Katrina Kaif Complete Workout and Diet Plan

Hello Friends, today we will talk about Katrina
Kaif Workout Routine & Diet Plan. Katrina Turquotte aka Katrina Kaif was born
in Born in Hong Kong on July 16, 1983. She is one of the most popular Bollywood actress
and model known more for her then for her acting skills. Katrina got interested in modeling at the
young age of 14 and modeled for many brands. She got her first break in Bollywood when
film maker Kaizad Gustad spotted her at a fashion show and selected her for his film
“Boom” in 2003. Movie has some big names from Bollywood but
failed at box office. Katrina was noted for her beauty and got many
offers from directors. Her first commercially successful film was
Salman Khan Starrer “Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya”. She went on to appear in many hit films and
got nominated for Filmfare Best Actress for her role in terrorism based film “New York”. She is now a well-established actress with
many high grossing films in her kitty. The beautiful diva is one of the highest paid
actresses in Bollywood. She is known for her beauty and her svelte
sexy figure. She maintains her toned figure and glowing
skin with proper diet and regular workouts. So if you want a body like her, here’s Katrina
Kaif’s workout routine and diet plan that you’ll have to follow. Physical Stats. Katrina Kaif Height: 5’ 8”. Katrina Kaif Weight: 127 lbs. Katrina Kaif Diet Plan. Diet plays an important role in Katrina’s
fitness as her workout routine is not so intense. She follows a simple and healthy diet to stay
fit. Katrina Kaif diet plan comprises of –
 Her breakfast includes oatmeal, cereals, egg whites a glass of fresh pomegranate juice.  She prefers boiled rice with veggies,
legumes and green salad for lunch.  For dinner she has veggies cooked without
oil, dal, chapattis with vegetable soup and green salad.  She tries to eat less carbs and avoids
fried food.  She snacks on fresh fruits and nuts. Katrina Kaif Workout Routine. She doesn’t have much time to go to a gym
regularly but she still manages to visit the gym for at least thrice a week. She gives credit to yoga for her lean figure. Katrina Kaif workout routine includes-
 Her Gym regime mostly consists of core and abs exercises.  She does running, iso-planking, cycling
and light weight training in gym.  She goes for a jog daily.  She loves swimming and goes for a swim
whenever she’s not in the mood to go to a gym.  Katrina also practices yoga religiously
and never misses her yoga session. Katrina Kaif Workout Tips  Eat healthy and try to have your dinner
2 hours before going to sleep.  Practice yoga for your physical as well
as mental wellbeing.  Try to minimize your carb intake at night. If you have some other tips, please do share
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