Keto TV – Keto Vs Atkins

– So, what’s better, do we
do Atkins, do we do Keto? And I say, I tried both. Got bless his soul, Dr. Atkins have made the way to
what we are doing today. Atkins diet is a great diet, but have a lot of limitation. Local new genesis is the problem. Overeating proteins will create more carbs and more carbs will plateau your weight and will grab back. I tried it. It worked, and I gained the
weight back eating the same. I tried Keto, I tried the
different ways of Keto, and I lost all the weight I
wanted and I kept it away. It’s that simple. A lot of protein will become carbs and carbs will create all the problems associated with insulin resistance. So, yes, we need to eat proteins, especially when we are building muscles, but we have to keep it at
six, maybe eight ounces, maybe ten ounces depending
on your size, a day. Are you full if you eat ten
ounces of meat per day, no. Are you full if you eat three
ounces of fat per day, yes. That’s why keto is easy. That’s why we tell you, just eat your bowl of lovely, green, leafy vegetables with a nice small piece of meat, fried, or just seasoned with a
very nice piece of butter. Keep it organic, and
we’ll explain later why. Keep it clean, and
we’ll explain later why. Yes, bacon is not the symbol of Keto. Bacon is okay for Keto. Bacon used to be the symbol of Atkins, but bacon is not clean Keto. Clean Keto differs from Atkins
in a very simple, simple way. It’s good meat in limited portions with clean, organic fats. I tried every single
type of the usual diets and I understood that there
is one main difference. All of them are diets, including Atkins. While Keto is a lifestyle. Please press on our subscribe button to stay updated with our
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