Keep Your Diet Simple

What you wanna do is get on the right path
and the right path simplicity keep it simple and stay on the right path Hello everyone, It’s old Butter Bob, I’m out here in the woods. Sometimes it feels like it’s a bewildering situation when when you first dieting. You have so much
information coming at you from every conceivable direction and I’m just one
more instance of someone send you more information but i wanna I wanna tell you
about my experience and maybe it’ll help you a little bit. You know, I’m out here in the
woods and there’s all kinds of trees and bushes and we could pretend like
those things are kind of like information but what we really need to know is a simple idea where the path is. What is it that we’re really trying to do? the path of course is we want to lose that big belly we got and we want to know the best way
to do that Well, I had a gift given to me and it was the gift of not being a very good cook I’m a terrible cook actually, and every time
I try a new recipe it doesn’t work out very well for me so I had to learn how to keep my food very simple so I just broke it down to the very most simple things that I could do like I told you in my other videos, I had bacon and eggs,
sausage and eggs, I had fried chicken cooked in lard. I did very simple menu, a simple high fat menu and I noticed something I didn’t need all these elaborate recipes
because my appetite went down and I noticed that I wasn’t eating and I
followed and listen to my body listen it’s only later on as I was more
and more successful that I realized that I had accidentally tapped into the most
important thing that you could possibly do on this diet what is that thing? It’s listen, listen
we’re trying to reduce our weight and some people will complicate that they
want they want to make up a hundred different recipes, or they want to do
very elaborate things but what we gotta do is focus on what the real thing is that we’re trying to do and that real thing is to lose the fat. Well, these this
simple food makes it easy you’re you’re able to eat, but not spending a lot of time
on the eating or the preparing of the food and therefore you’re able to get on with your life fasting is the same way. when you feel the appetite control kick in, you want to go with it you want to listen to it listen to your body believed me guys it
will get so much easier for you as you go along. The magic and this is really
the magic is once you get your appetite down and you begin the
process fasting its gonna make things easier you’re gonna see your weight is
coming off your not having to put all your energy your mental thought into
getting this thing accomplished. You’re just doing what nature tells you to do, not eat, and when it is time to eat you’ve got some kind of simple
little meal that you can eat to get you by some people say well that’s really
boring well I’m telling you it’s not boring when you’re able to come out to a
park like this and walk up and down these hills without being out of breath, that’s not boring, and it’s not boring to be able to jump on a trampoline with your grandkids, that’s not boring, what is boring is being heavy and being confused and studying
yourself to death trying to figure out a thousand different recipes to make this
work look at yourself a high-fat diet did you actually simple menu layout few
simple meals that you can put together for your week listen to your body and
watch the way come off as a weight comes off you’ll feel better and better you’ll
feel better about every aspect of your life as you see this thing work guys I
know what it’s like to be bewildered you know it to be in a forceful of
information and not know what to do you know before I lost the weight before I
got on this plane I went to a jail and I worked myself have to bear on these
machines and it did almost no good at all it made me feel terrible about
myself I’m not putting exercise then exercises fantastic career hell but it
was a waste of my time we all have a limited amount of time to get things
done before before we become frustrated so what we need to do is find simplicity
employ that simplicity and go with it bulimia wants guys you have no idea how
power how powerful it is to get your insulin level down and watch your body
transform itself by making simple look on my website this could be a short
video on my website I have a little article called simple boring take a
chainsaw to your problem man you creating a pretty much puts together the
idea of eating high-fat diet put together a simple high-fat diet but you
get a simple strategies that you can put together to make those recipes for sure
maybe increase the fat in those recipes it also put together my idea that
simplicity + listening to your body plus short-term fasting is it just a it’s a
miracle almost a white will do your body because I will
tell you why it’s not because it’s a smart plan on my part is because it’s
nature’s light it is nature’s way to get the white often get you back down or you
should also be so when you do it nature’s White Horse it’s much easier
than doing it some smart guys wife are some intelligent persons white folks you
gotta see this beautiful here keeping it simple help you control your appetite
and that’s the whole point controlling your appetite allows you to harness
nature’s power and nature’s power which is fast think we’ll ask you to lose the
white house to make a lot of plans will have to think a lot about all the issues
that you need to do just need to harness nature’s power thank you

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Reader Comments

  1. Be Live

    I try to follow this LCHF diet since August, almost 2 months. reduce size from XXL to XL.
    Just research some e book for KETO cooking. Planning to order some ingredients from iherbs…. Lucky, I found this video. Simple is the rules!!! Thank you!

  2. Long Island Teresa

    I thank you for your videos… But I still can't wrap my head around it that if somebody has over a hundred pounds to lose how can they eat fat and then lose the fat that they have on their body… Like, wouldn't it be smarter just to eat protein and vegetables and let your body then eat the fat that you have on your body instead of eating fat at meals? I'm sorry but I just don't understand it.,

  3. Romulux

    Butter Bob, you're killing the high fat game. I've done my own research on high fat eating and I'm taking your advice. I'm on my fourth day with no sugar and low carbs and I feel amazing. I've always struggled with carbs and binging on carbs/sugar. I used to eat an entire pack of fun-sized candy in a night. I'm a cook and I already loved to cook all the foods on a high fat diet, so cutting out sugar/carbs just feels natural to me. Cruciferous veggies, butter, bacon, eggs, etc.. Today I just bought the fattiest bacon I've ever bought in my life, two dozen cage-free hormone-free veggie-fed eggs, two pounds of grass fed butter, and one pound of lard.

    I've been fasting for a while now, I prefer to do 16/8 anyway, and I can tell the insulin from eating too many carbs is what was stopping my fat loss and affecting my mind. I used to get tired after I ate because one of my favorite things to cook was home fried potatoes and toast with my breakfast. I fried the potatoes in canola oil, of course. Well, tonight I threw away what was left of my gallon jug of canola oil, and I'll never eat it again. I now replace my potatoes and toast with more eggs and asparagus cooked in butter, or cauliflower with garlic, or greens cooked in butter, or more bacon. Today I ate two meals, estimated at about 2200 calories, which is close to my TDEE in a calculator. I feel full and totally satiated. I don't count calories much, but I know for a fact that 2200 calories of mostly carbs would leave me hungry and I'd probably eat another 600-1000 depending on what it was. Knowing that everything I ate today was delicious, is healing me, and feeling full from it instead of craving more, is the best food-related feeling in the world. Far better than any chip, dip, cookie, candy, chocolate, soda, beer, or booze I've ever had.

    I appreciate you and your message, and I only wish I had found this information sooner, it would have saved me a lot of grief over the years. Thank you Bob.

  4. Kelly Machado

    Hi Bob…just found your video's and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I started a ketogenic diet about 3 1/2 weeks ago and down 12 lbs…4 inches from my waste as well as from the rest of my body. What I love about you most is the way you simplify a subject that is very complex. I have a medical degree and researched for years on insulin resistance…have lost and gained back and now more serious than ever. The difference between me and you…not my degree but the fact that I tend to over think things until my brain hurts and then I give up. I'm 52 now and have ALWAYS been thin…over the past 5 years gained 50 lbs and NOTHING worked. Calories in calories out theory is futile on an insulin resistant person and not one doctor that I know EVER explains that to anyone. As a matter of fact…most docs never bring nutrition into any of their treatment plans. Sometimes I wonder if some (not all) refrain from explaining not because of ignorance…but financial gain. Most people that are IR LOVE carbs (sugar) so this is a difficult transition initially…but once the weight and inches start dropping off…biggest motivator going hands down!! Please keep the videos coming….you're a kind person with a huge heart and it shows in your videos…THANK YOU💗😁😘


    I have been eating LCHF for this past week and I gained 3 pounds. I eat 2 eggs fried in butter with mushrooms and red bell peppers every morning, skip lunch cause I'm not hungry and a large spinach lettuce salad with tahini and avocado. I have some strawberries in heavy whipping cream for dessert with flax seed mill for fiber. My BP is elevated also. What am I doing wrong????Help!!!

  6. Chris

    You have helped me so much. People w MDs and PHDs don't seem to speak on the same humble and useful level. Hearing this from someone who has struggled and overcome is great.

  7. Shans bo

    Yep, I totally agree. I went to the gym and worked out for hours 4 days a week and didn't lose anything. I changed my diet and did not exercise and lost 20 lbs in 1 month. Weight loss is 100% diet. Fitness can happen afterwards.

    Great video. You are awesome and encouraging.

  8. William Lynn

    Bob, I've been binge watching your videos that last few days and have absorbed so much information! you truly are an amazing guide in this lchf lifestyle. I've lost 27lbs in the last five weeks. and I have 98 left! thanks for being an inspiration

  9. ann mark

    What do you think about stuff like Carbquick? Or 90 sec. bread made with Almond flour? I have been told that fasting is bad because my body goes in starvation mode and I won't lose. Or they say to eat low carb foods until your full. Which can be a continuous cycle. Can you please clarify this for me.

  10. Kelvin Jasper

    Thanks Butter Bob, exactly what I needed to hear as I've been contemplating starting this eating style. I'm ready to begin… (y)

  11. Cat lover

    What I can't stand in this keto thing is the people on the FB pages that say..oh you're not weighing your food correctly, oh your macros! I eat more now than ever and everyone seems to think I'm not eating enough (I've gained an inch all over and scale hasn't moved) ..I'd like to stick with it but with all the information about how just a basic menu has to be so dam complicated …wish I had some help.

  12. Tony F

    Love your vids Bob.
    Lost 15lb without trying, cravings gone, and feel great! 
    I'm doing the 16/8. My head is clear (brain fog gone) and I'm running around like crazy. 
    Listen to you and Daniel Fung. Great to see all the success stories here. Thanks so much.

  13. Marta Davis

    Bob, please advice. I'm 3 months into the ketogenic diet and seeing good results. However I feel crappy with heart palpitations during the day and at night. I do drink the electrolytes lemonade and still not relief. I really want to stick to the plan but don't know how to continue or if this is for me. I want to lose weight more than anything in the world. Please advice.
    Thanks and God bless.

  14. Katze Vanille

    I've started adding more fat to my diet, and I feel less cranky etc. I put butter in my porrige, on my veggies, coconut oil to base my roasted meat, fried sausages in coconut oil, creamy soup based gravy, and I'm down 2lbs this week 🙂

  15. Norma Kessinger

    I know the diet works, I've done it, then gained it all back. I get burned out, I don't like veggies except for frying them like squash, okra. I don't like green beans, broccoli or greens.

  16. Rachna888

    do you ever eat pork rinds , I just discovered them and absolutely love the spicy and BBQ flavor , but wondering how good it is for my body ?

  17. jackson5

    bob, I've been watching your vids for awhile now. you started in me the desire to look into keto.  I've lost 25 lbs and my triglycerides are back to normal. thanx for the simplicity in which you bring your vids to us in the simplest terms. especially the one about buying your food at wallmart if you cant afford the expensive crap…thanx again

  18. Carol Dorothy

    Amen brother! Love what you said about the things that are not boring. Life is more than food and so it should be! Thanks for your video's.

  19. Lisa Oswald

    It is all so confusing! So many diets, so much advice. Thank you for making it sound so simple. I just don't know what to do. Glad I ran across your video.

  20. Ginger Langer

    I'm 70 and tired. Do you think this would work for me? I walk on the treadmill every day but I'm still tired. I try to eat low carb, no bread or potatoes. What about fruit?

  21. Olive

    When it's time to eat make your simple, easy meal."  Bob is so right, so many diet books are 80% recipes.  Complicated recipes with a dozen exotic ingredients.  We want to quit thinking about food so much and gourmet cooking is not the way to go!

  22. x00p3

    Your right, keeping it simple is the best recipe for success. Too many people get into trouble with elaborate recipes and low carb Frankenstein foods.

  23. Falcon Trek

    I had a 3 egg omlet with a little cheese and four link sausages, for breakfast at noon, then my next meal was southern fried cabbage with bacon and sausage at 6:30pm and only a cheese stick between meals. I'm eating keto and intermittent fasting. I'm drinking a lot of water and losing my belly fat. Good advice Bob

  24. PeggySue Lesperance

    This is a great video, but auto-correct, or something, is not putting the subtitles on correctly. Each time you say "weight" it says white, which make for some very strange commentary. Also, instead of "before I got on this plan, I went to the gym it say "before I got on this plane I went to jail" – Quite a few subtitle bloopers,Just though you might want to know.

  25. John Murphy

    So true, Bob!!!! I have kept it very simple for 8 months and I'm 92 lbs. down!!!! Thank you for the motivation!!! Still a long way to go but feel sooo much better!!!! Hope you are well!!!

  26. Ham Radio CQ

    I will say, just high fat low carb and exercise STILL is not enough for me. I also have to fast. When I combine all of them I lose weight. When I do low carb and no fasting I stay the same weight. However, fasting for 2-3 times a week at 20-24 hours at a time I can see dramatic weight loss. That's saying a lot if you knew how hard it was for me to lose weight.

    Exercise is still very good… because it depletes the glycogen stores in your liver and muscles and that helps to burn fat. But don't want anyone to think they can "outrun a bad diet" after age 35.

  27. TALLhappyCOLORS

    I love the way you´re bringing Nature into this and us as part of it – strongly resonating – just came across your channel – love the guideline to keep it simple and live the life, and fasting also makes day excursions, hikes and travelling easier – such a liberating thought, haven´t tried but coming up soon, more travels again hopefully

  28. Jay Smith

    most of my meals consist of some butter or lard fried meat and a bowl of salad with all the fat juices from the meat poured on it. im too lazy for fancy recipes

  29. Autumn Auston

    Do you ever wonder about the fat in your diet? Bob Harper was touting his bullet proof coffee and had a major heart attack. That is so scarry. Bill Clinton totally had to lower his fat in his diet to unclog his arteries. All of these things scare me though you look amazing… so did Bob Harper. Can you speak to this?

  30. Vijay Tonse

    I know from my own experience that this system works. I was 295 lbs on Feb. 16th, 2004 and went down to 255 lbs on June 15th, 2004, by cooking my own foods ( meats and salads, no carbs like bread, rice, potatoes, no fruit, no sugar, etc ) and doing things exactly as Butter Bob has been saying, except that they called it the Atkins Diet back then. So why did I get back to 300 lbs where I am now? I went on vacation to India ( where I am originally from ) and stayed a month in my wife's brother's house where everyone was ( and still is ) vegetarian with a high carb , rice based diet. I could not force my ideas of food on them so I had to go along with their food for the whole month I was there, vowing to get back on track once I came home to the USA. However, that " getting back on track " never happened and I rose to where I am now. However, Butter Bob's videos and work and weight loss philosophy have again inspired me and I will be getting back on track during the coming week. I am now retired ( since 2014 ) and spend my whole day in the basement of my home where I am setting up an indoor garden to grow my own food ( vegetables, sprouts, microgreens ) so that I have control over what I eat. I will only get the meats and the lard and eggs from outside, choosing the kind Butter Bob suggests ( and which worked for me last time… totally unprocessed, high in fat ). My target is to get to 175 lbs which is where I was when I finished high school in 1963 so that I can be around ( I am now 71 years old ) to attend the weddings of my 4 year old grandson and my granddaughter who will be born at the end of this October, which will both probably be at least 25 years from today. I have had problems with my legs and knees and I want to overcome that also. Keep up the great work, Butter Bob!

  31. Becky Hobson

    Love the woods/hiking setting for this one. One of the things I miss most is being able to get out and about in the woods and walking paths. That too, I will earn back for myself by sticking to this WOE.

  32. Jane Smith

    I agree with you 100%! When i first started on the Keto diet, I made it so complicated by trying to substitute for pretty much everything! Substitute bread, substitute ice cream, substitute crackers, etc etc etc. and what i found, in addition to the fact that was I overeating, is that I wasn't fixing my cravings for sugar. Also, it was so complicated and expensive that I often didn't even feel like doing it, and i ended up eating non-keto friendly foods anyway! Now, my diet is pretty simple! eggs and bacon for breakfast, and a huge vegetable salad for dinner, with some kind of protein (usually some fatty meat), and I do this every day with very little variance. Its simple, quick and easy. Of course, every now and then i still will prepare something more elaborate, and I enjoy doing so, especially when i'm also cooking for guests. But my diet, my health, my weight, and my lifestyle improved so much when i started eating simply! Thanks for all your videos and advice!!!! 🙂

  33. Gamer Named Darvit

    💗 this video 😊 This message is something many of us on a ketogenic diet need to take to heart. I'm fat adapted now and paring down my dite to make it simple. Side effect is… Now I'm figuring out what to do with all the free time and energy I have now! 😁 I've lost 60 pounds so far.

  34. Dawn Lawson

    Butter Bob you are such an inspiration! I might have a solution to your loose skin. I know a fellow who is 60 something and he had bariatric surgery and lost a tremendous amount of weight. I asked his wife if he had surgery to remove the loose skin and she said no, he did not. she said that he used a heavy duty body massager. The results were amazing. no jiggly skin. he lost about 150 lbs.

  35. Johne Chalach


  36. Eryn Grabianska

    Haha I love your work Bob. I really needed to hear your straight up, no nonsense answers to LCHF. I tried before but failed miserably because I was too busy trying to get creative with menus, LCHF substitutes etc. I think this time I have a better grasp on its simplicity! Thank you!

  37. Linnae Cappellino

    Butter Bob! My family just discovered you. What a breath of fresh air you are! I've been getting so overwhelmed with the information and the sophisticated food plans.  I love the way you keep it simple and real. You also share health information in a way that my adolescents can relate to. Now our whole family can have the conversation about how we want to shape our food habits for better health.  Thank you X 1 million! You are a true blessing!

  38. Evil D

    The hardest part is simply enjoying food, and one of (my) biggest problems is recreational eating. I've lost 23lbs in just over a month on this diet, but one slip up and I instantly gain a few pounds back. It really does take discipline and focus and staying on the path.

  39. JK Campbell

    We don’t realize how SOO MUUCH of it is MARKETING! We have way too many choices and these numerous food choices are keeping us FAT AND BROKE!!!

    Simplifying your diet=simplifying your diet and ultimately simplifies your LIFE!

  40. Daisy Woods

    I try practice minimalism in most aspects of my life, diet included. I’m not a great cook either. And I had to learn once I changed to Keto from vegan lol but I do simple recipes and it’s going good! I’ve never liked heaps of spices and fancy food anyway lol I like bulk cooking lol

  41. Mark Judge

    thank you for your good advice. I started 5 day ago following your simple advice and decisions. I have lost 5lbs. It gives me a real excuse not to eat all the christmas junk I am given. My hunger has disappeared- its incredible. Your advice cuts through all the bewildering data. Thank you

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