Thank you for this info on habit. I'm gonna give them a try. I do keto with my own twist to make it more convenient. I'm interested to see what this test shows.

  16. kenorsom

    Just out of curiosity, have you considered retaking the test maybe under a different name and seeing if the results come back the same ?

  17. Doherty

    I prefer the Buddy the elf diet and try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿซ

  18. Jennifer Neeson

    Iโ€™m glad you said you have to do what works for you. I get annoyed at people who say, oh this is the Only way to lose weight and be healthy. I love steak AND broccoli and other healthy stuff. I also love cookies.

  19. Deja vu

    After trying both for 3 months each, I felt better on Keto. I am not against Vegan in fact I respect people who choose that life style. Its just not for me. I have been thinking of going Vegan/Keto… Not sure if I actually will.

  20. Darth Father

    Imo, Veganism is just stupid. Would never ever do that shit to my self. Once entering keto, you clearly see who its the superior diet. You feel SO MUCH BETTER ! When enterin veganism, you feel nothing different except issues with malnutrition. People say fruits are healthy and then in the next sentence they say sugar is bad… Where the shit they think white sugar comes from ?

  21. Tyler Stockdale

    This is the best debunking of dietary conflicts on the internet! Thank you so much! I've been a pescerarian for 11 years due to sentimental reasons for our fellow "land animals". I became very health obsessed much due to facetious remarks from family members.
    During my several years of research I started feeling stuck in the middle of the keto/vegan war and have been stressing myself like crazy over what do do. (High carb & low fat or low carb and high fat). Studies on this are so limited and contradictory.
    It makes sense that genetics play a large factor. I like eating average carbs/fats/protein with a lot of veggies. What makes you feel good, where your food is sourced and RDIs should be the primary focus on nutrition. People seem to get too caught up in diet and macronutrient ratios.
    Your video made me laugh hysterically and it has some amazing resources. You were a big inspiration. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

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