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hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ
so did you guys grew up eating cinnamon toast crunch I don’t know about you but
it was one of my favorite breakfasts growing up and I still love it as an
adult but what I don’t love is all that sugar and weird additive ingredients
that I can’t even pronounce so today we’re gonna make a super-easy minimal
ingredient remake of cinnamon toast crunch that’s also a sugar-free low-carb keto friendly gluten-free grain free everything free but tastes exactly like
your favorite childhood breakfast cannot wait for you to start your mornings with
this so let’s dive right into this recipe before we dive into our childhood
and adult breakfast of our dreams I’m gonna give you a little 101 about
measuring flour so most people will take their measuring cup and just scoop it
right into your container which is the wrong way to do it you’re gonna really
pack it in there and actually end up getting too much flour which can really
affect your recipe so the best way to do it is to scoop your flour from your
container right into your measuring cup kind of shaking it out as you go so you want to overpack it which is why
we have our little paper towel and then use a fork just has a nice flat side to
level it off really evenly to 105 grams it’s also really important to
weigh your flour just to make sure because all measuring cups although they say
one cup they’re all a little bit off which again can affect your recipe so
once we have our flour we can put our almond flour back into our container we’re gonna add some coconut flour lots of cinnamon because it’s
cinnamon toast crunch with a little bit of salt and monk fruit and then we’re just gonna stir it all together so
monk fruit is our sugar-free alternative it’s from a plant that comes from China
or Thailand and then the juices are then pressed to make crystals so it’s natural
it’s low glycemic so it doesn’t raise our blood sugar like a regular sugar and
tastes pretty good once it’s all mixed and the smell of cinnamon is filling up
your nose we’re gonna add one egg white you can
use an egg white separator if you’re not confident in your hands separating
skills and some melted coconut oil this will
make it really really crispy and it doesn’t give a weird coconut taste don’t
worry and mix it all together Once it’s all mixed it’s not gonna come
together quite yet until you really get messy and get your hands in there so you
want to just knead it all together until your mixture comes into a sticky ball
make sure you pack it all together it’s nice and stuck together in a ball and
it’s ready to roll got a little ball of cinnamon toast not
crunchy but it soon to be crunchy goodness so now we’re gonna make
little squares so you want to use two pieces of parchment paper or else this
will stick all over your counter and it’ll be a huge mess and you’ll be sad
and no cinnamon toast crunch for you so put it on your parchment paper and
flatten out a little bit cover with another parchment paper kind of like
when we made those low-carb keto sugar free sugar cookies we’re kinda gonna
roll it the same way roll it really thin about a sixteenth of an inch and voila it is 1/16 of an inch thin now
when I cut them into about 3/4 inch squares once you got that squared away get it
anyways we are going to transfer all the little squares to a parchment paper lined sheet pan leave a little bit of space between each square or else
they don’t get as crispy so having an offset spatula which is this little guy
here is going to help you a lot to pick up each square without it taking a million hours so once everything is ready to go on
your pan we’re going to sprinkle a little bit more monkfruit this makes it nice
and sweet and spicy and now we’re just gonna go spend a little time in the oven
to make them nice and crispy so have an oven set to 425 degrees you want a nice
high temperature to make them nice and crispy we’re gonna bake them for about
five to eight minutes until they’re really golden brown they burn quickly so
make sure you keep an eye on them they’re lightly golden brown but they’re
not gonna be crunchy when you get them out of the oven you have to let them
cool completely to room temperature and then I promise they will be nice and crunchy and that’s it perfect cinnamon toast
crunch to store them make sure you put them in a airtight container like a
Tupperware aisle I like to keep them in the fridge to maintain freshness and they’ll
stay nice and crispy for a good week or so so whether you like to eat them in a
bowl with some milk or if you’re like me and you just like snack away you’re
gonna love these low-carb sugar-free gluten-free and grain free cinnamon
toast crunch that’s gonna remind you of your childhood if you try them please
leave a comment below and let me know what you think I also really appreciate
a like and a thumbs up of the video the full recipe is in the video description
below and make sure you come back next week because I have a fun valentines day chocolatey recipe for you. hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss
the videos every single week go enjoy your breakfast and we’ll see you next
time bye for now you

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