Keto Krate Review + Taste Test & Giveawayyy I November 2019

It say sinless but I taste all the sin in it and it’s good. Hey YouTube family so today we are doing the November 2019 Keto Krate Review Plus Giveaway yeah so as always just grab a snack maybe even a
drink sit back relax and enjoy the video how’s your Friday going y’all you know
what I really need to sit down and talk to y’all about some stuff in life and I
just want to communicate with y’all more so I would really like to try to go live
but I’m too afraid because if I go live it nobody comes on y’all go hurt my
feelings and I don’t have time for that so we may have to wait on that for a little
bit real quick before we get into this Keto Krate Review plus Giveaway the
first link down below in the description box will be my personal Keto Krate
link and also I do have a 15% off discount code with Keto Krate so let’s go ahead and get into trying some Keto Krate snacks yeah okay you sounded kind
of thick and heavy in there y’all oh my gosh Keto Krate this is so sweet I
don’t know if they did this last year but it has a Keto Krate Thanksgiving
Survival Guide y’all oh my gosh this is so good oh my gosh it literally is
freaking all this this is oh my gosh y’all don’t even have a recipe for
cranberry orange scones oh look at how good that looks you know we have to try
that one day yeah I just want to say that whoever at Keto Krate came up
with this Thanksgiving Survival Guide your own or something thank you so much
this is gonna be so helpful to so many people okay also the first product we
have is from the company called BioTech Bodies it is the Norti Bar it is their
low carb classic chocolate bar okay on the front it says no added sugar no
dairy gluten free prebiotic probiotic and keto friendly alright so nutrition
facts it says it is 180 calories 17 grams of fat 18 grams of carbs 5 grams
of fiber one gram of total sugar 12 grams of sugar alcohol and 3 grams of
protein I’d say y’all right when I opened this
bar I instantly got hit with some good old snow and chocolate so this is what
the bar looks like it looks like those bars I went to Catholic school I don’t
know if I told y’all that from elementary all the way to high school
and we used to sell like little candy bars that look just like this things
like the world’s famous chocolate or something like that kind of reminds me
of it let’s try it y’all I have tried a good amount of like
you know keto friendly bars but y’all this like real deal like no if ands or
buts about this it really do remind me of like some good old just chocolate bar
like if this one has some nuts y’all I would have been ate this whole thing
just that quick no joke but it’s so good and um I still in the back of this job
that this is vegan friendly so if you are a vegan or thinking about becoming
vegan or trying to limit your dairy whatever this is a great option y’all
this is so good y’all I thought these were pretzels look at this look at this
real fast and just tell me that there’s don’t look like pretzels maybe it
doesn’t don’t judge me okay I’m on my period right now I’m not myself right now but
these are actually salami whips naturally wood smoked salami semi dry
cured old force grab-and-go ready-to-eat snack one package 250 calories 20 grams
of fat one gram of carb one gram of sugar 17 grams of protein
Oh what do we have here yo I thought it was gonna be like a
piece like you know like it could so this is one long I don’t think I’ve ever
had anything from this company but I like their sense of humor right now
let’s try it you know what I don’t think I’ve had salami in a while so for my
next keto grocery haul video I’m gonna have to definitely make sure I get some
know what I actually do miss eating salami so
you guys the next product we have I’m so happy for it it is the Fat Snax
cookies it is in the flavor y’all is this I’m not showing y’all the back of
it I am alright let’s try this again y’all so the next part we have is from
the company Fat Snax and it is their Lemony Lemon it says on here one net carb keto and sugar free so it’s like easy peasy lemon squeezy yeah I got that same
from one of the Keto Krate little pamphlets they used to have every time
is something like lemon related I always have to find a way to put that in there
but it says I’m here Oh make houses jelly see well honey I’m used to that
period it says over here 90 calories 8 grams of fat 6 grams of carbs 2 grams of
fiber 3 grams of sugar alcohol so that’s one gram net cart and two grams of
protein all right y’all let’s get into it let’s get into it we’ve got to get
into some things Oh y’all he smell so good oh my gosh just like those living
Girl Scout cookies I used to have Oh fun fact I used to be a Girl Scout
cookie let’s try that again y’all I used to be a Girl Scout
wow what a words hashtag Mercury retrograde is really playing games with
me right now and it is good you know what this makes me wonder like try to
make some lemon cookies mm-hmm so you guys the next product is from the
company Shrewd Food um they’ve been in a previous Keto Krate it is their
protein croutons oh it is in the flavour of parmesan herb and it says it’s
high-protein low calorie low carb gluten free so you guys for a nutrition facts
it is 60 calories 2 grams of fat 2 grams of carbs from Grandma total sugar 10
grams of protein I’ll show you how the packaging I think it’s very pretty
um I can’t have this but I mean so yeah this would be something great to put it
on your salads I’m gonna let my mother taste it and I’m pretty sure she’s gonna
love this or whatever but I’ll let y’all know right here what she thinks about it
you guys so this next product is from the company buff bake and it is their
fuel bar plus MCT okay it is keto plant-based okeydoke right yellow
showing out this month and I really do like that one gram of sugar and four
grams of net carbs it is peanut butter cacao oh yeah
this is keto chick plant base check one gram of sugar check four grams of net
carbs check we like that over here so for nutrition facts it says 220 calories
14 grams of fat 17 grams of carbs 13 grams of fiber 1 gram of sugar and 12
grams of protein already you guys this is what’s the buff bake peanut butter
cacao bar looks like mmm I’m ready to try it you know you guys I really and
truly like this bar you guys so far I am very impressed with this month’s Keto Krate ok y’all so head of cause more lip gloss
on because we need these lips popping okay so you guys this next product is
from the company Bunker Hill cheese and go
I’m already man I’m already man I know I would like this this is the buffalo
style crunchy cheese crisp made with 100% natural cheese just me being
jealous over here artificial growth hormone free so mad right now
obviously look like you’ll be so good here is 180 calories 15 grams of fat 1
gram of carb 0 grams of sugar 10 grams of protein I’m at boy that escalated
quickly I mean that really got out of hand fast you jumped up a notch it did
didn’t it yeah I already know my mama’s gonna love
this y’all I already know it yeah I know so that I’m bragging about how good it
is and I’m not gonna even try to hear about it but I really chil know right
hear what she says about it this sounds interesting this is the crispy cuts pork
rinds in the flavors sweet here all-natural arabs gluten-free so it
is 80 calories 6 grams of fat 1 gram of carb 0 grams of sugar and 7 grams of
protein I have to say I really and truly do like the packaging I think it’s very
nice guys let’s open it oh this is embarrassing
I refuse to tell y’all how long it took for me to open this bag but I found a
way whoo by any means necessary so you guys this is what it looks like
let’s try hmm oh okay it’s a little spicy
now y’all if you don’t like spicy foods I would not recommend those sweet
Chipotle pork rinds but I do like spicy foods it’s just that I didn’t taste
anything at first and I was like and I was like whoa well it’s not like spicy
spicy but it’s good I like it so you guys this next product is from the
company Heka Good Foods I really do hope I’m pronouncing that correctly it
is their keto bar Chocolate Chunk cookie dough all right
so nutrition facts it says 200 calories 15 grams of fat 24 grams of carbs 7
grams of fiber 1 gram of total sugars 3 grams of sugar alcohol it does say that
it has 13 grams of a yellow so that’s one gram net carb and 11 grams of
protein I just want to try a little piece because I think it’s gonna be good
yah so this is what the bar looks like um interesting so let’s try it alright y’all so this is my opinion um I
think the presentation of the bar could be a little bit better um it doesn’t
taste like bad but it doesn’t give me the whole little what is it supposed to
mean you see I can’t remember the flavor Chocolate Chunk cookie dough so I don’t
know what to say it doesn’t taste bad but
doesn’t give me the actual flavor that is claiming it’s supposed to be so the
next product is from the company Fat Fit Go okay it is their strawberry lime
premium nut butter I’ve never had that flavor together as a nut butter so I’m
pretty interested in seeing what that’s about y’all about that is this 200
calories 18 grams of fat 5 grams of carbs 3 grams of fiber one gram of total
sugar one gram of sugar alcohols and there’s one gram net carbs and five
grams of protein y’all I’m actually interested in trying this product let’s
give it a try what up y’all may just be on to something I like fat actually do
like this strawberry lime premium butter I was not expecting that
hmm I would have never thought about that combination I’m saying all right
you guys I’m so excited for this this is from the company Primal Noms and it is
their mud cake pumpkin spice and everything nice it said is gluten-free
keto paleo low-carb friendly keto cake in just one minute
oh okay we’re for that nutrition fact it says serving size one pouch 390 calories
36 grams of fat 28 grams of carbs 4 grams of fiber total sugars is 22 grams
okay so it is 28 grams of carbs – 4 grams of fiber – 20 grams of a yellow
and there’s four grams net carbs okay and it is 11 grams of protein I was like
you look great what are y’all doing I’m definitely gonna share this in one of my
full day of eating keto videos y’all I’m really excited about trying this I love
pumpkin anything so yeah okay y’all so this next product is from the companies
Zenwise just to let y’all look at the packaging and it is called keto crave
energy bar cacao almond all right so Nutrition Facts it is 210 calories 14
grams of fat 13 grams of carbs 8 grams of fiber
two grams of sugar zero grams of sugar alcohol and nine grams of protein okay
y’all so there’s a part of me that wants me to try this and Who am I to say no
and so this is what it looks like okay let’s try it okay y’all so this tastes
like basically all my health no I’m just kidding y’all it’s not like
bad it’s not sweet or anything to nature so if you’re like chasing after
something that’s sweet you wouldn’t like this but if you just want to have
something to snack on this would be a great product for you I feel like when I
have Zumba class later on today I’m probably don’t wanna flips and
everything in there alright y’all so this next product is from the company
Sinless Raw I like the name it is 85% dark chocolate sea salt 4 cutted I am
down for this this is sugar free artisan raw and vegan friendly okay I like it
already okay also for nutrition facts it is 136
calories 14 grams of fat 12 grams of carbs 2 grams of fiber 9 grams of a riff
and tall and 1 gram of protein i’ma let y’all know this I broke this bar but
it’s so pretty and it says syphilis on it well it did say sitting less on it
just let y’all see that all right y’all let’s give it a try I really did like
that stimulus bar y’all does not taste keto friendly in my opinion it’s a
sinless but I taste I understand in it and it’s good so y’all the November 2019
Keto Krate I’m very impressed with it so I’m really excited to see what
December will be like y’all because I know they gotta go all of it cuz it’s
gonna be the last Keto Krate for 2019 so they gotta go
big or go home so hopefully they go big with it so you
guys for a chance to win the November 2019 Keto Krate giveaway first things
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and truly love this in November 2019 Keto Krate Review Plus Giveaway like I said I’m excited to see what we will have for the December 2019 Keto Krate y’all because like I said you know crate they gotta go big and they got to
go home and I really do hope they go big so yeah I’m really excited to see how
they finish 2019 off but anyways my love I’m gonna curl up in a bed and try to
watch a little bit of Good Witch on Netflix y’all cuz I’m literally obsessed
with that right now and I’m gonna be underneath the covers then I’m gonna get
ready for Zumba class yeah that’s fine and somewhere in there I’m gonna cook I
don’t know oh yeah y’all so as always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I
love you so stay blessed and I will see you in the next video which will be
Friday I hope you great weekend be safe and I will see
y’all on Monday I love y’all so much! Byeeee ๐Ÿ™‚

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