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all right y’all we are now having
another adventure of dog walking human okay yeah up okay let’s go let’s go oh
go girl go girl let’s go let’s go oh no we don’t want to get hit let’s run
let’s run good morning YouTube family so my mother at our going to a meeting what
I told y’all before every Saturday it’s like my mother just has me doing
something hey boys hi and y’all oh my gosh she’s driving
like oh my gosh I’m so shocked she never drives mother the light is green okay I
was going to let me try to speed it down we don’t need any type of copyrights but
because your girl now has as in her video ah I refuse I will say this I
refuse to have a lot of ads in my videos at all so if you do watch my videos
please if you choose to watch of that I truly truly truly appreciate y’all for
that thank you so much like y’all are freakin amazing y’all this
truck smells like smoke y’all know barely holding on with the
sickness over here and I know I know yeah
she doesn’t smoke this the rental truck y’all and both of us is over here like hey YouTube family’s gonna show you what
I got I don’t think you know but you know God or you know maybe Satan doesn’t
want me to be great but I’m still gonna be great so imma show you on it so I
have chicken and green beans y’all and I have my water over here my mom over here
y’all look at this got orange pants and some coke this is not mine definitely I
might owe ya the lady gave me dressing y’all I did
not ask her for that but yeah I’m not gonna eat it because I don’t want those
type of problems right now so yeah alright y’all so I made chicken salad
the other day how long is chicken salad good for in refrigerator I don’t know
that’s the last bit of it my family has eaten the whole thing yeah so nice
little to drink I’m just having some Coke Zero and some water of course and
I’m editing a new YouTube video yeah a hashtag consistent Queen over here so y’all for tonight my mom and I’m just
gonna have to thin cut pork chops one egg and some spinach
hashtag Popeyes y’all maybe I’ll get some mussels with my arm spinach my mom put some
sausages in the spinach she cooked that the other day and so I just was like
I’ll put that as a side for my meal whatever and yeah I’m having water yeah
lots lots lots lots lots of water get you order in the next day good morning
y’all so we are about to go to church my mother was so sweet y’all she went and
cooked me some sausages this morning y’all I’m so happy like oh my gosh my
spirit was like oh my gosh y’all I like literally almost cried and I also have
some water over here that I’m gonna be drinking I don’t know if I told y’all
this but I love singing so I sing in the choir there’s my mother back down the
back hey you want to say something hi y’all doing this gorgeous morning
okay no mind or it is the beer she’s the best of the big oh don’t tell
me that now but anyways y’all we best go to church
hallelujah praise the Lord thank you Jesus and yeah we’re at a mess barb something you’re
driving yeah who is she she just loving the whole
little drivers life nowadays oh and I appreciate it because literally all the
time I’m the one that’s josue yeah I appreciate this moment first meal of the
day y’all it’s just pretty simple two sauces patties
cuz the ones that are mom ate we’re so good I’m gonna start cooking my sausage
patties in the oven now cuz normally I just put them on the stove and I just
have to scrambled eggs I’m drinking some Coke Zero and of course we getting that
h2o ene yeah okay also we just went and visited my granny Bahrainis driving
again God is loving there what are you doing I almost died y’all but um yes we
better go home I’m kind of hungry I been sleeping on today like crazy took some
nyquil and that was it for me like I was knocked out my mom came she was like I
tried waking up I was like oh my mini of it tonight’s dinner is pretty simple so
we just have one ground beef patty yeah some cauliflower that I cook too long
they have two eggs and I’m drinking water with a little bit of coke zero
over here y’all and yeah that’s all I’m having for dinner maybe family start editing version of
myself coming in so it’s taking literally all of me she liked his last
portion I did not want to cook dinner y’all I was like I’m not gonna eat and
I’m like well if I don’t eat I’m gonna wake up hungry so I need to eat
something because you know when you’re hungry Satan just comes in and then I
was saying you’re eating all the carbs so on a scale of one to ten how I’m
feeling right now I may be feeling like a good 7 regarding my sickness you know
like I’m not sick sick everyone so where I start coughing like I’m dying but
other than that I’m pretty great thank you so much to all those that sent me
love and support whether on here or on Instagram I really truly appreciate that
like y’all so really begin to me like I will cry at the drop of the head because
hashtag Pisces hashtag water signs sometimes I get a little emotional
sometimes I’m like calm down but if you are new to the channel welcome to the
fam I’m over here documenting my Kido weight-loss journey and your girl is
sharing everything right now we are trying to by strict keto and lazy keto
so join me by clicking that subscribe button plus the notification Bella as
well so you won’t miss out on any future uploads here I do upload three videos a
week so you can’t expect the video from me oh my name is Wednesdays and Fridays
– my returning YouTube family thank you so so so much for watching this video as
always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I
was singing the next video which will be Wednesday I know this video is a little
bit short y’all but I’m so sorry we’ll be back to regular programming hopefully
hopefully hopefully for the next video all right yeah I love you bye

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  1. Low-Carb CRAZY

    Aww…cute dog!!! You are looking fab girlfriend!! Im proud of you for sticking to it at a party. Great job my friend! Your mom is so sweet! Love her! Anywho, I did a crazy 80's chick intro on my most recent video. You will probably laugh and think I'm nuts…which I am.

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