Keto and Low Carb Blueberry Muffins | Paleo + Gluten Free

hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ
where today we are going to make the most fluffy the most delicious and the word
that everybody hates moist keto blueberry muffins that’s right we all
love pastries and they’re okay to eat every once in a while I’m not gonna kill
you but if you want to eat them on a regular like this girl it’s better to
have a healthier option and these are gluten for you a paleo friendly
sugar-free keto friendly but not taste free I promise you’re gonna love them
and you’re gonna love how easy they are to whip up so let’s dive right into the
recipe so because these are gluten-free and keto friendly and paleo friendly
just a whole lot of allergy friendly muffin goodness here we are going to use
some almond flour so three cups a quarter of a cup of coconut flour your
usual a baking powder baking soda and salt
the combination of soda and powder makes these muffins really fluffy but also
really soft and chewy which is something that I love and then mix it all together when your flour is nice and mixed we’re
gonna move on to the wet ingredients which is a quarter of a cup of
applesauce now keto friends before you freak out you can also use full fat
coconut milk if you want to make this even lower carb requires a cup of monk
fruit which is our natural sugar-free sweetener some vanilla extract for a
little flavor and 7 tablespoons of melted coconut oil which gives us a
really nice light coconut flavor that I absolutely will love and three eggs and blend it all together with an
electric hand mixer once it’s all combined you just want to
stir in that dry ingredients once it’s all combined and really evenly mixed you
just want to add in 2/3 a cup of blueberries just stir them until they’re
evenly distributed so we got a pre sprayed muffin tin make sure you spray
it really well cooking spray because these muffins are a little bit sticky
and my secret weapon for making the prettiest most domiest if that’s a word muffin is a big muffin scoop or it’s like an ice cream scoop something
with a nice spring handleif you scoop it out you can see that you are gonna
get it perfectly shaped bakery style muffin just like that
perfectly dome muffins are gonna be fluffy and delicious but now we just
take them back to the oven so it’s gonna bake them in a 350 degree oven until a
toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean about 25 minutes give or take and there we have it perfectly golden
brown muffins with that perfect bakery style dome Thanks to that muffin scoop
trick they’re a little bit crunchy on the top and soft and moist even though
we hate that word on the inside basically the perfect of blueberry
muffin so now once they cool in the pan for about five minutes or so you just
want to loosen them and transfer them to a wire rack to cool completely see easy-peasy to make some little carb
gluten-free grain free dairy free sugar-free and keto friendly blueberry
muffins but they’re not taste free even if
you’re not doing a keto or low-carb or gluten-free diet these blueberry muffins
are for you so if you try this recipe please leave a
comment below and let me know what you think you can grab the full recipe in
the video description I’d also really appreciate a like and a thumbs up of
this video and make sure you hit that subscribe button because I’m delivering
healthy and delicious gluten free recipes to you every single week
speaking of delicious gluten free recipes next week we had a whole thirty
takeout fake-out recipe that you do not want to miss so go enjoy those blueberry
muffins and we will see you next time bye for now

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