Keto vs Paleo – The Birch Benders Belgian Waffle Showdown Review

hey there it’s Steve and Courtney from and in today’s video we are going to do a Birch Benders Belgian
waffle Smackdown jamberoo pitting what do we have here the keto Birch Benders
and paleo Birch Benders but before we do that if you’re interested in low carb
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notifications so you don’t miss one of our videos absolutely a few weeks ago we
did a sort of low carb waffle challenge with the Birch Benders verses CarbQuik
paleo yes paleo Birch Benders important point what were your thoughts
remind our viewers if they haven’t watched the video if you don’t want to
watch the video here we’ll link to it right up here so you can see how that
review went so I like the the Birch Benders better the thing is though you
know it obviously had more carbs which isn’t what we’re looking for but the
texture the CarbQuik was a little weird so I’m excited to try the
keto version today yeah it was kind of I don’t know how I would describe it
crumbly yeah kind of like a biscuit or sugar cookie you know is crumbly not
awful additionally it was a lot more complicated to make there was a lot more
in the way of ingredients and some very specific steps that you know you had to
go through in order the Birch Benders far simpler to make it’s just the the
mix some water and some coconut oil so you also you were while I was setting up
the equipment you were looking at the back of the packages anything jump out
at you um well the ingredients for both of them are pretty much the same it’s
kind of just the amounts of everything that varies so excited to see if that
makes the texture right you point out this what’s this tiger nut flour never
heard of it to play that’s an added in the keto one all right let’s go ahead and
and make our waffles all right you have one cup I have 3/4 of a cup yours calls
for 3/4 of a cup of water mine calls for a half a cup and mine calls for one
tablespoon of oil here’s calls for one and a third which
would be four teaspoons that’s true you can so we’re using coconut oil we
actually use vegetable oil when we did the last batch so we’ll see how this
tastes I know this mine has got some little
specks in it it’s almost like you know banana bread looking so now we just wait
for the waffle makers to heat up and we’ll make some waffles your batter the
Paleo batter is quite a bit thicker than mine so you’re gonna be using a Disher
and I’m gonna use just a spatula very Airy holy moly well Oh a feeling mines gonna be leaking
out oh yeah so I definitely overfilled mine we’ve got some molten waffle action
going on there yeah I didn’t mind perfect though okay well you’re awesome
uh-huh so what is it when they when the green light comes on it’s done Thanks
nope so I would call this a pretty good-looking waffle one of the things
that we saw in the CarbQuik vs. Birch Benders paleo is the Birch Benders
paleo came out lighter and it came out lighter than the the keto pancakes as
well so I’ll give you half thank you yeah it’s kind of warm
standing over these waffle makers what are you doing I’m doing paleo first so I stand by my opinion from the
previous video I mean this is a waffle II tasting waffle I mean this is it like
an Eggo or something I mean it’s good stuff
little sausage for the palate cleanse first thing I notice is that the the
keto version is a lot more crumbly different texture the texture style
starts out really light and really fluffy then as you chew it it almost
seems a little grainy yeah it reminds me an awful lot of cornbread honestly no
one has more almond flour in it which pop might give it that texture okay the
birch benders paleo has 11 net grams of carbs per serving and the keto has 5 net
grams of carbs per serving so significantly fewer carbs but it’s not
as wofully tasting I want to taste this again yeah texture totally like a corn bread I
think what might be interesting is to maybe make some muffins out of this you
don’t see if they’re like cornbread type muffins maybe use some corn bread
extract or something to you know punch up that corn flavor a little bit like it
falls apart you know it’s weak couldn’t make a sandwich with it I’m not a huge
sort of waffle or pancake person anyway but I think if I you know had a serious
craving for one this would satisfy my craving so if you’re counting carbs but
not really really strictly counting carbs I go with the Birch Bender paleo
keto it’s it’s a decent pancake it’s not the winner here and I think in a future
video we’ll maybe give that cornbread idea a try and see how that turns out
closing thoughts if you’re paleo good for you alright thanks for watching

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  1. Gussie Wondriska

    Keto mix has cassava starch which is kind of high on the glycemic index. This will spike insulin. 5 net carbs is a lot for only 160 calories. It’s a small amount taking up 25% of daily carb intake. Thanks for doing this. Eye opener. Another disappointing Keto product.

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