Keto paleo and low-carb so what’s the
best of the best of the diets which one is the easies which one’s the hardest
the true answer lies within this none of them are keto isn’t the best paleo isn’t
the best and low-carb is in the best the easiest answer to that is the best diet
that you could possibly eat is no artificial you don’t want any artificial
sweeteners you don’t want you don’t want sugar these are the dollars you want to
avoid if you keep these out of your menu chances are you’ll be pretty healthy you
get organic foods you avoid these GMOs their product they’re putting you avoid
these GMOs they putting out your void these processed foods they put now if
you avoid these things I guarantee your health will be pretty much better than
the average American matter of fact I’m almost sure of it it’ll fire a large
genetic factors that we have going on right now such as high blood pressure
diabetes heart disease just a name with you because I couldn’t take it no more anyway you got low-carb and you have
keto and a lot of stuff gets mixed up within those to see keto you have a
certain restriction you keido’s typically no more than 20 net carbs a
day excuse me no 120 grams of net carbs a day low-carb on the other hand I want
to say they’re really truly be low-carb you don’t want your cars to go anywhere
between let’s say 50 to 100 but 50 to 100 is way more than what you need for
keto see and I mean now Kino is a basis a case-by-case diet I guess you could
say because you have some people that could do 20 just fine
chewy broke so you got some people they could do 30 grams a day and remain in
ketosis but I’m sure you got some people they’re gonna do 10 grams a day just to
stay in ketosis so that’s that’s that’s a case by case study case by case
scenario I guess you could say whereas when you have Paleo see paleo paleo is
more so of the foods you eat it’s not necessarily how much carb count you have
or it’s not so macro based as low carb and keto is so with that being said
paleo not saying it’s just a diet where you can just eat whatever you want no no
that’s not the case of it all at all but it’s not as restrictive as low carb and
kid or me myself I personally choose to do keto because I love keto I love how
it makes me feel I love I love the food options I have but I’m not against
low-carb either because I was low carb before I started keto
my person who trained me had me on a very low carb diet I was under a hundred
grams I was under 100 grams of carbohydrates every single day and that
wasn’t net it was actually just 100 grams in general I was probably doing
much less than that if you added all the fiber and things of that nature and I
still lost weight you know the only thing about having my carb count so high
is the more you eat carbs the more you crave carbs and a lot of people don’t
talk about that you know you continuously for some reason as bad as
it is it’s like your insulin just loves to spike yourself I don’t I don’t get
that I mean I didn’t create the human body so I mean I guess it isn’t for me
to get or I guess you could say I guess I do kind of get it a little I guess I
do kind of get it a little bit if you look at how much the brain loves to be
addicted to things but when I found when I was just low carb but what I continued
to do was every single weekend I had to have a cheap I had to have every single
weekend I had to have a cheat meal I had to have you know some cookies I had to
have my Oreos you know the guy said before I start eating Chipotle you know
so I had to have that so I would do low carb the entire weekend and the weekend
will come and I would say oh I’m looking forward to doing this and guess what I
would do I would just binge and that’s that’s so undesirable I mean for anyone
that’s on a diet but there are people out there that survive off a low carb
which is fine I know plenty of people that do it as I said keto was best for
me that’s why I said keto low carb or paleo
aren’t the best diets because the best diet is the best diet for you as I
individual so please don’t let anyone tell you any differently you got some
people that start keto and it just throws that thyroid out of control and
they just start losing their hair and everything like that
not saying the body won’t correct this so but do you really want don’t do all
them you know I mean for health reasons I can understand I don’t have that
problem so I can’t put myself in that person’s shoes me personally I don’t
think I could do paleo as the everyday thing I don’t have anything against it
because some of the recipes I’ve done have been quite amazing it’s just I
don’t know man it’s just it’s just not for me
but paleo is bigger than keto so what does that tell you just because it’s not
me doesn’t mean it’s four minutes of other Americans out there or not just
necessarily Americans but for people in gentlemen have I consider going back
local art yeah I have to be honest since I started this channel it’s actually
kind of hard for me to keep my macros under 20 grams because I have certain
things that eat during the day they’ve always got me to my 20 grams pertinent
excuse me they’ve always got me to my 20 gram net carbs but see I eat those
things and then I have to record and then it takes me over
so I’m actually considering going low-carb now but just a lower version
carbs so I mean it’ll be over 20 but I’ll try to keep it less than 50 you
know and I don’t know what kind of health problems that may cause because
I’m not sure what will happen if you have your carbs too high for ketosis but
yet too low for low-carb the bite is a smart machine I’m sure it’ll take care
of itself but my biggest concern is if you’re trying to do low-carb it’s the
cravings you know keto takes away the cravings Kyo takes away the hunger if
you do it long enough now if you within your first week or two yeah you’re
probably gonna crave something so I’m talking about that I’m talking about the
ones like me myself that have been doing it over three months five six months you
know say I have my six month month I have my six-month mark coming up that
I’ve been clean and I have not refitted in carbohydrates and I’m quite proud of
myself because I’ve never been that long before yes I’m still young and I’m in
great shape but see I want to get in the habit of not refeeding at all you know
and I mean to go six months I mean it’s quite accomplishment at the end of the
day keto paleo and low carb which one is better
you’d be the judge of that you tell me which one works for you it’s a sugarless crystals here and here
we don’t make any recipes we just eat fool

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  1. WhileImWaiting

    I do keto because of the appetite and craving control but I do refeed about once a week. I won't lose weight if I don't. It has thrown my thyroid off a bit but I feel so much better on keto. I haven't lost my hair or anything weight loss is just slow. I was super strict for 2 months. I lost initial water weight the first 2 weeks but stalled out and didn't start losing again until I started refeeding. So weird.

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