Keto Recipe: Sugar-Free Jell-O

Hi, I’m Aaron. Welcome to A.D. Keto! This is the
place where every week, I talk to you about the ketogenic diet, and today we’re
starting a recipe series that I’m going to call #ILIKETOEAT. Today we’re
keeping it as simple as humanly possible, starting from the very, very, most basic
recipe I could think of: sugar-free Jell-o. What you’re going to need are a
few very simple things: a saucepan (one that’s capable of holding two cups of
water), you’re going to need a liquid measuring cup, a bowl in which the Jell-O
will eventually rest, a fork (yes, a fork) and a packet of your favorite flavor of
sugar-free Jell-o. Today we’re doing LEMON. First things first: We’re going to
take your liquid measuring cup, fill it up to the one cup mark and start it to
boil. Then immediately take your liquid measuring cup again, fill it up to the
one cup mark, and set it aside. Then we stare at the boiling water until it
boils. So once your water’s done boiling, you’re going to dump it in your serving
bowl. Then we’re going to take our box of Jell-o, open it up. Inside is a little
packet. We’re going to rip it open (with our fork ready) and dump the mixture into
our bowl. And the reason I use a fork is that when you stir the stuff into the
hot water, it just… I think there’s less surface area on the tines. I’ve used a
spoon before, and there’s a lot of Jell-o looking stuff all over the spoon when I
take it out, so I just use a fork. I find it easier to mix it up that way.
Dump that in, and then start stirring. We’re going to stir this for about 30 to
45 seconds, until all the powder is completely dissolved in the hot water.
Then we’re going to take our cup of cold water (which we set aside), and dump it
into our bowl, mixing again. Wo we stir this for about another 30 to
45 seconds, until it’s all mixed together and it’s all combined, and all the stuff
is dissolved. We just put it in the fridge for about 4 hours. I know it’s
kind of dumb to make a cooking video about Jell-O, probably the easiest thing
in the world to make, but this has really become a staple of my diet. I used to
have, at night after work, two, three, four bowls of cereal after… after dinner as a
snack, just watching TV. That’s out. That’s gone. And now, I have one of these, at
least one of these every night instead. And usually, I’m making a double batch of
these — so two cups of water to boil, put in two packets, two cups of cold water,
and I usually eat the whole thing. I made a double batch this morning. This
flavor – it’s ready to go – this would be delicious and perfect by itself, but I
wanted to talk a little bit about the magic of this stuff heavy whipping cream.
I am probably super-dumb for not knowing this, but if you whip up heavy whipping
cream, you get…whipped cream! So about a third of a cup of heavy whipping
cream into the mixer. This mixer actually, was given to my wife and me as a wedding
gift in 1998, and it stayed inside its box for almost 20 years. I
dug it out of the attic this past spring, when I discovered all the things I could
do with it. It had been 19 years, and it was in perfect condition.
So I crawled around up in the attic, and found that mixer. I was very pleased
because it worked. It’s awesome. I use it almost every night. So you put about a
third of a cup of heavy whipping cream into the mixer — and I’ve kind of got it eyeballed — I know that when I dump it in, as soon as the little bottom part kind of
disappears, and it’s covered completely by heavy whipping cream, that’s when I
stop pouring, and then I take a handful — a handful? No. A few drops of vanilla
extract. Drip that in there, and I usually take about a teaspoon of
Truvia. You can use whatever sweetener you like. I happen to be a fan of Truvia.
I did use Splenda for a little while, but changed over to Truvia I really like it soyou take about a teaspoon of that, and dump this in, and just start it. Okay, slow at first, so it doesn’t splatter all over the place, and then high speed! So as soon as soft peaks form in the heavy whipping cream, turn it off. The unwrapped stuff tends to climb up the sides here, so just give it a once-over, get this kind of all mixed
together. That should do it. And this is my favorite part – taking this off and
giving it the old [oum!] You know, take that, and I’ll just kind of plop it right on
there. Spread it around. I like — it’s kind of weird, but I like to kind of put a nice
coating of heavy whipping cream –heavy WHIPPED cream I should say — around the top of this thing. So that’s Jell-o! Perfectly keto-friendly. I’ll flash up
the macros, even though there’s almost nothing to Jell-o, it’ll flash the macros
up on the screen here, and hopefully Jell-o does it for you in the evenings
like it does for me. Should I dig into it? Yeah. I should dig
into it? Okay, here I go. Oh man, that’s good. So that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed
this weird video about me making Jell-o. Do you guys like Jell-o? Let me know in
the comments. If you haven’t subscribed already, please do! It really helps me
grow the channel. I hope to hear from you in the comments. You can follow me on
Instagram at @a.d.keto and on Twitter at @AD_Keto. And that is it. I
will see you next Friday!

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Reader Comments

  1. Heather Schroy

    OMG I love sugar free jello. It's also my go to snack. I don't care for whip cream, but I'm gonna try to make my own and try it out. 😀

  2. John Jin

    You can replace the cold water with double cream for more of an "Angel Delight" type jell-o. You can also add protein powder for more flavor, will of course be more calories etc 😀

  3. Winter Bayne

    Never been a Jello fan. I do however use the SF pudding and jello packets to make flavored smoothies. Side note: a lady asked me how to make whipped cream. I told her the recipe is in the name. Take cream, whip it. I don't have a mixer, so I use the 11 year old foster kid 🙂 She licks the whisk. Have you tried making flavored whipped cream? Add cocoa or extracts.

  4. ForgiveAndLove09

    I like sugar free jello but trying to get away from aspartame so looking for a way to make this with stevia and lemon juice.
    There is a really good sour cream called Green Valley Organics. It is SO good on top of s/f jello! It is sweeter than most with active cultures.

  5. Linda Charron

    I like to add the warm jello mix into cream cheese, just slowly pour some jello into cream cheese as you beat it, tastes just like cheese cake once its set.

  6. Krystal G

    Just binging your videos, don’t mind me. I’m 52 lbs down so far and you’re sooo inspiring. So much so, I’m watching you make jello. Yep.

  7. Wildman Samurai

    I just buy the diet Jello from the store, sure there's a few sweeteners I don't like in there, but we all have to go someday.. I doubt it will be from the diet Jello I make. 😂😎👊

  8. Isabel Aguilar

    aspartame in it warning it has 1000 grams of sugar. like drinking 13 bottles of mtn dew is like eating 1 serving of sugary "sugar free" jello

  9. Glenn Robertson

    I make my own whipped cream, too. I put if on my Breyers carb smart ice cream. You can add a bit of unsweetened cocoa powder and make chocolate whipped cream. Use it on some ice cream or just by itself.

  10. matt s

    Try this one on for size… Use a box of suger free lemon pudding… But use 1 cup of heavy whippng cream and 1 cup of cold water… Mix for about 5 min till it gets thick.. Chill for 5 min and add fresh berrys… Mix is for all surger free puddings… Enjoy…..

  11. Grandma Liz's Kisses


  12. Michael Hughes

    Don't feel bad that you didn't know that whipping cream makes whipped cream. I didn't know it either. I'll bet Albert Einstein and Ludwig Wittgenstein didn't know it either. We tried your jello and whipped cream treat last night. My wife loved it! And so did I.

  13. Jennifer S

    😊 I ran out last night to purchase some sugar-free Jell-O. Sadly when I read the ingredients it has maltodextrin listed which supposedly spikes your blood sugar worse than table sugar.😢
    * Dr. Berg has a 1 minute video about maltodextrin.

  14. sheryll dupuis

    Last night i made a dessert drink for after supper. Hot water with n/s added jellow. Rapsberry flavor enough to flavor ya like. And some whipping cream. WOW. So awesome. Can be addictive. MMMMMM. Just a different alternative dessert. ❤️

  15. Bryan Johnson

    Jello is sweetened with aspartame which is terrible for you and tastes terrible. It's so much healthier to make your own with gelatin, stevia / monk fruit and a natural flavor extract.

  16. Kenneth Cadieux

    I really appreciate this post- I've been doing keto for a couple of weeks and Jello has become my Keto-Jesus- it has saved me from as you said in your video the 3-4 bowls of cereal I would consume coming home from work. I cannot wait to see more content. Love the channel. I'm following you on Instagram right now.

  17. carl young

    i have been eating winky sugar free gelatin.its already made ,i get it from walmart,its cheap and you get 12 each per taste good and it has zero carbs.i dont know if it will raise blood sugar.

  18. My Keto Journey

    Hi Aaron, that sure looked good but I hate to tell you that Jell-O brand is NOT Keto friendly. They include Maltodextrin in their products which will spike your blood sugar and insulin levels. If you are doing keto for the health benefits of burning fat and not sugar then you would want to avoid this brand and check out some store brands instead. Walmart and Kroger are just a few that sell flavored gelatin that do not contain Maltodextrin. I hope this helps and didn't mean any disrespect 🙂

  19. Southern Girl

    If you care about your health, better yet, the health of people who are watching your videos, you won’t use sugar free Jell-O. It has chemicals in it that cause terrible health problens. I will be watching to see if you delete this video. If you don’t I will not watch any more of your Keto videos. I came across your videos, looking at keto info. After all your videos about going in for all the tests, I was shocked that you didn’t know about the ingredients in SFJ. You should research the ingredients in the products you recommend and be more aware of the chemicals in sugar free boxed stuff. Just because it has zero carbs doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

  20. Daniel G

    Pretty sure all the sugar-free Jell-O has aspartame. You'd be better off using regular old gelatin and a stevia-based water enhancer (I like the Stur brand). Also not a fan of Truvia because it has the sugar alcohol Erythritol. Check out Sweet Leaf for a better stevia product.

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