Keto Breakfast Sausage Pigs in a Blanket – Not FatHead – Corn Dog Maker Recipe

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto
and in this video we’re gonna use the corndog maker to make pigs in a blanket
but before we begin a quick disclaimer we’re gonna be using about a tablespoon
of log-cabin sugar-free syrup in this video this syrup contains sorbitol a
sugar alcohol that has a glycemic index of 9 now I’ve had a fair amount of this
stuff in recipe testing and it’s never knocked me out of ketosis my blood
glucose readings on a daily basis rarely go above the mid-80s so it hasn’t
affected me but every individual is different so it’s up to you if you
decide that you want to do a blood glucose testing and see if sorbitol
affects you or if you want to wait in the upcoming weeks I’m gonna be doing a
review of a number of different syrups that have different sweeteners in them
including some stevia based and alamos based syrups but with that out of the
way let’s get to making ourselves some pigs in a blanket as with all of my
batter based recipes we’re gonna be using the food processor method we’ll
start with 1/2 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese 1/4 cup of birch
benders paleo the reason we’re using the paleo instead of the keto is it just has
a much more pancake flavor and it only adds less than one net gram of carbs per
pig in a blanket we then have 2 teaspoons of coconut flour and 1/2
teaspoon of baking powder pulse this 6 to 8 times until it’s the consistency of
bread crumbs then we’ll add 2 whole eggs large and a tablespoon of sugar-free syrup process until you have a smooth batter then to make pouring the batter easy
either transfer it to a piping bag or a sandwich bag seal the bag squeezing out as much air
as you can then will snip off a corner and set this aside with a hole up so it
doesn’t leak out while we preheat our corndog maker now every time I’ve tried
to do this from my point of view I screw it up so we’re just gonna do it from the
side you’ll get the picture use your piping bag to fill each one of
the cavities between halfway and two-thirds of the way full then we’re
gonna take some precooked sausages these are the Jones brand so it’s like one
carb every five sausages and push them down into the batter so it starts to
come up around the sides then we’ll stream another bead of batter on top of
each sausage and close it up it has been right about seven minutes the steam is
starting to settle down let’s pop these guys out and we’ll let these cool for about two
to three minutes and the taste test this is practically a self-contained
McGriddle and that gives me an idea for another recipe I mean look at how cakey
that is that is a pancake batter right there we’ll give it a little dunk in
some syrup this is absolutely a pancakes and sausage experience that will make
you forget you’re on keto to net grams and carbs per serving which is one pig
in a blanket I’m gonna keep coming at you with these corndog er sort of videos
so if you enjoyed this video hit that like button hit that subscribe button
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next to it thanks for watching

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Reader Comments

  1. codegreen97

    I came to say thanks for doing what you do, I enjoy watching your videos. When I saw the corn dog maker video the first time I bought one right away from Amazon and have been using it nonstop. I can't wait for the next video!

  2. Homeschool Mama of 12

    Add a little blueberries to it and it's just like the blueberry pancakes sausage on a stick in the frozen section! My kids really loved those when we were eating a standard American diet!

  3. Katie Irish

    Holy momma! This one looks so fabulous!
    I use the SF syrup often in my batters and I have no problem with it either.
    I love the idea of the testing you're going to do on the syrups. I look forward to that!

  4. Simon Jessey

    When you do your review of syrups, consider reviewing those available from ChocZero. I particularly like their caramel and maple pecan. They all use monk fruit for sweetener.

  5. Martha Feustel

    Before you get comfortable using sorbitol, do some research. It may not affect your blood sugar, but it may cause problems for your eyes. I avoid it.

  6. Nana 63

    Just left the store with my Birch Benders paleo mix – will try this recipe for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks for another great recipe – you have truly found your calling!!

  7. sandys7118

    Thank you so much for this recipe! It was one I hoped you would do! I ordered my corn dog maker and cannot wait to make these for a keto breakfast on the run. Awesome!!!!

  8. RedBearAK

    My understanding of why the sugar alcohols (and most if not all of the artificial sweeteners) are not good, (besides erythritol because it isn't metabolizable by us or fermentable by gut bacteria), is that it has less to do with glycemic index and more to do with how they can mess with the gut microbiome (feed "bad" bacteria) and cause digestive distress (very severe for some). Stevia, monkfruit, oligosaccharide (the second ingredient in Swerve) and erythritol are the only relatively "safe" alternative sweeteners I've identified after much research. Allulose doesn't seem too bad but there are reports that some can experience gas and bloating and other gastrointestinal distress (dose dependent) similar to the other sugar alcohols, and it's only 70% as sweet as sugar so you need to use quite a bit unless you mix it with other sweeteners. The jury is still out since it's very new on the market in any meaningful quantity.

  9. Paulette Wright

    I'm seriously crazy about my corn dog maker now. Last night, corn dog batter with string cheese inside dipped in marinara for dinner. This is all your fault. 🙂

  10. RedBearAK

    Based on my own preferences for healthy sweetener choices I tried two different sugar-free maple syrups from Amazon (couldn't get anything but the sorbitol stuff locally) and I can recommend them both as being not bad. The first is SweetLeaf Stevia Maple Flavored Syrup, which is quite sweet and relatively thin. The second is ChocZero Maple Syrup, which is quite thick but a bit lacking in flavor or sweetness overall. I've taken to mixing them together and the result is pretty darn good.

  11. Rosa Cervoni

    This sounds absolutely delicious!! But I wouldn’t consider it pigs in a blanket. Definitely more of a McGriddle. Thank you for all these recipes!!

  12. Marcelo Ribeiro Simões

    Maybe could be a good idea to use some fiber (like psyllium husk, for example) so we'll have "a buffer" to avoid cabs problems…

  13. Sharon Rich

    Where did you buy the corn dog maker? Sure am glad I found you! I have been making some of your recipes and I think we have the same taste buds.

  14. vanash4

    I think you're largely responsible for that corn dog maker being out of stock everywhere. Good thing too. I really shouldn't buy one but your recipes are so great.

  15. Echo Delta

    Great video. You've definitely got the hang of filling that corndog maker. Love the way your eyes rolled back in ecstasy after you tasted it with syrup. Not to mention the mischievous grin when you said, "…McGriddle… That gives me an idea for another recipe"

  16. John L

    These look awesome. Also great job on keeping this video tightly edited—5 minutes is all a video like this needs to be! So many youtubers do videos like these and they’re a half friggin hour for the same amount of actual content

  17. gayle crisp

    Lol You have got to stop this!! I will start wanting a corn dog maker that I DO NOT have room for. Those corn dogs looked simply marvelous!! Maybe as a side note could you give alternative ways to mimmick these recipes if you do not have the specified appliance? Also being keto, would you recommend the Birch Bender's Paleo rather than the Keto mix across the board for pancakes, waffles etc?

  18. Lilia Castro

    I know this might not be in your wheelhouse but I'm looking for a low carb or keto friendly blooming onion or onion rings in a air fryer. Help if you can thank you 🤗

  19. RetroGarden Bling

    Holy Moley! I’ve been making your creations all weekend… there was no imf this weekend… and if omad counts as all day… then I’m good. Let me say, I put this left over batter in the waffle maker and topped with cinnamon and monk fruit maple syrup… wow… wow… wooow… very satisfying!!!

  20. Loving It On Keto

    You've got me sold! I ordered the Smart Planet Corn Dog Maker through your link. Your recipes for this machine all look delicious! I will let you now how mine turn out once I receive the machine and get cooking.

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