Keto Haters Are My Motivators + Catalina Crunch Keto Cereal II Sashka Co

hi YouTube family so today is actually
Tuesday this video is actually going out tomorrow I typically don’t have my
videos that close but y’all this weekend haha yeah it’s been interesting so um
yeah so let me show y’all I got a couple things in the mail yeah we about to go
to Zumba real soon y’all I came home and I was like whoa I got stuff in the mail
so first thing first I got my Sips By box this is I got some water on this
y’all oh um this is the what month is the September 2019 Sips By I’m going
to do a review on this sometime this week if you don’t know what’s about is
it is like a monthly subscription of different teas y’all it’s basically
created to fit you since you’re just so unique yeah hopefully y’all I will have
my five dollars off on the first time you sign up with subscribe in the
description box if I don’t it will be up there very soon y’all the next product
y’all is from Catalina Crunch that I got them so excited y’all you don’t know who
Catalina Crunch is or what Catalina Crunch is y’all I had to move
that box out my way but it is a keto friendly dairy-free friendly and plant-based friendly and some other stuff as well friendly cereal y’all that
just makes my soul so happy because rarely you can find a company that is
keto friendly and basically dairy-free or at least vegan and so when I see
companies like that like it makes me so happy like my spirit is so happy like I
just appreciate it so much okay y’all so the third item that I
received is the Sashka Co. I’m gonna show y’all
maybe after Zumba I guess whatever y’all cuz I really need to hurry up and go to
Zumba oh I got some deodorant because I just need to get some deodorant you know
I’ll call cuz I’m out of it aim we don’t want to go to Zumba like that cuz that’s
just rude so yeah let’s head to Dollar General get
some deodorant then I’m gonna go in there to Zumba class and kill it whoo
y’all it’s just so late to be getting this video out I’m gonna do it though Alright y’all just got done with Zumba class currently
looking like death yeah that’s go home don’t know what I’m
about to do we got go home yeah yeah you know way I just pulled up
to the house and I said I wasn’t gonna say anything about this but a little bit
a little bit y’all key word y’all a little bit of pettiness that I have in my soul will
not allow me tonight speak on what I read yesterday come on y’all I’m so over
here just enjoying my yesterday basically and I get a comment basically
telling me that they don’t think Keto is working well first of all Keto or just
whatever way of eating will work for you if you’re consistent but let me tell
y’all this so I don’t want to sit here on this platform my YouTube channel and
say this I’m going to like for real for real buckle down because the fact that
somebody felt the need to comment that on my channel underneath my video
engines like motivated me listen I’m one of those people that if you tell
me I can’t do something that just triggered something up here in this
brain of mine and it’s like oh I gotta prove them wrong it doesn’t matter what
it is anything you basically told me I can do
I’m gonna work hard to prove you wrong so to you person that said that I’m not
you’re gonna say your name on here cuz I remember but I’m just not gonna say your
name but I’m going to prove to you that I can achieve on keto and prove to all
the next two here is basically like there’s so much motivation right there
I honestly y’all been doing some personal things but F all that Wow calm
down but forget all that y’all like I don’t
even care anymore about that like the whole thing and now I’m about to prove
this person wrong about to prove all the naysayers regarding keto or just low carb way of eating period by the prove them wrong like honey we’ve got to buckle down forever and then like I showed
y’all got that Catalina Crunch cereal y’all like hello I got me some keto
cereal so when I was I’m cereal I got me some cereal
period it like I’m so excited y’all like yes
honey we’ve got to prove all these naysayers wrong oh this is this I
promise you that just triggered something up there in my brain I don’t
know what it is but it triggers it for me
so overall basically thank you to the person that felt a need to comment
underneath my video and tell me that they don’t think that keto is always working for me huh yeah thank you so much I need that yeah so I got to walk into the
house you know I just if I just was not gonna come over here say anything but I
was like I gotta say something I just got to say something okay y’all so what
was inside of my Sashka Co package this is the chakra bracelet y’all hashtag
good vibes beautiful vibes all that awesome stuff also I think this goes
like on your car maybe I see ignore my nails y’all we are gonna get these nails
done eventually okay okay but um yeah I’m gonna be rocking this bracelet from
now on y’all and yeah oh I’m gonna take a bath and then I’ll come back and talk
to y’all of course I’m not gonna show you all that because that’s just too
much okay all right too much I will say this it says your purchase empowers
women to rise above poverty through fair trade so um I will have the Sashka code
link down below in my description box yes so cute so cute yeah alright y’all so what I have in my Catalina Crunch box we have
first off is the maple waffle keto friendly cereal yes thank you God and
then next we have is the Catalina Crunch graham cracker keto friendly cereal
up next we also have the Catalina Crunch cinnamon toast I’ve had this one before
and I really did like that one this was in one of our Keto Krate videos I
showed y’all that last y’all I have the Catalina Crunch dark chocolate keto
friendly cereal so y’all we are going to try let me turn this around
the Catalina Crunch graham-cracker cereal I’m just to show y’all what all
it’s about just in case you don’t know it is paleo friendly vegan 100% plant
soy free non-gmo high in fiber no sugar alcohols so it is 90 calories 3.5 grams
of fat 11 grams of carbs 6 grams of fiber that’s five grams net carbs and
then 10 grams of protein yeah it says I’m here zero sugar gluten and grain
free a sweet blend of what’s this o6 I thought I said a six plant proteins and
fibers designed to keep you fuller longer and promote good help yeah and yo
this is what it looks like inside of the bag again this is the graham cracker
Catalina Crunch cereal yeah the milk that I’m using is the silk
almond 30 calorie one this is the unsweetened on the milk and yeah here’s
my cereal y’all yeah back to have some cereal it’s just so crazy y’all anything
can be keto fight like seriously this even my keto cinnamon rolls and I want to
try that one day why that would be nice if somebody once said that to me I’d be
also too but I would like to try that hey YouTube family so editing version of
myself coming in I got to hurry up in edit this video and then upload it
that’s gonna be interesting and again I just want to thank the person that also
need to comment that little message underneath my video because when I tell
you let your haters be your motivators I felt that for real and it’s not like I
haven’t seen like great results on keto y’all and just the fact that somebody I
I really take my youtube channel as something very sacred to me on because
it’s helped me out do a lot of things that have been going on I’ll tell you
how about that one day especially during the beginning of 2019 and it’s really
just like blossomed slowly for me and I really take this YouTube channel to be
something very serious to me and I love it so much because it really does help
me because I am a Pisces y’all it does really help me to work on my creativity
and just really helped me to just escape the world in a way you know fun fact
y’all I really need to stop just claiming I’m gonna posses because
actually I’m a Pisces-Aries Cusp and so yeah I have a little bit of Pisces in me
and area so that’s kind of interesting I’m a
watery fiery type of individual like yeah it’s very interesting being that
type of person but um yeah I hope y’all enjoyed this video if you are new to the
channel welcome so the fam I’m over here documenting my keto weight loss journey
and a girl is sharing everything right now we are actually broke grill
combining strict keto and lazy keto so join me by clicking that subscribe
button + the notification bell as well so you won’t miss out on any future
uploads here I do upload three videos a week so you can’t expect the video from
me on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays y’all I’m really excited for all the new
things that I’ve been like cooking up in this brain of mine and I’m just ready to
like be like that person for Kido like I mean I’m not like the spokesperson and I
like that but like you know I want to be the type of person where I’m not just
telling y’all something I want to live by it completely so yeah y’all to my
returning YouTube family thank you so so so so so much for watching this video as
always if you don’t hear from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I
will see you the next video which will be Friday
alright y’all stay safe stay blessed and yeah see you Friday love you

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