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Horns up and welcome to a brand new episode
of Headbanger’s Kitchen. I’m having one of those delicious strawberry
and mint shakes that I made on one of the earlier episodes and today I’ve got a special
recipe for you guys: We’re making a keto chicken biryani. Guys, I know all you Indians have been craving
biryani since you’ve been on keto and I do too, so we’re gonna make this delicious keto
chicken biryani with succulent pieces of chicken and using cauliflower rice, of course. I’ve shown you how to make cauliflower rice
in an earlier episode and today we’re going to use that and make this delicious biryani. Anyway, as you can see, I’m also wearing a
t-shirt of my band Demonic Resurrection, this is our brand new album Dashavatar that comes
out March 15, 2017. If you’re watching this video after that day,
this album is already out. Anyway, if you like the metal that I Iisten
to and play, then do check out the album, do check out the t-shirts, though they might
be sold out. Anyway, enough self-promotion, let’s go and
make that delicious keto chicken biryani. Mmmm this is delicious, you should try making
this too. So to make our biryani we’re going to start
by marinating our chicken overnight; I’m using a whole chicken – curry cut pieces and without
skin. You can, of course, use whatever you like
– you can use boneless chicken, you can use only legs, only thighs, you can use it
with skin if you like also, but I wouldn’t recommend it. So let’s go marinate that chicken first. Now we’re going to marinate our chicken. And we’re going to be using a tablespoon of
ghee, 100 grams of plain yogurt or dahi, coriander paste, about two tablespoons, fresh mint leaves,
the juice of half a lime, turmeric, red chili powder, coriander powder, garam masala, cumin
powder, salt and give that all a gooooood mix. Oh wait, I forgot an important ingredient
– ginger-garlic paste. Add about a tablespoon of ginger-garlic paste
as well and continue mixing that and leave it to marinate overnight. Now guys, if you notice, I didn’t use any
whole spices and the idea is that this recipe is supposed to be a really simple chicken
biryani and the garam masala that I used is basically all the whole spices ground together. Okay, so now that our chicken is marinated
overnigh, it’s time to assemble the biryani in our handi or our Dutch oven or whatever
you want to call this dish. So we’re going to start by putting in about
a tablespoon of ghee because you don’t want anything to stick, you want some fat in there. Then we add our chicken, then we add our cauliflower
rice. This is raw cauliflower rice because this
is going to get cooked along with the chicken. Then I’m going to pour some melted butter
over this cauliflower rice, a little bit of salt for seasoning, add some fried onions… WAIT. HOLD ON! There’s an Indian somewhere going, “but you
cannot eat keto pe onion and tamatar”. Guys, listen, this is one onion, deep fried
in bacon fat and, if you’re counting your macros, you can eat onions and tomatoes both
and this is a recipe for four people so it’s one onion across four people so anyway, back
to the show now. Some saffron that I’ve put in some warm water,
some fresh mint leaves, some fresh coriander, some shahi biryani seasoning, which is like
a liquid and some kewra, which is like an aromatic. And there, our assembly is done. We’re gonna put this on the gas and just cook
it slow and low for about 20 to 25 minutes till the chicken is completely cooked and
so is the cauliflower rice. So our biryani has been cooking for a while;
let’s check it out. It looks like it’s done and that’s it! Your keto chicken biryani is ready. Now all you’ve got to do is just mix everything
everything one so the masalas get into the cauliflower rice and there you have it, your
delicious keto chicken biryani. In fact, I think you could have a drinking
game with the amount of times I say keto chicken biryani, keto chicken biryani. Okay, so it’s time to taste this delicious
keto chicken biryani. Let me just dig right in. Oh wow, leg of chicken. Biryani, biryani, biryani, biryani… if you
wanted biryani, then, my friends, you’re going to love this. The chicken is cooked perfectly; it’s juicy,
it’s flavourful because of the marination, the rice, the cauliflower rice is beautifully
flavoured. I’m loving this. This has all the makings of a good biryani. Of course, if you noticed I put no green chillies
in, because I don’t like anything spicy. If you like spicy stuff, add some chillies
to your food. And please, make this at home, tag us on instagram
if you do – @headbangerskitchen – and you know, we share the best three photos every week or so, so make sure
you do that, give this video a thumbs up, subscribe to the YouTube channel and the reason
I’m rushing all of this is because I want to go and eat this in peace without being
disturbed. So I hope you enjoyed this episode and I will
see you on the next one of Headbanger’s Kitchen. Cheers and keep cooking!

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Reader Comments

  1. madnessofmymind

    You don't like spicy?? The majority of things in there are spicy…to my very delicate palate! LOL
    You give me hope that keto is possible to follow and not be bored to tears.

  2. Naeem Haque22

    Problem is, tue cauliflower gives that bad smell and aftertaste and I don't know how to get rid of it. I was expecting the cauliflower to be a dead product to act as rice. But it smells bad and that horrible aftertaste. I haven't made it yet but i tried to make the fried rice. I'm trying to help my diabetic mum to be happy again. She's missing all that high carb days and i cant just sit their and watch her suffer.

  3. Fiona8812

    A thousand greetings! Your not just King of Keto cooking. You are the Masiha of Keto Heaven calling the fat and the sick!! // Tried the recipe, it's only wonderful but Life saving πŸ˜‰ !! Thank you and Much love from Mumbai!!

  4. Cindy's World

    I love all your recipes! Great videos, you have a new subscriber! I've been on Keto since June 2nd, 2018 and always looking for flavorful recipes and yours are wonderful! thumbs up

  5. Charu Jagtap

    Hi, I really liked the Biryani recipe. I have made twice but both the times it became watery. How do I make it as dry as the one in the video. I'm looking forward to a solution because I want to make the Biryani again and again. Taste is delicious.

  6. Charu Jagtap

    Thanks for responding…. I have been cooking the chicken till almost done then covering it with the cauliflower rice. What I did not do is dry the chicken like you suggested so….I will give it one more try and let you know. Thanks

  7. Shireen Jai

    Ok, so i made this previously without the briyani essence because I couldn’t find it where i am at; and used briyani masala powder instead. It tasted like cauliflower and chicken. Definitely not like briyani. Yesterday, i plonked in the whole herbs i usually use to parboil the rice for a normal briyani dish. IT WAS THE BOMB!! It tasted so much like briyani! Like the best briyani, keto or otherwise i had in a long while! Even my husband who is a carb monster LOVED it. Like you said, there is a need to mask the cauliflower with herbs and spices. This dish is gonna be a Sunday dinner staple in my home. Thank you very much!

  8. viswadha ummareddy

    Can we have jowar ki rohi instead of badam roti ? Like made with 25g of flour ? In nutrition value – 100g has 76g of total carbs …

    Btw you are an angel …. πŸ™‚

  9. Manraj Kaur

    Sir m big fan of your Keto recipes … sir you are awesome sir plz I requested to you plz make video on Keto veg avocado prantha Keto

  10. Panthera Pardus

    Hi, I made the biryani tonight for dinner. I have to tell you , it's a winner. The only thing is I was missing was having some rita with it. I was also missing adding raisins to it, also cashews. I know, higher in carbs ;-( Your recipe was so good though. Thanks!

  11. adam el krak

    Exiting, finally I can eat my favourite dish without feeling guilty, love uuuuuπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  12. Menahil Ahmed

    I started keto 6 days ago and I was already getting sick of it. Not eating desi food definitely did not seem sustainable to me and I am so glad I found your channel. Tried this today and I was sceptical at first but it turned out amazing. Everyone loved it!

  13. Loulwah Al Refai

    You are the master of ketogenic kitchen your food is delicious easy to cook and taste better than any keto recipe I've tried most of your recipes thank you!

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