Keto Cauliflower “Potato” Salad | GF, Whole30 & Paleo

hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ
we’ve made cauliflower stuffing we have made cauliflower Gratin just when you
thought cauliflower couldn’t be anything else we’re gonna make cauliflower potato
salad or a faux tato salad it’s creamy it’s comforting it’s great for the
summer or the winter we need a low-carb side dish so let’s dive right into this
recipe so step number one and to make a cauliflower potato salad is you guessed
it cauliflower so we’re gonna chop some cauliflower so we have a head of
cauliflower and we’re gonna chop it into bite-sized florets we need about five
cups or about one pound I find it easiest just to break them up
into florets but you can also chop them whatever works best for you just wanted to give you a little
cauliflower funfact cauliflower is high in choline which is an essential
nutrient that many people are deficient in it’s one of the only vegetables that
has it along with broccoli and choline is a really important for metabolism
support and brain development so you definitely wanna get your cauliflower in
and now I got to go cook our cauliflower water is bubbling bubbling bubbling toil
and troubling so just add in your cauliflower and cover it and we’re gonna
cook it until it’s fork-tender which is about nine or ten minutes so now waiting
for the cauliflower to boil we’re gonna hard-boil four eggs so you want to put
them in a pot that has about enough water to cover them by two inches and
bring it to a boil so once it’s boiling we’re just gonna turn off the heat put
your lid on and let them sit there for about 11 or 12 minutes once they’ve been
sitting for 10 minutes you just want to pour out that hot water and cover them
with cold water magical 10 minutes later our cauliflower
is fork-tender and we’re ready to go drain it gonna drain all that water out
of your cauliflower we’ve got our cooked cauliflower our
boiled eggs we’re ready to assemble our cauliflower fauxtato salad you want to dump
that nice cauliflower onto two layers of paper towel and spread it out
nice and evenly take another layer paper towel and gently press out the water you
don’t want to crush the cauliflower once you have as much water as you can
pressed out you just want to add your cauliflower into a large bowl now we’re going to
get our ninja skills on we’re gonna slice and dice our veggies we need about
1/2 a cup of thinly sliced celery add it right into your bowl now we have a
little onion punchy pow for flavor so we need about a quarter of a cup of diced
red onion a quarter cup of our nice diced
red onion and right into our Bowl knock knock
knock who’s there it’s time to peel our eggs now you just want to slice your eggs all up add your protein-packed addition into
your bowl now what’s a good potato salad a little good creamy dressing so we’re
gonna make them you guessed it we have creamy dreamy paleo friendly mayonnaise
I’m using primal kitchen nine tablespoons of that and five tablespoons
of Dijon mustard if you’re doing a whole 30 version make sure your Dijon mustard
doesn’t have any white wine in it then we have some dill paste you can also use
fresh dill you’ll just have to season it to taste with dill in that case 1
tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a good pinch of salt or a few pinches a little
bit of paprika for a little bit of spice and flavor and a good twist of pepper so
whisk it all together until smooth and all that’s left to do is combine our
salad and our dressing and I just gotta mix it all together
until nice and coated I know you want to eat it right now but no can do we’re
gonna go put it into the fridge for two hours so it can develop some good flavor and just like that low-carb cauliflower
fauxtato salad where no one is gonna know the difference
you guys even my veggie hating husband requests this recipe so if you try this
recipe please leave a comment below and let me know what you think I also really
appreciate a like in a thumbs up of the video and make sure you subscribe
because I’m delivering healthy and delicious gluten-free recipes to you
twice a week next week we are doing a Jack Johnson inspired breakfast that you
do not want to miss so go enjoy your cauliflower faux tato salad and we’ll
see you next time bye for now you

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