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Hey guys my name is Ashley and today I am gonna be starting a new mini series called ‘Keto On-The-Go’ where I show you what I eat when I’m in a hurry When I’m traveling or when I don’t have enough time to prepare beforehand. So today, we are gona be focusing on Whataburger Okay guys we got two Whataburger and so what I’m gonna. Go ahead and order I’m gonna order the number one water burger meal It’s up to you. If you want to order the meal or just the burger by itself Considering that the the fries are not keitel friendly So I’m gonna go ahead and order the water burger without buns. I’m gonna have it wrapped in lettuce with the pickles lettuce and tomato The drink I can go ahead and have either water or diet coke if you’re lazy keto like me So I’m gonna go ahead and have the Coke Zero the number one water burger meal No for the water bear can I have it wrapped in lettuce And then inside the water burger. I want lettuce tomatoes and pickles only for the drink. I’m gonna go ahead and get a Coke Zero Okay, and that’s it Yeah, thank you. I Could have added cheese to my burger, but not today. It’s okay Oh Okay, so we’ve got our food already I’m gonna go ahead and give my bag of fries to Joey who’s helping me record this because surprise. I’m not kidding friendly Let’s check out So this is our burger. It looks like they gave it to us in a platter Sometimes they might give it to you in a platter sometimes. They might just wrap it in a paper But if you have a preference if you want to be cleaner you can go ahead and ask them to do it in a platter So that’s how it looks like That’s my burger guys If I want to have some cheese, I can go ahead and just go to my house and Add some real cheese to it. I think that’ll be fine, and I would add some of the fat and some protein But that’s my food. That’s pretty much it, and I’m gonna go ahead and eat it while I’m driving safely I’m gonna be helping her eat. That’s what she meant So diet cokes diet Pepsi’s are usually not considered keto But since I’m doing VZ keto. I kind of allow it a little bit I don’t do it all the time because of the ingredients that it has I think has as far to me But I know like Diet Pepsi they did remove that so I usually do it in social settings Usually like at parties or like the Easter celebration stuff like that, but today. I’m just making an exception Okay, I’m gonna try it okay guys ate this almost every day, but we’re gonna try it So we’re gonna go ahead and rate this on a zero to yummy scale and it’s a yummy. It’s rated yummy Alright guys, I’m gonna go ahead and finish my burger, but before you go I want to go ahead and ask you how do you make your burger have you had this thing done before? Have you gone to water burger or any other burger restaurant? What did you do to make it even yummier and one more thing that I want to mention? Like I said before I’m gonna make this as a miniseries So I want to know where you guys want me to go What locations would you like for me to try making something keto friendly, so go ahead and leave your suggestions on the comments section below Of course don’t forget to like and subscribe to see more see you later guys

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  1. KETO Liscious Life

    Hi I'm a new sub to your channel! I'm also on the keto diet journey! I'm trying to lose 60+ lbs and I've lost 32 so far! I love to support other youtubers on the same journey as me! Looking forward to watching your channel.

  2. Ruben Robles

    Keep the content going! Really like what you’re doing! Travel for work and vaca are my biggest challenges to trying to adhere to my diet. This kind of content is very helpful when you can’t cook for yourself! 😎👍🏽🥗

  3. Gone Zapatero

    We have been on Keto now for 3 weeks lost 12 lbs, its not difficult at all, if I can manage it, anyone can, Great videos, Thanks

  4. Marina Hernandez

    Came across your video on search. Thank you so much. We LOVE whataburger and I didn’t know what to get. Now I do 👍🏼

  5. 2KGrind09

    I just throw the bun away if I go to a fast food place. I will at least put mustard on it & sugar free ketchup at home ……knife & fork don't like the lettuce buns

  6. Journey to a healthier meh

    Thank u so much for this i jus started this diet n i was wonderimg if whatever burger cud fit the keto diet❤😁😁😁 im here now ordering my lettuce wrapped burger

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