Kerala | Fusion | Paleo | Grilled Fish Pollichathu Recipe | Tamil | சுட்ட மீன் பொளிச்சது

Today we will see how to prepare Grilled Fish Pollichathu. Ingredients: 2 Whole cleaned Red Snapper fishes We have made 3 deep slits on each side of fish. Ginger garlic paste made with 100 gms of ginger and 1 full garlic 3 medium sized country tomatoes. Coriander leaves to garnish 1 or 2 lemons Red chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Black pepper powder, Salt and Coriander powder 1 slice of butter 2 big onions Toothpicks to cover fish with Banana leaf. It is available in most shops. Cleaned and cut banana leaf of this size. Marinate this fish with half the salt, turmeric and red chilli powder. Adding red chill powder finally Let the red chilli powder go inside slits Now we have marinated both the fishes You can keep this in fridge for 5-10 minutes or can straightly use this. This is Grill Pan. Preheat this non-stick grill pan on high flames. Now we can add butter in this preheated pan. Now butter has melted well Now put marinated fishes keeping flames high Fish will stick with pan if pan is not heated. While we grill the fish, we will prepare the masala for it in another pan. Adding 1 spoon of (groudnut) oil Add cut onions after oil is heated We will check the grill when onion is being cooked. Slightly lift up the fish with thongs. Don’t lift if it is sticking to pan. Turn fish if it is not sticking. Do the same for another fish. Now fish is fully grilled on one side. Adding little salt to frying onion Looks like fish is fully grilled. Now we can switch off the grill pan and prepare masala. Add Tomato after Onions turn into Golden Brown colour. Now Tomato is cooked well. No need for all tomato juice to come out as we are going to add ginger garlic paste. Adding Ginger Garlic paste now. Now raw smell of ginger garlic paste has fully gone. Now we can add remaining turmeric and red chilli powder. Black Pepper Powder Coriander Powder Now mix this well We can switch off as masala is cooked well. Now both Masala and Grilled fish are ready. Now we will see the next step. Place grilled fish in cut and cleaned Banana leaf. Now add prepared masala to that. Spread masala over fish Use spoon to spread fully Fold and close banana leaves after spreading masala to both the sides of fish. Take tooth pick. Use multiple tooth picks to hold the cover tightly. We will do the same for another fish. Adding Masala Adding masala to other side too Spread masala allover the fish. Now cloase this as well. Keep Grill Pan in simmering heat. Switch off Grill Pan once you get strong smell of Banana leaf. Handle carefully as it is very hot. Now take out all toothpicks and open it. Now fish look juicy with good smell of banana leaf. Add drops of lemon juice on it Garnish this with Coriander leaves. You can serve this as it is. This is ready now. Let us taste it. 🙂

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