JENNIE: Paleo Num Yums meal prep service saves time, compliments Paleo diets

– Good afternoon everyone. Aren’t you happy that fall is here? We’ve got two great fall segments today. A great gift and crafts fair coming up this weekend and tips for holiday entertaining in your home with our fabulous designer Michael Siewart from Signature Home. Also, we’re talking to a woman who has made her healthy lifestyle her business. One of my favorite Augusta businesses closed a couple of years ago. It was called Dream Dinners and I loved it because I could spend a couple of hours there once a month and leave with 15 or so dinners ready to pop into the freezer. Today, we’ll find out about a new meal-prep service in town called Paleo Num Yums. The paleo diet, a food plan where people only eat foods like meat, fish, and leafy greens, is hugely popular. Now some paleo-devotees are taking it a new extreme adhering to what’s called the paleo lifestyle. Others are happily sharing their good experience with the plan with others. Here’s Jujuu Chang. – The paleo diet, as it’s called, awakens your inner caveman. It’s a high protein, low carb diet, consumed by celebs like Robin Wright, and Jessica Biel, and hot among the cross-fit crowd. – Right into double unders. – [Juju] The idea: to eat healthy like our pre-historic ancestors did. As a hunter-gatherer, meat, fish, leafy greens, veggies, and seeds are the mainstay. But say goodbye to legumes, grains, and any processed foods like pasta or candy. (buzzer) – High in protein, it’s low in carbohydrates, it’s low in sugar, these are all good things. And the motto is, if the cavemen didn’t eat it, we shouldn’t eat it. – [Juju] Not only is the diet great for quick weight loss, but it becomes a lifestyle for many who say the feel better after eating whole foods. – [Michelle] I was a big diet Coke addict. – [Juju] 31-year-old mom Michelle Rosen started paleo eight months ago. Despite the absence of diet soda, the mother of three says she’s hooked. – I’d had a bunch of digestive issues my entire life that drastically improved. Better moods which is really important. (laughs) No energy crashes, also less bloating, less puffiness. I just felt so much better than I ever thought I could. – And so why is it so effective? – The paleo diet is rich in protein. And protein keeps us feeling satisfied throughout the day. We avoid those hunger pangs. – But nutritionists say there are some drawbacks. You’re not anti-paleo, but you’re not the biggest fan. – I think the paleo diet is fine as a jumpstart to weigh loss. The problem I have with it is that it eliminates other healthy foods. If you are going to follow the paleo diet for an extended period of time, I would recommend supplementing your diet with a calcium and vitamin D supplement. – [Juju] Juju Chang, ABC News, New York. – A local woman has taken her experience with the paleo diet to a whole new level. Now sharing it through classes and a meal-prep service. Onnie Sandford says over the last couple of years she started paying attention to nutrition and noticing how much better she felt and looked. She says it was a long journey into paleo but it’s where her body works best. And she loves being in the kitchen and creating meals that make others happy. Onnie says there’s no reason why that can’t be true when you eat healthy. Food is a wonderful thing and should be savored. She says it just so happens that her food is good for you as well as delicious. Onnie Sanford thank you so much for being here today. – Thanks for having me. – Now Onnie owns a new business we’re gonna talk about that’s called Paleo Yum Nums. – Num Yums. – Num Yums. I got it backwards. – Paleo Num Yums. – Num Yums. You’re background is nursing, you’re a registered nurse. – I am. – And it was through that career that you became really aware of how bad eating and lifestyle habits caught up with people later in life. – Yes, I was an emergency room nurse and I loved it. But as I was taking care of people I felt that I was a day late and a dollar short. That I was kind of just giving them a prescription to add on to their huge prescription list and sending them on their way. And I wasn’t able to do the education and to really teach them about food. And just being healthy in general. And as I was starting the business and working in the ER, the more I meal-prepped for myself and my friends and realized how good I felt, I started feeling happier. I started feeling better and that’s where I started making the shift that I might not want to do nursing for the rest of my life. – You know, there are really well known doctors who say things like eat your way healthy. That’s just such a really important thing. we forget about all the nutrients in food. And that’s part of what paleo is. It worked for the caveman. – It did. It did. I always heard diet is 70% of how you feel and look, and it wasn’t until I actually changed the way I ate that, I still don’t believe it, I think it’s 80 or 90% of how we feel and look. Like what we said earlier, the puffiness and the inflammation that people don’t feel when they go paleo, it’s taking out those foods that cause… People don’t understand that foods cause a lot of the discomfort that we feel. All the processed foods. And that’s what causes the bloating and all that stuff. – In my medical history I’ve had the situation where I’ve had to go to total baseline and then figure out what foods are affecting. And it is unbelievable the bad consequences that we can have from foods. – Yes. – And from like you said, so many things in the processed food. For me it’s the high-fructose corn syrup, that’s a big trigger for me. Sugar, processed foods, gluten and dairy. That’s the biggest things that I tell people when they ask me what the paleo diet is, it’s taking out all of those foods which gluten and dairy are a couple of the two highest that cause inflammation. And of course the processed foods. And paleo really is just a more whole foods natural way of eating. You had mentioned earlier that you really liked the whole 30. – The whole 30 very much. – And that is almost a gateway into the paleo because it does take all that stuff out. You’re allowed to have a little bit more things in the paleo diet. The whole 30 is a wonderful place for people to start. – To start. – Because it does allow you to take those foods that do cause inflammation out. You find out what your aversions are. You find out what foods don’t sit well with your body. And then if you incorporate slowly, when you get done with the whole 30, you can find out what foods very quickly that your body just doesn’t agree with. And you can just leave them out. – Now a lot of you are gonna want to know more about Onnie and how to get in touch with her, and we’ve got that information on our website. Just go to the Jennie link and you’ll find the story. You can click on the links to her website. One of the things that people are really gonna be interested in is being able to order meals. And you have to pay attention to what is offered because everything is fresh. – [Onnie] It is. – So your menu changes a lot depending on what you’re doing. – It’s a very new concept for people. Two years ago if I told people what I did and I told them I have a meal-prep service, they kinda looked at me and they had no idea what I was talking about. Now people see me and they’re like, you’re the food lady, I need information. And it does, it takes some organization to order. We do a lot of things for you at Paleo Num Yums. We create, it’s all put together, all you gotta do is pop it in your oven. But you do pre-order through the week, pre-order through Wednesday is helpful. And then pick up those paleo meals on Friday. And then people can make it as simple or as complex as they want. You can order meals. You don’t ever have to talk to me. Come in. Pick em up, and you’re to go for the week. Or you can sit down with a lifestyle coach or myself. We can create your meal plans and we can make meals specific for you and your goals. – That’s one thing about paleo, the lifestyle component is really important isn’t it? – It is, it is really a way of life. And what I love about paleo is you can really go anywhere and eat it. If you go out to dinner you can get meat and vegetables. But it does take the will power to say no to the bad things. But what I tell people is once you’ve been on it and once you feel how good your body can feel, it is a lot easier to stay on track. You’re still able to enjoy foods, but it allows you not to get too far off track. Because you start feeling bad really quickly when you introduce those foods that don’t agree with your body. – Couldn’t you listen to this so much longer? I wanna know more. I wanna taste. I want some samples. (laughter) I for sure am gonna be going to the website. And looking in to your ordering and how it all works. I hope that you’ll do the same. Onnie Sanford, thanks so much for being here today. – Thank you. It was wonderful. – Again you’ll learn a lot more information about how to contact Onnie through the website. We’ll be right back.

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