Keto Cooking: The Best Low Carb Vegetables

one of the biggest misconceptions about
a keto or low-carb diet is that all the foods you’re going to eat will be bland
or cooked to death the reality is so far from it vegetables both cooked and raw
play an important role in helping to keep the keto diet balanced nutritious
and delicious of course you can find hundreds of types of vegetables at your
local grocery store supermarket or farmers market those on the keto diet
learn to consider each vegetable they add to a dish with care after all some
vegetables are high in sugar and don’t deliver the way we need them to
nutritionally speaking to ensure that your carb counts don’t add up too
quickly here’s our straightforward do’s and don’ts guide for eating veggies on a
ketogenic diet first let’s start with the good stuff the ideal vegetables for
a ketogenic diet are high in nutrients and low in carbs our number one go-to
veggie is anything dark and leafy of course there’s spinach and kale and
plenty of other tasty greens like collards Swiss chard mustard greens bok
choy and arugula these tend to be high in iron packed with vitamins and
antioxidants filled with fiber and nice and low in the carbs we’d love to mix up
fresh leafy green salads or prepare side dishes like creamed spinach or roasted
kale at dinner time leafy greens aren’t the only low carb veggies the keto diet
also welcomes members of the cruciferous family like broccoli and broccoli rabe
cauliflower cabbage and Brussels sprouts al gratin Brussels sprouts and lemon
roasted spicy broccoli are two tasty ways we prepare these veggies on the
regular there are higher carb veggies that you can incorporate into your diet
just a little more sparingly than the lower carb ones mixing in higher carb
vegetables with lower carb ingredients is a great way to add some flavor and
texture without putting your carb count over the limit
a good rule of thumb to follow is that generally the brighter and more colorful
the vegetable the more carbs it tends to contain another is that sweeter veggies
think corn and carrots also contain more sugar some bright veggies are the
exception to these rules however for instance bell peppers and jalapenos can
be used for added texture and flavor in meals radishes are a great way to add
some crunch to a dish and tomatoes mushrooms eggplant artichoke hearts
olives and other medium carb veggies are a great way to add in visual appeal and
exciting flavors without too many carbs if we had to come up with a best of the
best list of vegetables that list would include broccoli asparagus mushrooms
zucchini spinach avocado cauliflower bell peppers green beans lettuce and
kale all of these are super versatile give the best nutritional bang for their
buck and pack in a ton of flavor now let’s look at the vegetables we almost
never eat very sweet or starchy vegetables like peas corn potatoes sweet
potatoes parsnips and yams are full of sugar and thus full of carbs we also
avoid yucca parsnips beets and some kinds of sweet squash it’s like but are
not in pumpkin so don’t be afraid to load up on veggies choosing organic is
great if and when you can but what’s more important is making sure you have a
diverse variety of vegetables to round out your keto diet frozen veggies can be
an economic and convenient way to go and are often more nutrient dense than fresh
ones because they’re flash-frozen at the peak of ripeness for inspiration on how
to cook vegetables be sure to check out our recipe database which is full of
creative and easy ideas for every meal of the day a keto diet takes commitment
and dedication but it’s a lot easier when you have a community to support you
visit ruled me every day for all kinds of keto resources including more
informative videos meal planning tips and
fools blog posts testimonials and so much more

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Reader Comments

  1. Terrilian Reya

    🌸All excellent points. I would caution against artichokes as their carb content are TOO high with over 13 grams of total carbs in one medium cooked globe artichoke. Eggplant, too, is high is carbs along with mushrooms. It pays to make a list of each and keep it handy until you memorize the amounts per serving, that way you can meal-plan accordingly. 🌸

  2. Patty LeVasseur

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for these keto videos. its kinda hard to follow reciepes that are low keto when all of them are different.for veggies and carbs and especially desserts with almond / coconut flours etc…. i havent had anything sweet. cause i just dont know the TRUE rights/ wrongs. CAUSE THEY ALL SAY SOMETHING DIFF . so thank you and pray you stay with these kinds of videos.. cause i need them;];];];]

  3. mike smith

    You really want us to avoid parsnips I see, you mentioned it twice 😉. Loving the videos. I send them to my friends who ask about keto because you explain everything so we'll.

  4. kimytaf

    what kind of peas are you eating? the peas i have in the freezer are 7.5g of carbs and 6g of fiber. so that makes it 1.5 per 100g id say thats pretty good! not the best but i think its still a nice snack with butter… no?

  5. Mildly Interesting

    Question: I LOVE juice, but they are liquid calories, and also have fruit natural sugar. I would like to keep drinking some juice on diet. Is there any juice I can have often that has less carb or no carb?

  6. kodiak536

    Nice info but, for a Keto people like myself who strictly limit carb intake to less than 12gm a day, this information is not too informative.

    Example, I have steak, 0gm carb with 4 cups of broccoli and it will crash with 12.1gm just for this meal.

    We know veggies are good for Keto but, counting carb like this will restrict what veggies and how much I can eat in a given day.

    Now, that's just broccoli. If I was to have brussel sprouts, I eat less and some others you mentioned in this video.

    Any suggestion? Either eat any "good" veggies sans carbs or limit them and do portion and carb intake control?

    Granted, Keto have worked and continue to work for me. Started 215Lbs on new years day and today, 02/22, I weighed in at whopping 188.8Lbs…@27Lbs weight loss.😁😎

  7. Luc Verhoeven

    Best vegetables; meat. Veggies are overrated. Also, stop mimicking ketosis with diet, just eat some carbs and fast 20+ hours a day


    What's your view on celery juice please? I'm eating stalks while with nut butter but reading more and more about the benefits of the juice… Do you think this is okay on keto seeing as the fibre will be taken out whilst juicing?

  9. MS Kewinyc

    What in the world did she just say Yuk ka😂😂🤦😮😔😀😂 Yucca is pronounced YouKa not yukka🤦🙆 I'm out of here!🤦✌🏽

  10. Jarrod Penton

    Looks like fish chicken cheese broccoli lettuce and green beans are all I will be able to eat cant stand the other ones this diet makes sense because until I was 16 this was about all the food I would eat and I was in very good shape got older started picking up fast food because always on the go and started gaining weight now 16 years later I'm going to eat like a kid again I wish I would have never started with all this fast food junk food

  11. Tink Byers

    I’ve never found a more useful and informative video about Keto like this!! YOUR WEBSITE IS PHENOMENAL. Thank you so much!! ❤️

  12. Yanuario Arias

    best vegetable for keto is? NONE! stay away from them, they cause inflammation and have sugars. you don't need the nutrients from them or there antinutrients (poisons) green salads the worst offender. the fiber will blot you make you look fat, give you gas and cause you to shit 3 times a day. eat a 50/50 animal fats to protein diet. carnivore is the best keto diet.

  13. Howard Kerr

    THANK YOU for this video, informative without telling why I should eat a vegetable, as in how it builds muscle or what it does to my digestion. I now know that I am still eating some veggies that I need to avoid, or at least eat very occasionally.
    BTW, I like all vegetables, just not crazy about Brussels Sprouts, but that Au Gratin version looks quite tasty, will have to try.

  14. Aulrone

    Whys iron always the first nutrient everyone mentions? You think you eat lots of iron you'll be iron man? How about the always deficit magnesium and potassium which the only way to get enough is through greens? Or the super hard to find nutrient, actual folate? Who cares about iron.

  15. Julie Dorminey

    So confused about zucchini – I see so many keto recipes with zoodles and other zucchini recipes – a co-worker gave me some fresh zucchini from her garden and I was going to roast it in some avocado oil for dinner tonight…….now I'm not sure if I should eat it….I have learned so much from this channel and I truly love it!

  16. Angel Bulldog

    Yams are usually enormous and grow in Africa. Sweet potatoes grow in America. They're not even related, botanically speaking.
    My horticultural background is showing….

  17. Zazo Says

    thank you so much gurl, I was going to start the keto diet and I didn't know anything about it at all but now iknow what to eat and what I shouldn't eat.

    BTW I just subscribed to your channel and I can learn more and more about keto.

  18. Sunny All Day

    GREAT video! I enjoy that it provides delicious, easy-to-make and highly nutritious Keto recipes! Also, the hostess is top-notch, she explains everything very professionally. Thank you for posting this video!

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