Jane Plan Diet Testimonial

I knew, I had come to a point where I needed
to choose what or would work best. Food or myself. But what really brought it home was walking
with my six year old grandson on my back, and finding him really heavy, really quickly.
In fact, he weighs twenty two kilos, which happened to be just a bit over my own excess
weight at the time. Now, I can put my own grandson down when I
am a tired, but not so for my own weight equivalent. It just struck me, that I was having to cope
24:7 with carrying this totally unnecessary burden. It just didn’t make sense anymore and so,
I decided to give my body a chance and do something about it. I look after and cook for my youngest daughter
and myself, so I’m used to shopping regularly. But, having said that, I then realised how
confusing it could be shopping for food, and at the same time having about what meals to
buy, what quantities and also looking at ingredients
lists and counting calories and keeping to a budget. No wonder, it’s so easy to eat too much, or
worse, to not start a diet at all. But, a stroke of luck: I just happened to
see a TV ad for Jane Plan. I’m really lucky, too, that I remembered the name long enough to check it out on the web. It really seemed
to be the answer to my dilemma. Good, balanced, calorie-counted, pre-packed,
ready to eat food. I even asked – can my daughter eat some boxes? We all know the saying, “if it sounds too
good to be true, it probably is.” There was only one way to find out though, and that was to go for it. It was truly satisfying, to find out all claims
to be true. The food is delivered exactly as planned, a
whole months supply of it at a time, clearly split in breakfast, lunches and dinners. Contact is regular, queries on send by return.
It’s delicious, varied, and it’s only a couple of minutes to prepare. All I have to do now, is get fresh fruit and
vegetables. It has made my life so much easier. Plus, exactly as planned, the weight has been
melting away like snow in the sun. And as a result, I have lost two and a half
stone in just over three months. I find it really easy to keep to the plan
because it’s just normal, regular food, just in smaller quantities for a given time. I can see how well it works. I also love it’s
straightforward simplicity. The choices are clear: on the one hand, one
has a vast choice of foods and tastes to pick from, on the other hand, quantity is nature’s choice.
Unless, one is going to face a starvation periods where stored energy will save lives, any regular exercise will definitely result
in weight gain. And that’s it. I’ve got the message loud and clear, and it’s
no problem making a choice for myself, as I feel so much better already. I breathe better, I walk better, my heart
rate is slower, my digestion is that much easier, and this, in just over three months
of healthy weight loss and good food. At any age, I’m sure, but in particular in
one’s later years, and as one is getting increasingly aware of the effects of time on the body. These results make for a true, positive difference
in one’s quality of life. A real education, so it’s really good for the mind too! I will carry on getting the majority of my
meals from Jane Plan on a regular basis, after I have reached my weight objective, which
is anytime now. I couldn’t recommend Jane Plan enough to anyone,
who really wants to put their lives back on a healthy and happy track. Oh, and one last thing, a real testimony to
the quality and taste of the food – Sophie, my teenage daughter, really likes many of
the dishes too! Miracles will never cease!

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