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hello guys welcome back to the channel
I’m gonna be making some cauliflower grilled cheese today really simple
recipe has about 3 3 different steps and we’re going to be making it with a
cheese shredder today because I couldn’t find a blade to my food processor so we
got about a half a head cauliflower here and we’re gonna grade it first we’re
going to mitigate it a rice like consistency I’m gonna use the bigger
side of the grater it seems to break it down just about the right size okay guys
so you have the half a head of cauliflower and it’s been ground down
and to rice like consistency a little bit thinner than rice like a couscous
and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and steam it now for about 8
minutes all right guys so once you got the
cauliflower cooled off and off after steaming it you’re gonna take it and
drain all the water out of it in a clean towel you guys want to make sure that
you don’t skip this step because this is probably one of the most important steps
in order to get the crust to stick because of too wet then it won’t work
and anytime you use cauliflower for a recipe like whether is pizza crust or
you know this or anything like that you want to make sure that you always get
the moisture out of it because it’s a lot of moisture in it and it won’t stick
correctly with all that water as you can see this already a ton of
water that came out of that no it’s a bit more dry and it sticks together
better as you can see so now we’re gonna add about four ounces of mozzarella and
one egg so I’m gonna have one large egg and about four ounces of shredded
mozzarella actually use the bigger side for this and it’s better to actually get
the whole mozzarella cheese because the stuff that comes shredded has got potato
starch in it to keep it from sticking together so you guys always want to look
at the ingredients if you’re doing keto diet anyways if you’re not worried about
carbs then then again if you weren’t worried about carbs you probably eating
regular bread pull your grilled cheese stead of going through these steps and you’re just gonna take a fork or any
other utensil you use for mixing it mix it all together
Turley did you make a dough like consistency and they have the dough and you’re gonna
take some parchment paper and put it over on a sheet tray kind of push it
together until the ball first base is gone and shape it until the rectangle
like like a slice of bread or Square and this is a half a head of cauliflower
guys so forehead will make about two sandwiches you’re gonna make it look
about the size of the slices right to a half an inch just about perfectly but a
little bit we’re making a little bit bigger more like a like a half an inch
no more than that though as you guys can see a half a head of
quality flowers perfectly enough to make two perfect size like this we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna take it and put it in the oven at 450 degrees for about 25
minutes depending on how Brown you want it and also the how hot your oven is or
you want take a look at it you know after like 20 minutes or so to
see where you’re at so we have our oven preheated to 450 then they’re 25 minutes
and we’ll check it when it gets to 120 to see all right so this is about 21
minutes and look how golden and nice that came out perfect
okay now we’re gonna take it I’m gonna put it in a pan with a little bit of
butter Kerrygold yeah we’re just gonna melt the cheese on it put a little bit
of karat gold on the pan but a half a tablespoon to a tablespoon of wine
alright guys so once you got your pan butter and I’m gonna put first lights on
there and a have some cheddar cheese here that I sliced off the block that I
had in the frigerator put that on there if you guys actually wanted to cook a
little faster you can put the lid on it for like a minute or two and I’ll cook
it smelt your cheese a little bit faster not for too long because it’ll get soggy
just like a minute so guys take a look this is it this came
out really awesome for the first time I actually made it I’m sure I’ll be able
to improve on it as you guys saw didn’t have a food processor available because
I couldn’t find the blade today so I’ve made things a little bit more difficult
but it still was an awesome recipe I would recommend you guys to try it at
least once see how you like it and remember to subscribe and share this
channel share the videos and I’ll see you guys on the next one

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Reader Comments

  1. imawade

    Great job buddy but, do yourself a favor and get rid of the plastic bowl. Everything else was great wholesome and healthy.ย No need to add toxic chemicals (BPA)ย to your food when you canย avoid it. Use glass.ย Thanksย and a big thumbs up!!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‹

  2. Cindy Do

    Instead of mozzarella, I used shredded parmesan cheese. I also refrained from steaming. Instead I placed it in a pan on medium heat until it dried out 80%. No ringing out needed. I Made pizza too. ๐Ÿ˜

  3. A B

    Hello sir , I had some questions.
    If I were using the cauliflower as rice and topping it with some homemade curry, I wonโ€™t need to take out the extra water right?
    Also, can I make the cauliflower bread and store it for the next few days? How many days will it reman in the fridge?

  4. John McKenzie

    You should use a hard cheese like parmesan to mix with your cauliflower cuz it will help stick together and Harden better like toast and instead of draining it through that cloth put your cauliflower in frying pan on medium-high heat and steam the water out of it so much better try it you'll like it

  5. Pep Ghee-mendez

    I made it with bacon and tomato
    I melted the cheese on one of the โ€œbreadโ€ after it was ready still in the oven then I pan fried the rest. Recipe really could make 4 thinner slices as opposed to 2 thick but I really enjoyed it๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  6. John Gray

    Since the cauliflower bread is already cooked in the oven, i'd skip the stove top, and melt the cheese in the oven for the last couple of minutes.

  7. Horrorlover1000

    when I make cauliflower bread i use two teaspoons olive oil mozzarella one egg fresh pink Himalayan salt then mix it after all the water is out

  8. Barbara Ellico

    No nonsense kind of cook, here! I'm new to the Keto diet so I appreciate these simple recipes. Thank you and please keep em coming!

  9. Valerie Godwin

    just made these…wow! super tasty, and filling. I got 2 sandwiches bc I can only eat half ๐Ÿ™‚ Def going to be a staple of my menu. blts will be great on this too. Even before turning it into a sandwich I was like "WOA" delish.

  10. Valerie Godwin

    Just did macros: without chz just the cauli, mozz and egg: 2 slices=30 fat, 44.6 pro, 13.7 carb. So if you only have one slice (which is totally filling) 15, 22.3, and 6.88 respectively. That's with med cauli size, and part skim mozz.

  11. Mar A

    Pro tip– bake your cauliflower until it looks a little toasty brown, do this instead of steaming. Works perfectly for my keto Mac and cheese. ๐Ÿ˜

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