Welcome at my new video. I wanna thank yall for all possitive feedback about me making such a huge change in my diet and training as well As you can see Ive dropped some weight and I basicaly decided not to do bodybuilding any more. Now I wanna focus more on functionality of my body I decided to quit competing in bodybuilding due to lack of motivation Competing has no point for me anymore because there are so many new federations and categories coming up so if I won lets say worlds championships it would mean nothing because theres so many championships out there and mostly I lack motivation because most people do it for the facebook photo not for winning titles time has changed and I have changed For me its more impotant to do what I like to do for myself not for instagram and so To get to the level that Ive always wanted and got driven by that meaning Mr. Olympia stage Its not realistic for me I just dont have a structure for that Strugling to get where I dont belong is absolutely wrong way I think that everybody should be real about the fact wether you have what it takes to get there or not Do I have a frame and all genetics to get where I want? Of course some people have lower goals like winning local show only It wasnt enough for me. I wanted Olympia stage At my height of 180cm 212 class is out of the question of course Id have to be ib open class and Its another world out there I was about 122kg at my heaviest off season When I was ripped almost like contest shape I was about 97-100 kg This is where I was 3 months ago when I intended to be in bodybuilding like shape so 97kg Now after 3 or 4 months when I changed my diet and training style Im 96 kg Thats 1 kg decrease My fat level is about the same As you can see Im all different You would say Ive lost 15 kg Its because I dont train like a bodybuilder I dont use heavy weights and I dont focus on muscle density no muscle pumping what so ever I look like 80kg but Im 96 kg my muscle structure has changed Intermittent fasting means that I have time frame of 16 hours when I dont eat at all and 8 hours frame where I eat I wanted to impement this long time ago but I didnt because I was afraid to loose muscle Just thinking of 16 hours of fasting made me freak out that Id loose muscle Now I dont care wether I loose muscle or not so So I can experiment and Im starting to realize amazing things…Im not loosing muscle Im 32 years old and Ive been doing bodybuilding since 13 Its been 19 years since I do bodybuilding Like doing it all the way. Training 5 times a week, food everything. And all that time I obviously sticked to classic way of doing things meaning eating every 2 hours which makes it 6-8 meals a day Now Ive turned everything up side down and I have 3 meals a day In comparision with bodybuilding style this is totally something different It feels strange to make such change after so many years but Id reccommend it to yall And in this video series Ill do my best to show you that its possible not to loose muscle and I wanna motivate yall to do something for your health too. Can competetive bodybuilder do anything like that? My answer is yes hands down but…but… Its definitelly not real for Phil Heath level bodybuilder If you have such an extreme mass that you have to feed every two hours with so many calories even one missed meal you take you back by loosing weight then Its not suitable for you but who of us is at the muscle mass level that every missed meal pulls you back? I thing almost nobody I might count that on finger of my one hand So my answer to the question Can bodybuilder do intermittent fasting? is yes Its even possible to build muscle on intermittent fasting It can be done as easy as on classic way of eating every 2 hours You might thing that I talk s*it here because nobody never did it this way so I cant be done but if you have 3 meals a day it doesnt mean your typical meals youd normally have so youd have half calorie intake those 3 meals will obviously be much bigger and consist on different macros So the anabolic response will be I thing even stronger than if Wed eat every two hours Main benefits of intermittent fasting are definitelly Increase of production of growth hormone Growth hormone is one of the most anabolic hormones that we produce then enhance imunity enhance in digestion and colon clearence then the thing when you feel crisis during the day energy swings I wanna sleep then Im jacked again… This is all triggered by unstable blood glucose levels When you do intemittent fasting in the fasting window your blood sugar levels stabilize not only that you dont have energy swings but in long term it decreases the possibility of type 2 diabetes people who are prone to it or already have type 2 diabetes can improve their condition if not totally cure themselves What all that bad on insulin, sugar, glucose, glycemia and all those words? The bad thing is when I eat every 2 hours then I stimulate pancreas which is endocrine gland that produce insulin More insulin more probability to store body fat Less insulin the lesser probability to store body fat When I fast for 16 hours when I dont eat of course I have low blood sugar level so the cells insulin sensitivity increases because theres less insulin the cell becomes more sensitive to it so it can uptake it This is good for us Less insulin needed for glucose and other nutrients to go through the cells the lesser chance that we store the body fat If I do 16 hours fast and 8 hours feed Im more insulin sensitive and when I eat carbs in the feeding window less insulin is secreted and and the same amount of nutrients is utilized in the muscles and as I said… Less insulin means less chance that excesive energy will store as a body fat Growth hormone and insulin levels go opposite if theres increased level of glucose theres decreased level of growth hormone if theres decreased level of glucose theres increased level of growth hormone We obviosuly want increased level of growth hormone because it spares muscle mass or even build it promotes fat burning and spares muscle glycogen its simply hormon of vitality, health While on this diet you have increased levels of growth hormone long term Growth hormone is so anabolic that can spare muscle mass even if you fast for 16 hour no protein nothing it really spares the muscle This effects been proven by many studies while short term or long term fasting theres always increase in growth hormone levels Its undisputable Comparing diet based on feeding every 2-3 hours and diet based on short or long term fasting Its been shows increased levels of growth hormone in group that of course did fasting Id recommend intermittend fasting to everybody who wanna be in good shape and look good on the other hand Id not rcommend it to professional bodybuilders who are like 120-130 kg on stage I also wouldnt recommend it to people who has any eating disorders like anorexia and so All in all its an amazing thing. You just try it. I hope to motivate you by this Thanks for watching Theres gonna be more videos Make sure to comment what you wanna hear We read those comments We will answer questions that we feel would be nice to answer So thank you and see you at the next video 🙂 No…Again Growth hormone is exactly…damn Growth hormone is one of the buies… so…Those who dig every 3 hours had much lower growth hormone to the other group who had higher growth hormone Maybe effective….sh*t What do I say now? Dont move well all right some food didorders huh? Those who wanna be in shape intermiment…..damn Competetive mass…Im idiot

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